Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther)

Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther)

Authors:Kylie Stanford
Num Chapters:1845
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Chapter 1855: Darkness Under The Lamp

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Information of Wrong marriage and sweet love novel:

CP: Joyce Knowles and Luther Warner

She is a well-known marksman in the industry with skills in shooting with an accuracy of 0.01mm. Not only that, Joyce Knowles  was the daughter of a top tycoon, but in the end her background was replaced by a girl full of intrigue. He is the devoted chairman of a top tycoon but has a quick marriage to her because he misidentifies his benefactor. He never thought that one day she would point the cold muzzle of a gun at his heart. "I will bury you with my son!" Then Joyce Knowles pulled the trigger......

Readersratings of Wrong marriage and sweet love novels:

Jesse should have been good to Vivian just in case if Vivian is a good woman and please author don't turn her to a negative character


don't tell me he had a history with that girl.. like, he loved her but she left him and now he wanted to marry Jessie to teach that girl a lesson


that's why you forgot your place, right... Jessie at least living her life without depending on anyone and instead sacrificed her inheritance for others.. what about you? you are completely living of Mu family and you think your are a princes!


why in all such stories female leads gets pregnant with thier first!!! how can that be so coincidental that it's their ovulation time!!! and why this man smiling as if he knows she gets pregnant for damn sure


This is too crazy now break up Rocky and Jessica on top of that Rocky lost time he do remember Jessica...I think it’s time for me to stop reading this book, it’s going to be dragged out too far


Aren't they really worried that something will happen to their family once rocky opens his fangs are they stupid


Vivian is being vicious to frame Jessie.. how many days Rocky needed to find the culprit!!!!


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Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther)

Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther)

1845 Chapters

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