Chapter 790 Became More Mature

Then, he chuckled. “Sonia, are you happy?”

The corner of Sonia’s lips twitched. “Why would I be happy just because you called me? Are you some sort of treasure?”

“Although I’m not a treasure, I’m your younger brother.” Tyler raised his voice.

“My younger brother? I don’t have a younger brother. Don’t randomly associate yourself with me.” She had a look of disgust on her face as she said that.

“I didn’t randomly associate myself with you. You are my brother’s wife and I’m his younger brother, so that makes me your brother as well,” Tyler immediately explained.

The anxiousness in his voice inadvertently amused her. “Alright, alright. Let’s drop it. You said that you called me the moment you got hold of your phone? Why didn’t you call your brother? Aren’t you afraid that he may be jealous?”

Upon hearing that, Tyler pursed his lips. “Toby feeling jealous? Both of us are grown men, so there’s nothing to talk about between us. You yourself know that I’m afraid of him, so I dare not call him. If I do, he will ask about my studies out of habit. He’s that terrifying. I won’t call him and I never will. He’s a monster.”

“A monster, you say?” Sonia narrowed her eyes, a playful smile by her lips as she commented, “Tyler Fuller, you’re so screwed.”

“What do you mean?!” Tyler’s heart skipped a beat. At that instant, he had a sense of foreboding.


Sonia moved the phone further away from her ear before she jerked her head in the direction of the kitchen and yelled, “Toby, your brother called. He said that you are a monster!”

“F*ck!” Upon hearing that, Tyler, who was on the other end of the line, was so shocked that he jumped to his feet from the bench, his face pale. Oh, no! Toby is with Sonia now and she actually reported to him about the bad things that I said to her about him. Cr*p! I’m dead meat!


Sure enough, when Tyler was on pins and needles, Toby’s voice rang down the line. “What? I’m a monster?” Although the voice was soft, it was indeed Toby’s.

Toby really is with Sonia now! Cold sweat appeared on Tyler’s face at that realization.

Meanwhile, Sonia seemed to smell the fear exuded by the other person from the end of the line and she looked at Toby, who was walking in her direction while holding her dinner. Moving the phone back to her ear, she grinned and teased, “Tyler, your brother’s here. Do you want to speak to him?”

“N-No. I-I’m all good.” Tyler shook his head vigorously to reject her offer. “Sonia, I suddenly remembered that I have training right before the final round. The time’s almost up, so I’ll hang up first. We shall talk another time. I wish the two of you all the best in this new chapter in life and be happy forever!”

With that, Tyler was about to quickly hang up the call.

However, right before he did that, he thought of something again and a hint of guilt flashed across his eyes. “Also, Sonia, sorry for everything in the past. I sincerely apologize to you,” he whispered in a small voice with a flushed face.

As soon as she said that, he immediately hung up the call before patting himself on his chest to calm his racing heart. Only then did he exhale in relief.

He had finally apologized to her.

Although he wasn’t sure if Sonia would forgive him, he still had to show her his sincerity and apology no matter what her decision would be.

Worse comes to worse, he would try to do something for her after he went back in order to obtain her forgiveness, just like what Toby had done.

With such thoughts in mind, Tyler finally felt a little relieved from all the guilt that had been weighing him down.

“Fuller, the training is about to begin. Coach asked me to call you over.” Just then, one of his teammates appeared at the door of the lounge and knocked on the door.

“Coming!” Toby kept his phone away, flashing a smile at his teammate before he tossed the towel around his neck away. With an arm placed over his teammate’s shoulder, Toby headed over to the training ground.

Meanwhile at Bayside Residence, Sonia never expected Tyler to fear Toby to that extent. The moment he heard that Toby would be speaking to him, he was so frightened that he immediately hung up the call. In truth, his reaction was rather amusing.

However, what surprised Sonia the most was the apology he had said right before the call ended.

She understood the reason for his sudden apology—he had apologized for how he had treated her in the past six years.

She knew Tyler very well. Ever since he had been young, he had a luxurious life and a prestigious family background. These had made him a proud man. All his life, he had never apologized to anyone, even if he had been at fault. The other person, no matter whether it was someone he was acquainted with or not, would be the one to apologize to him despite the fact that they might be the victim themselves. Yet, nobody had ever raised any question about this.

Therefore, the fact that Tyler would actually apologize to her really astonished her. However, what came after the feeling of astonishment was the feeling of pleasure and content that he had actually become much more mature.

“What did you say earlier? That I’m a monster?” On the other hand, Toby walked up to her with dinner and placed it on the coffee table. Then, he straightened up and looked at her in displeasure.

It was apparent that he was unhappy that he was actually a terrifying monster to her.

Seeing that he seemed a little upset, Sonia understood that he had misunderstood her. In response, she held her forehead helplessly and smiled. “Not me. It’s your younger brother who said that.”

“Tyler?” Toby frowned.

Sonia hummed in response. “Your brother called me earlier. We talked about you and I asked him if he wanted to speak to you, but he said that he didn’t want to. He called you a monster, and that he didn’t want to speak to one.”

As a matter of fact, she didn’t exaggerate anything; all that she said was true.

Toby’s expression instantly fell. “A monster?”

“Yes.” She nodded and continued, “He said that you will question his studies every time you talk to him over the phone. To someone like him who dislikes studying, you are exactly like a monster.” She laughed gloatingly.

Seeing that she was laughing at him, Toby reached out his hand to pinched her cheek. “Is it that funny?”

Sonia nodded with bright eyes. “Of course. This is the first time I ever hear someone calling you a monster. This is really hilarious!”

Toby flicked her on her forehead, feeling helpless the whole time. If it was any other person who dared to laugh at him like this, he would have beat the crap out of this person.

However, if it was Sonia, he would always tolerate her.

“Alright, stop laughing. Hurry up and eat. Aren’t you hungry?” Toby pushed dinner toward her. “As for Tyler, I have my way to deal with him,” he muttered.

“How are you going to deal with him?” Sonia asked curiously as she picked up the cutlery.

He narrowed his eyes menacingly. “I’ll send him a few sets of exercise books and have his coach watch over him to make sure that he finishes them. I’ve checked the calendar; they will have their final competition soon, so he will probably be back next week. When he returns, I’ll check his homework. He can forget about playing basketball if he doesn’t finish them.”

Sonia inhaled sharply, then gave him a thumbs-up. “That’s harsh,” she exclaimed, thinking whether it was her fault that Tyler would soon face this tragedy.

In a short span of a week, Tyler was expected to complete a few exercise books. She reckoned that only God would have such capabilities—at the very least, it would be impossible for Tyler, who was an underachiever in academics, to pull it off. Therefore, it was clear that this punishment was especially harsh for Tyler.

Sure enough, those who were in the business had described Toby accurately. He was known as the Demon of the Business World—vengeful, petty, always holding grudges, and cruel. All of these were exactly his quality.

He was even able to bring himself to treat his own biological brother so cruelly, let alone outsiders.

Upon hearing Sonia’s comment, Toby chuckled. “I’m doing that for Tyler’s own good. Speaking of which, why did he call you?”

“Nothing important. He finally got his hands on his phone and he learnt that we have reconciled, so he called up to talk to me.” Sonia took a sip of the warm stew.

Upon hearing that, Toby nodded lightly. “Don’t pick up his call too often.”

“Why not?” Sonia was puzzled when she heard that.

He pursed his lips and muttered, “Because he’s a man.”

In response, Sonia looked at him speechlessly. After a while, she said, “Toby, he’s still a kid and he’s your younger brother. Why are you jealous over this?”

He looked into her eyes and repeated, “But he’s a man.”

In the end, Sonia was at a loss for words.


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