The Young Luna

The Young Luna

Authors:Dionne Michaela
Num Chapters:49
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Chapter 49 - End

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I'm surprised this doesn't have more reviews.
May is a 16 yr girl who has not yet shifted into her wolf form. Early in the story, she finds her mate but he is upset at the age difference. Seth is 14 years her senior. He is 30 yrs young. -_^ This might have some readers thinking wtf, but I like this development. It makes you wonder what Seth is going to do. I for one, have grandparents with that same age gap. lol

I think I would have enjoyed this story more as a teen, still, it is good entertainment.


Enjoyable, but Mabel was definitely young and immature. She acted more like a junior high student than a teenager most of the time. I enjoyed the secondary characters for the most part, and even Seth most of the time. Also, while the author notes constantly referred to this book as "The Young Luna" the title I read it under was "Luna's Forbidden Love" which I did not find as appropriate a title. 

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The Young Luna

The Young Luna

49 Chapters

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