The Three Little Guardian Angels

The Three Little Guardian Angels

Authors:Ginger Bud
Num Chapters:2769
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Chapter 2771 (End)

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CP: Maisie Vanderbilt and Nolan Goldman 

Intentionally harmed, Maisie Vanderbilt lost her virginity and was forced to move out of the house. Six years later, she returned home with 3 lovely children, with the desire to take revenge on those who harmed her before. But she did 't think, her children actively find their biological father. Finally find out their father is a man powerful enough to help her get revenge. "Mom, we kidnapped you and brought you home!" The man looks down at three miniature versions of himself. Then he pushed her against the wall. With one eyebrow raised, he suddenly smirked. “Since we already have three, what about the other one?”

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I love this book The Three Little Guardian Angels, especially the way of how protective the triplets are over each other and their mom and they get their dad back from willow the triplets are just adorable I'm reading with excitement to find out the ending of the story ......


Similar story by other authors- just different title and character names. However, very nice story, the drag is lame. Pls end the story already before you lose your readers. Thank you


Nolan goldmann and Maisie novel is good but it's just too long and costly bits not even finished yet and it already cost me a LOT. the title only made sense from the beginning but then it diverge and the title is now FAR from what I paid to read.


The Three Little Guardian Angels is my favorite read! I am reading 3 books at the same time but check several times daily for updates with more chapters on "The Three Little Guardian Angel's by Ginger Bud. I do wish it was a completed book and not ongoing though.

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The Three Little Guardian Angels

The Three Little Guardian Angels

2769 Chapters

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