As he slowly walked by Lollo, his eyes were burning like fire. "Mr. Paul, I have nothing to do with your family's affairs, but please don't hurt my woman. I believe you have seen clearly the news. Lollo has nothing to do with the Shen Family from now on!"

He saw the tears in her eyes, which came out when Paul said he should have strangled her to death after she was born.

She was grateful to him when she saw he take the whip for her and heard what he had said.

Harrison stood up unsteadily, while Paul was extremely scared. The whip fell on Harrison just now!

At this time, his eyes were bloodshot, "Lollo, go to your room and pack up important things. Throw away all the other things. I don't think you have anything special in this house that you want to take away!"

Hearing that, Lollo went to her room and only took out her mother's belongings!

Then she left the Shen Family with Harrison!

This time, she would leave forever.

As soon as he walked out of the house, he leaned against the trunk of the car.

"Lollo, why is your father so cruel? Is this how he usually treats you?"

Seeing that he was complaining, Lollo nodded and said, "I'm sorry that you took the whip. In fact, you don't have to. If it were me, I could bear it."

She poked the wound on his body and he screamed loudly. Lollo immediately withdrew her hand and said, "I am not a delicate young man like you!"

"Lollo, you are so heartless. I took a whip for you, but you still treat me like this!"

Hearing that, Lollo suddenly sobbed, "Thank you!" Tears fell inadvertently from the corner of her eyes, which made people feel sorry for her.

The last thing Harrison wanted to see was a girl crying, although the woman in front of him had no femaleness.

But anyway, she had suffered a lot.

He had no choice but to hold Lollo in his arms, "It's okay. It's okay because you are my woman!"

His woman?

Lollo was crying, but when she heard this, she immediately pushed him away. "I am your woman? You wish!"

Harrison was joking at her at this time, which made her unable to feel sad.

"Ouch! It hurts -" cried Harrison. Lollo immediately checked his wound and apologized, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose!"

"I'm kidding!"

He laughed heartlessly, but he didn't know that Lollo was heartbroken.

Just now, her father said that he really regretted not strangling her when she was born. It turned out that he was unable to tolerate her existence for so many years!

She had called him father for twenty years!

After today, she may not have contact with him anymore.

"Well, don't be sad. Even if we get divorced in the future, I will give you some money as compensation and arrange a place for you to live. So, don't worry."

He patted himself on the shoulder. He couldn't promise her a future, but he could give her compensation, as long as it was able to be solved by money.


Lollo immediately wiped away her tears, and suddenly smiled, "Harrison, no backing out!" Don't forget to give me a sum of money when we divorce."

It seemed that she was inexplicably excited at the mention of money.

Well, in fact, whenever something related to money was mentioned, she would be excited.

If she lost family affection and love, money would be the most reliable thing.

As a rich man, if the two of them divorced in the future, Harrison would definitely give her a lot of money.

"Lollo, I really want to know how much you love money."

Lollo pouted and said, "It is as important as my life!"

Such an answer was not beyond Harrison's expectation. He had thought that she would say that it was more important than her life.

He really wanted to know what else this woman valued besides money.

"Which will you choose, money or Allen?"

'Allen? She thought for a while and said, "I will choose Allen."

She would choose Allen over money. In her heart, Allen was more important than her life!

Harrison nodded as if he had understood something!

JH villa!

"Ouch! It hurts!"

"Slow down."

"Can you be gentle?"

From afar, she could hear Harrison's scream. Lollo was helping him deal with his wound in her room, which made a group of people at the door of the bedroom look up and listen.

What happened inside?

Harrison is in good health. How could he scream in such a way?

The group of servants left with infinite guesses.

"Mr. Harrison, could you please keep your voice down? People who don't know the situation might think that I have done something to you."

She patted his body, hoping that he could shut up.

Tears welled up in Harrison's eyes, "Haven't you? If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been whipped. I don't care. You don't have to go to school these days. Stay at home and take care of me. "

"Brother, how can I do part-time jobs if I don't go to school? If I don't do part-time jobs, I won't have money. If I don't have money, are you going to support me?" One who is in comfortable circumstances doesn't know the bitterness of misfortune!

After all, she had no other income to support herself except the money earned by taking photos secretly.

The new semester was coming, she would have to pay another sum of tuition, which was very expensive. If she didn't make more money now, how could she support herself in the future?

"How much do you earn? I'll pay you ten times more! "

As soon as he finished speaking, a big smile appeared on Lollo's face.

"Harrison, I'm willing to follow you."

He laughed. It was very "Lollo".

It seemed that there was nothing that could not be solved with money on her!

"Okay, hold my arm later. Let's go to 'Lemon'."

Harrison giggled...


Lemon was the most famous five star restaurant in H city, which was located in the most important location in H city.

There were a lot of people and cars, and all kinds of upper class people always dined in that restaurant!

"Harrison, are you crazy? Do you know how many people there are? Do you know how many secret love affairs are exposed there? How dare you to take me to that kind of place!"

"Come on. The public already know that we're married. What are you still afraid of?"

Reminded by him, Lollo finally came to her senses.

It seemed to be true. Their relationship was broadcast on TV. "Then why are we going there? Do you just want to invite me to a meal? "

"Of course..."

Wow, it turned out that he was such a good man. He even invited her to dine in such an expensive restaurant!

"…… Not! "

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