Chapter 31 

“It’s the weekend tomorrow. Let’s get the divorce settled on Monday!” Avery continued.

Faced with her fervent impatience, Elliot nonchalantly pulled out a cigarette and lit it.

Avery furrowed her brows. She could not figure out what he was thinking.

Could it be that he did not want to go through with the divorce?

Otherwise, he would not be so indifferent.

Avery took a deep breath and said, “Can you really handle being cheated on? I wouldn’t want to see me for the rest of my life if I were you. You have to divorce me! You’d be an idiot not to!”

Elliot coolly exhaled a smoke ring as he followed her with his dark eyes, watching her performance.

“Have you met with Chelsea? That must have p*ssed you off, right? That’s good because it was all my idea! I did it just to mess with you!”

Avery was adding fuel to the fire.

Mrs. Cooper was in a corner. Her heart was pounding as she listened in.

Why was Avery digging her own grave? Was she having a mental breakdown because of the abortion?

If she continued aggravating him, Elliot might just send her to her death.

At that thought, Mrs. Cooper could no longer stand aside. She walked over and said, “Madam Avery doesn’t mean any of this, Master Elliot… She must still be upset, so she’s lashing out now… She’s been sitting around at home ever since the wedding, so I can guarantee that she’s never done anything dishonorable with Mr. Cole.”

“Go and rest, Mrs. Cooper!” Avery said as her cheeks flushed from anxiety. “This is between him and me, s o I’ll deal with it myself. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“Stop trying to provoke Master Elliot, then!” Mrs. Cooper exclaimed. “Nothing good can come from it. Listen to me and apologize to him, Madam. He might just forgive you.” “I don’t need his forgiveness,” Avery replied. “I just want a divorce.”

Elliot’s sharp, hawk-like eyes were fixed on Avery’s slender back.

Was she playing hard to get, or did she really want a divorce?

Judging from what he had seen and heard, it seemed that the latter was more likely.

Now that her plan with Cole had been exposed, and the child had been aborted, they had no way of further exploiting him. So, she could not wait to divorce him, so that she might run back into Cole’s arms.

“Forget it!” Elliot snapped coldly as he put out his cigarette on the ashtray on the table. “Unless I’m dead, you can forget about getting a divorce.”

“What? Why?”

Avery felt like she was just hit by an invisible force.

“Since it’s agonizing for you to remain by my side, I’ll continue keeping you in this agony,” said Elliot out of

pure spite.

In an instant, Avery felt as if she had fallen into an icy abyss.

What now?

He was throwing her a curveball!

What did she have to do to get away from him?

She stormed off to her room; her mind in a frenzy.

Elliot’s phone rang just as Avery arrived at her room.

It was Ben.

“Hey, Elliot. Chelsea is a complete mess. She’s wandering the streets and refusing to go home. She won’t listen to me.”

Ben was out of ideas and had no choice but to call Elliot.

“Call her brother.”

“Okay… Did you get home alright? Is Avery there? Did you ask her if this whole thing with Chelsea was her idea?”

Ben could not bear to see Chelsea like this.

“How is it anyone else’s fault that Chelsea did that? Would she just do anything Avery tells her to? What if she told her to jump off a bridge? Would she do it, then?” Elliot sneered. “Don’t be an idiot, Ben.”

Ben had nothing to say about Elliot’s unwarranted rebuke, but he did have an opinion about Avery’s behavior.



“I think you’re going too easy on Avery. It’s not like you at all. She cheated on you, and you’re just letting her go after making her abort the baby? I was sure you would feed her to the sharks.”

“Do you think that the abortion was easy for her?”


“She despises me right now. Seeing her helplessness and inability to act on that hate is a more gratifying form of revenge than letting her die.”

“I see… You’re not planning on getting a divorce, then? Don’t you think keeping her around could be dangerous? What if she decides to get rid of you?” Ben asked with a hint of concern in his voice.

“If she manages to kill me…” Elliot said as he crushed the cigarette between his fingers into the ashtray. “I’ll gladly admit defeat.”


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