Young Mater, Please Confirm The She-package

Chapter 43 Traitor In The Company

When Lollo woke up early in the morning, she found that she was holding Harrison's hand.

And he fell asleep on the bedside. Did he sleep like this all night?

The first ray of sunshine pierced through the window and shone on his face, and his handsome face was engraved in Lollo's heart.

She was fascinated by it. When she came to her senses, she found her face burning.

He was still holding her hand. When he saw her awake, he immediately asked with concern, "How are you feeling? Do you still have a stomachache?"

She shook her head and said, "I feel much better."

"How about I cook some porridge for you?"

"Okay!" Lollo said obediently.

But when he turned back after turning around, Lollo looked at him in confusion. He looked at his hand, Lollo immediately released his hand shyly.

How embarrassing...

After a hearty smile, he went to cook for her. Lollo sat up. She went to bed without taking a shower last night, and she sweated a lot all night. She had to take a shower as soon as possible.

After taking a shower and changing her clothes, Lollo sat down on the bed again. She didn't want to move. She was so tired...

She thought that she was really unlucky recently. She either hurt her legs or feet. Now, she even suffered abdominal pain from her period. She was so unfortunate.

Was it because her good luck was used up for meeting Harrison? Would she always be unlucky in the future? On second thought, Harrison was the one to blame...

After having dinner downstairs, she banished her previous thought. Harrison was such a good cook, she was willing to stay with him even if she would be unlucky in the future.

She had a really good time.

From time to time, Harrison handed a piece of tissue to her and said, "You are a girl, be graceful when you eat. Otherwise, no man will want to marry you in the future."

He talked to her as if she was a child. She would not get married in the future? Lollo just snickered in her heart. Wasn't she married to him?

"I have something to do in the company later. Stay at home."

"Isn't it today Sunday? What are you going to do in the company?"

"Solving some internal contradictions!" His gentle eyes suddenly turned fierce, which scared Lollo to shiver. Internal contradictions? Why did it sound so scary?

But staying at home alone was so boring... "Can I go with you?"



Harrison looked her up and down, "Don't you know what you look like?"

Yesterday she was so miserable, and today she wanted to go out with him? 'She'd better stay at home. Besides, it's troublesome to take her with me, ' he thought!

"Please, please take me with you. I'm feeling better now..." Lollo tried both hard and soft tactics. It was so boring to stay at home alone. She didn't want to stay at home alone.

"But look at you..."

"Don't worry. I'm fine now. Don't worry about me."

"I'm not worried about you. I'm just worried about you... Will make trouble for me. "

Well. It turned out that he was not worried about her. She felt so embarrassed. Lollo smiled and said, "It's okay. I won't cause you any trouble."

Finally, after her long-time pestering, he finally agreed to take her to the company.

The Jing Group was indeed the biggest company in the city. It took Lollo a lot of effort just to enter the company through the front door.

She had planned to walk around the company, but she was afraid that she would get lost, so she didn't stay too long.

So she walked with him to this room. It was obvious that Gerry had been waiting here for a long time. "Hello, Mr. Harrison, Mrs. Lollo!"


"Follow me."

Lollo couldn't understand a word of their conversation, but she could only follow them. When they came to the monitoring room, Gerry began to play the video.

The man in the video was Karl Zhang, a designer hired at high salary by Harrison. What he was doing now was to steal other designers' drafts.

After work, the designers would put the drafts in the computer. Recently, their new designs was always released ahead of schedule, which had a great impact on the company. They checked the surveillance video, but found that the camera was cut off. So they had installed another camera in the room. Sure enough, it was easy to find out the truth.

On this day, Gerry also called Karl Zhang over. When Karl Zhang saw the content of the video, he was so scared that his legs became weak. He immediately knelt down in front of Harrison. "Mr. Harrison, please forgive me. I really didn't mean to do it. I..."

"It's a commercial crime. Plagiarism is not a petty crime."

"No, Mr. Harrison. The QS Company asked me to do so. They have already transferred the money to my account. If I don't do so, they will frame me for accepting bribery. I am forced to do so. Mr. Harrison, I'm wrong. Please forgive me this time. I won't do it again."

"Next time? Do you think there is next time? "

Harrison said in a cold voice. He looked like a king. Since he had offended him, he wouldn't let him go easily.

"Karl Zhang, you are not the first person other companies try to bribe, but you are the only one who has accepted the bribery. You probably don't know my temper. Since you have offended me, I'm sorry. I won't let go of you, and that company!"

As soon as the words came out, she immediately saw despair on Carl Zhang's struggling face. "Mr. Harrison, please. I have been working hard for the company for so many years. I..."

"It's useless to beg me. It's you yourself who ruined your future!"

Then, he was carried out by several people. To his surprise, he was not sent directly to the police station.

"Isn't it a commercial crime? Why don't you just send him to the police station?"

Asked Lollo. After taking a look at her, Harrison and Gerry smiled at each other. She really didn't understand the meaning of their smile, but felt it very strange.

"Mr. Harrison, what's next..."

"Just do as I said."

"Okay!" After receiving the order, Gerry left, but Lollo was confused and couldn't understand what they were talking about. "Hey, Harrison, what are you going to do with that person? Is that it?"

"You'll know it in a week. I don't need to deal with everything in person. Someone will help me deal with them," said Harrison, holding her in his arms.

After saying that, he burst into laughter. Every time she saw he smile like that, she would feel scared, because the smile on his face was so weird!

Every time she saw him smiling like that, something bad would happen... 

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