The Supreme God

Chapter 3483 Ambush

"I'm afraid... they have been killed." The medium-grade divine god struggled to say the word as his face turned pale with fear.

He was utterly terrified by Hyman's roar.

Hyman was one of Alston's capable and trusted men. He held great power and influence over them.

"Good! Humph! I'd like to see which team would be foolish enough to challenge us.

Use the contacting stone immediately to find out where Madison and the others were attacked. We'll be there soon."

Hyman's blood boiled with anger and fury as he uttered those words.

"Yes sir!" the medium-grade divine god quickly responded.

He then hurriedly activated the contacting stone.

"About two hundred and fifty miles to the northeast!"

the medium-grade divine god said.

"Come on! Let's get going,"

Hyman said with a wave of his hand.

"Hyman, how about we give Alston an update on what happened?"

the medium-grade divine god suggested after hesitating for a moment.

"Humph! There is no need to bother Alston with such a trivial matter. I can handle this.

I have already refined a chaotic magic treasure. No matter who goes against us, I will take care of them myself.

If they get killed, I will just recruit more men to take their place.

No one in their right mind will refuse to join Alston's team," Hyman snorted.

He grabbed the thick spear and headed northeast with his members following behind.

Meanwhile, Austin and Otis, along with their team members, were looking for Hyman and his men.

As the two parties searched for each other, the distance between them grew closer and closer.

Time ticked by.

They were now thirty miles away from each other when

Austin paused in his tracks.

"Something is going on," he murmured.

Austin unleashed his spiritual sense to perceive the space in front of him. At the same time, he stamped the ground, and several massive earth dragons underground quickly moved forward.

He was using the earth dragons to know the situation from a distance.

The earth dragons were formed using the energy of earth as they traveled underground. It was almost impossible for people who were oblivious to the Earth Exploring Technique to spot them.

Upon seeing Austin pause, his team members also stopped on their tracks.

Soon, the earth dragons came back and filled Austin in on what was ahead of them.

"There is a group of more than forty people. I assume that it is Hyman and his men,"

Austin said.

"We are outnumbered. There are only twenty six of us.

Once we engage, we will be at a disadvantage. Moreover, Hyman had already refined a chaotic magic treasure. He is difficult to deal with,"

Keysley said worriedly.

"Don't worry, Master Keysley.

I will set up some geomancy arrays to help us against them.

Plus, they don't know that we're here. We'll use the arrays to launch a surprise attack and easily take out some of them.

As for Hyman, let me deal with him."

Austin had a confident look on his face.

"You're going to deal with Hyman by yourself?"

Keysley was dumbfounded and couldn't believe what he heard.

"Ha-ha! Give Austin more credit, Keysley. He has some tricks up his sleeves. Even if he fails to defeat Hyman, he will not be killed,"

Otis reassured him.

Ever since Otis met Austin, he was well aware of the young man's real powers. Combining that with Austin's resourcefulness and luck, he believed that he would surely survive anything that came in his way.

"All right, then. Be careful, Austin.

I feel ashamed that we have to rely on a junior like you in order to deal with him,"

Keysley said with a sigh.

"Ha-ha! Don't feel too bad.

You'll get used to it as long as you spend more time with Austin.

Look at me. I'm used to it,"

Otis said with a hearty laugh.

Austin released his spiritual sense along with his Earth Energy in order to scan the nearby terrain.

In just a few moments, he already memorized every nook and cranny of the nearby area.

"I now know where to put my geomancy arrays," he murmured to himself.

With a wave of his hand, he took out the Kaleidoscopic Compass and activated it.

The compass emitted dazzling yellow light as mysterious runes emerged from its surface. Austin took a moment to observe the obscene runes.

"Come on!"

With a wave of his hand, the Kaleidoscopic Compass flew out and he followed closely behind it.

When the compass stopped moving, Austin paused too. He stood below the floating compass and began to communicate with the Earth Energy. Then he performed the secret skill of the Earth Exploring Technique to set up geography arrays.

After he was done making several geography arrays, he was lost in thought.

"Hyman has a chaotic magic treasure in his possession. Perhaps I will need more earth dragons to fight alongside me.

I'm wondering how many earth dragons I can control at the same time. Well, I am gonna have to give it a try," he murmured to himself.

He moved his body and rushed towards the mountains in the distance.

Places with mountains were abundant in Earth Energy. This meant that there would be lots of earth dragons beneath the mountains.

Otis and the others stayed still and waited for the right time to strike.

At the same time, Hyman and his team of more than forty medium-grade divine gods were on their way to the spot where Madison and others had been attacked.

They unleashed their spiritual sense to search for their missing companions.

"Hyman, we are almost there,"

the medium-grade divine god with the contacting stone said as he led the way.

"I'd like to meet with whoever had the balls to mess with us,"

Hyman roared angrily.

All of a sudden, Hyman furrowed his eyebrows and paused.

"Something is wrong. Stay there,"

he ordered his men.

His team quickly followed as they immediately stopped on their tracks.

"What's going on, Hyman?" the medium-grade divine god with the contacting stone asked.

"My gut is telling me that something is wrong.

We've got company.

Show yourselves! I've already sensed you!"

Hyman shouted into the air with a murderous look in his eyes.

His eyes gazed on the area with tall wild grass.

"Keysley, I have a hunch that you are there.

Tell me, did you kill Madison and others?

Come out.

Meet me and come face your doom!"

Hyman bellowed in rage.

However, he didn't get any response.

"Come on!" Hyman shouted as he gestured at his men to attack.

With that, he rushed towards the lush grass.

When he and his men got there, the earth and the mountains began shaking vigorously.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The grass suddenly grew taller as it rushed forward to tie up Hyman and his subordinates.

"Damn it! This seems to be an array!"

Hyman was caught off guard.

Before he could respond to the attack, earth dragons came out of the ground one after another.

In an instant, more than seven hundred earth dragons were flying high in the sky.

All of them rushed madly at Hyman and his companions.

"It's just a stupid array. Stop bluffing," Hyman growled.

With that, he raised the spear and waved it. Immediately, the spear shadows overlapped and occupied the entire space.

Just as he was about to defend himself with the spear, a young man appeared out of the blue.

He stood behind Hyman.

The distance between them was less than two meters.

It was Austin.

"Hyman, you old bastard. Go to hell!" Austin yelled.

In an instant, he used all kinds of brilliant martial arts skills and his magic treasures to attack Hyman.

"Who are you?!"

Hyman screamed out of instinct.

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