Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 86 Chat Up!

In the early hours of the next morning, there was a knock on Andreas's door. He got up and opened the door in his luxurious pajamas.

"What's the matter?" Andreas frowned, slightly displeased.

"Mr. Andreas, Shusaku went to kill Greta and Maxwell last night." said the man.

"And then?" Andreas looked calm.

"Shusaku was defeated. His body was found this morning beside a river. It was seppuku suicide." said the man.

"Seppuku... Interesting." Mr. Andreas looked a little shocked, and then raised a mysterious smile.

"Why would the first swordsman of Japan perform hara-kiri?" Andreas murmured.

"The game is getting more interesting," Andreas said to himself, "Max, I didn't expect you to give me so many surprises."

"Mr. Andreas, what should we do?" The man asked respectfully.

"Didn't Lennon have a little girl? Last time he got the advantages. Let's take him down a peg." Andreas was calm.

"I was told that Lennon is very fond of this little girl, who is spoiled. It's not easy to deal with," said the man.

"Isadora is Lennon's soft spot, and if we take her down, we will have Lennon in our control," Andreas said. "If Lennon puts pressure on Greta, no matter how tough that bitch is, she has to give up the port and airport development rights."

"It's more than that. We may have the chance to control the Bole Family. It kills two birds with one stone," Andreas said softly. "Go and fetch my clothes and figure out Isadora's routine."

"When I get her, it is a piece of cake to deal with the Sandoval family, even Greta."

Maxwell was sitting in the CEO's office when he suddenly sneezed.

"Shit, who is cursing me?" Maxwell cursed. 'As strong as I am, how would I sneeze?' Maxwell wondered.

"Get out of here and leave me to my work!" Greta sat on the office chair, raised her eyes at Maxwell, and said coolly.

After Greta saw Maxwell flirting with Isadora, she became very hostile to Maxwell, and always shouted at him, not taking him to her eyes at all.

Oh, Maxwell felt so aggrieved. He didn't dare have any objection as Greta was his wife. The only way to sooth Greta was to keep smiling and not fighting back.

"Ms. Greta, there's no place to sit outside." Maxwell said nervously, thinking of finding a reason to stay with her.

"No space?" Greta sneered, as if expecting Maxwell to say so.

Maxwell's heart beat fast, and he felt uneasy...

Greta reached out her hand and picked up the landline and said, "Bring me a chair and put it outside my office."

Maxwell froze.

A moment later, Maxwell said with a wry smile, "Greta, I don't think it would work. You don't want people to know about my relationship with you, do you?"

Greta glared at Maxwell angrily and said coldly, "How shameless you are! You come here every day. Everyone in the Sandoval Group knows our relationship."

"I..." Maxwell was speechless. A few minutes later, a security guard came in with a chair.

"Just put it by the door," Greta ordered.

"Greta. Don't do that. I am your husband. It will make you lose face to treat me like that." Maxwell was embarrassed. Greta actually made him sit in the doorway!

"You care about my face?" Greta gave a snort. "Are you going out on your own or shall I ask someone to get you out?"


Five minutes later, there was an extra chair at the door of the president's office. Maxwell sat on the chair, embarrassed.

Only now did he understand what Greta was up to... Greta wanted him to stand by the door like a guard dog. It was revenge!

People walked past and by the president's office. Many employees noticed Maxwell sitting at the door of the president's office, gossiping and laughing.

Maxwell, in his position, was really like a guard dog.

Maxwell couldn't withstand the dismissive smiles on the employees' faces. Just then, his cell phone rang.

When Maxwell answered the phone, a seductive voice sounded, "Why don't you hang up on me?"

"What's the matter?" Maxwell smiled. It was from Isadora.

"No one has ever hung up on me. You're the first one," Isadora said interestingly.

"Well, it was lucky to be your first," Maxwell grinned. "How many times have I been your first man?"

"Where are you?" Isadora asked.

"In the office," Maxwell replied.

"Would you like to have a drink?"

"Good." Maxwell agreed. He was about to leave when Isadora called and offered him the chance.

"Yalo Bar. I will be there in a moment."

Maxwell hung up the phone, breathed a sigh of relief, and hurried to the elevator at Sandoval Tower.

A moment later, Melissa, Greta's secretary, went to the office and asked Greta, "Ms. Greta, is Maxwell on his way to meet a client? Why did he go by bike?"

"To meet a client?" Greta frowned. "No, I didn't appoint any task to him. Why?"

"No, I just saw Maxwell riding off Sandoval Tower on his bicycle. I thought you gave him an assignment," Melissa said.

Greta pondered for a moment, then got up, approached the French window, and watched Maxwell ride his bicycle down the road.

"How dare he!" Greta looked stern. She picked up the phone without hesitation, and blacklisted him!


Maxwell pulled up the bike by the roadside and walked into the bar, where he soon found Isadora sitting at the bar counter.

Isadora was hotter that he saw that day. She was wearing an off-shoulder shirt, revealing her white back, which made Maxwell find attractive.

Maxwell looked down at Isadora's perfect figure. Her long, slender legs were so tantalizing under little skirt, attracting the attraction of people in the bar.

"What do you ask me for?" Maxwell asked as he sat down.

Isadora glanced at Maxwell. "Drinking, of course."

"I thought you were going to do something interesting with me." Maxwell looked at her with interest.

"I am afraid you don't have the guts." Isadora fumbled for a lady's cigarette, took a puff, and blew it on Maxwell's face.

"What would you like to drink?" Isadora asked.

"Bloody Mary," Maxwell said casually.

Isadora gave Maxwell a second look. "I thought you knew nothing about wine."

Maxwell smiled. "A little."

Nearby, a few gangsters with colorful hair gathered around a table, on which laid empty boxes of wine.

"Cheers!" A few gangsters grasped the wine bottles, shouting with excitement, and drank like crazy!

Loud music was played in the bar. The gangsters' faces were red after getting drunk, and they shook their heads with the music!

Suddenly, one of the gangsters caught Isadora and shouted excitedly, "Look at that girl!"

One after another, they glance at Isadora, and when they saw Isadora's hot shape and delicate and beautiful look, they got even more excited!

"Shit! How pretty she is!"

"Shit, she is pretty hot. Look at the legs!"

"It's such a pity that the hot chick is accompanied by a shabby man."

The gangsters wanted to hit on Isadora. Their eager eyes seemed to peer through her flimsiest clothes!

"Shit! Don't just look, go rob that girl come over!" shouted a drunken gangster.

"Go!" said a yellow-haired thug. With his gang, he suddenly got up from the sofa and stumbled toward Maxwell!

It didn't take long for them to approach Isadora. Several of them stared at Isadora, glazed and reeked of alcohol.

"Beauty, how about having a drink with us?" Yellow Hair smirked.

"I am not interested." Isadora glanced at the yellow-hair man and refused.

But when Isadora refused, the gangsters showed no intention of leaving. They stared at Isadora from top to bottom, and they almost drooled.

"Beauty... What's your name?" Yellow Hair asked lustfully. He shook his head, trying to get sober.

"Sorry, I don't want to tell you." Isadora frowned. She often met this sort of thing in bars.

A woman like Isadora, who dressed openly, was likely to be accosted.

"Beauty, could you leave me your contact number?" Suddenly, Yellow Hair reached out his hand toward Isadora's fair shoulder!

Suddenly, someone grabbed Yellow Hair's hand. "She's my friend," Maxwell said weakly. "Get out of the way."

"Shit! Who the hell are you? Do you know who our boss is? Get out of here!" A few gangsters screamed angrily.

"Get out of here?" Maxwell paused, then a smile came into his deep eyes.

The next moment, Maxwell kicked Yellow Hair in the stomach and sent him flying off the wall, where he was stuck between the wall and couldn't get off.

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