Brenda's Pov

Someone how I have forget that she's a vampire too and I don't know what to do and how could I have been so dump. Tears roll down my face seeing my beautiful mate so lost and vulnerable she was hurt she was broken and I didn't ask her how she was doing and all I can do is cry beei felt so bad really bad even ashamed for not beet here for her.

I didn't have the strength to fight her back as she grabbed by my throat screaming at me she was realy devastating and I couldn't take it to see her like that.

"I'm sorry. "I cry out seeing her red eyes burn holes into me.

She was on the point to kill me I felt how her claws prick through my flesh making it impossible for me to breath as her hold tighten on my neck. Hearing screams and growls from my family. I try to tell her that I wasn't with anyone but I couldn't.

"She just drink from her I promise, she she just drink from her." Jacky said through greeth teeth where she stand next to us.

"Lu..c.ia please really she just drink from her that's all she did nothing." Naomi said looking at me with a broken expression.

"What are you all talking about and who did she drink from? I heard my mom's crying voice ask.

" Lucia." LJ spoke feeling my Mate holds lose a little on my throat as her eyes flash toward my daughter.

"Ple..ase don't hurt mommy." she cry out holding her on her leg as she cry.

"Rissa." Jacky breath out seeing my mates eyes widen in shock as she cry looking at me like I'm I don't know.

Lucia move away from me with tears streaming down my face I was so weak as I fall down to the floor breathing so hard but I couldn't. My mom but into her wrist and brought it to my lips as I drink from her feeling how my open wound close up.

She pick LJ up and hug her close hearing both of them cry. She was shaking none stop telling LJ that's she is so sorry.

"Luc.ia I'm sorry." I try to tell her, I'm really sorry. "I told her but she just look at me and left with LJ in her arms.

"What's going on with all of you what's happening in this house? my father asked walking up to use. Did you go out to drink with girls awhile you all have mates waiting for you here what's wrong with you huh? He asked growling at us.

" Naomi." Lucia mom spoke walking up toward us looking at her mate.

"Darling is not what you think." she said walking up towards Cathy.

"What is then huh? My mom asked liking furious.

Both of us was quite because we don't know how to explain this to them and I really don't know what got into me to do this anyway but I just drink from her and i didn't know it would cause so much trouble.

" I don't have time for this really you all act like children don't you know how to behave? father asked,"please just go back to your rooms and explain this to your mates and I just know how what  Lucia may go through you should have been with your mate Brenda after everything she went through you just go out and get drunk you the queen of this house show some respect dammit! dad growl at us and disappeared just like that.

I look at my mother and see disappointment in her eyes making me sight. "Brenda I didn't expect this from you leaving your vulnerable pregnant mate just like that I really don't know. "she said and walking away from us.

" Darling wait. "Naomi said looking at her mate who just walk away hearing her sight.

" This is what I have told you Joan to leave her alone but you just didn't listen."Naomi said looking at me angrily.

" Naomi please...

"No Brenda is true it looks now that we all was having a good time with girls which is not true you sucks." Jacky growl at walk away from me.

"I'm so sorry...! I shout after them but Naomi just waves her hands at me leaving me alone.

I sight looking around me seeing my blood on the floor. I touch my neck making me feel sick to see so much blood as I cry not knowing what to do. Lucia won't forgive me and I can't lose her now really she is my everything.

I walk up towards my room hearing yells and shouts coming from Naomi and Jackie's room making me sight as tears roll down my face. Everything is falling apart i this house and its all because of me. I do sucks, I'm a bad person. I couldn't take the pain I'm free it is hard painful thinking how my Mate must have felt when I wasn't next to her. I don't deserve her. I couldn't understand why I'm feeling so bad I was exhausted about everything how will I face Lucia now.

I stop in front of LJ's room hearing them talk. I lay my head on the door feeling so bad that I told them not see each other anymore I'm sorry I wish I could take back all that. I went to my new room and enter this dark room as the coldness touch my skin feeling so empty no warmness of my Mate beside me. I undress my blood clothes and walk into my bathroom cleaning my mouth from drinking that blood of   Rissa.

It tastes so bad.

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