Chapter 733 Willing To Continue Acting Childish

Yeva was in so much pain that she could not get up. All she could do was cradle her stomach and writhe on the floor in agony.

Even so, Yara merely turned and walked out of the apartment, ignoring the crimson blood on the floor.

Thomas, who stood outside the door, had heard Yeva’s heart-wrenching cries. When he saw Yara walking out, he pressed his lips together and said hesitantly, “Yara, that baby is still your little brother… Don’t you…”

Yara blinked at him a few times, then said frostily, “If you had told me about this whole mess earlier, I could’ve turned a blind eye and allowed you to bring her and the child back home. I wouldn’t have uttered a single word of protest. But now, everything is ruined because of her… Do you think she still deserves to be a part of our family? If King learns about the foolish things she has done, he’ll surely take out his anger on her. If you get involved, do you think… you can withstand King’s wrath?”

Her words were enough to silence Thomas and make him forgo any intention of saving Yeva.

“Let’s leave.” Thomas began walking away with heavy footsteps, seeming to have aged ten years after what just happened.

Yara’s lips curved into a faint sneer as she watched Thomas walk away. So what if that’s his baby? So what if she’s his mistress? Dad is a selfish man. He may look kind and gentle, but he’s rotten to the core. When the chips are down, he’ll cast them aside without a second thought.

“Thomas! You son of a b*tch! You don’t have to save me, but please… save your child!” Yeva screamed, her voice hoarse from the excruciating pain.


Thomas had already walked quite a distance away. No matter how desperate her pleas were, they were not enough to make the cowardly man turn back.

Yeva gazed at the blood-stained floor, then gathered all her strength to reach for her phone that had slipped under a corner of the couch. However, every inch she moved seemed to require all of her strength.

However, when she was only a few centimeters away, she could not move any further.


She could feel that she had lost a lot of blood. The more blood she lost, the more her body temperature dropped. Eventually, she felt the baby stop moving.

Despair overwhelmed her, and she felt as though her tears were running dry.

My feelings for Thomas were just an act, a bit of fun. However, my love for this baby is real! The gods must’ve seen all the shameful things I have done these past few years. That’s why they’re making me suffer such retribution! My baby… My baby is gone!

Meanwhile, Natalie stirred and woke up to find herself in Samuel’s arms.

She only realized how tightly he had wrapped his arm around her waist after she awoke. She fidgeted a little, waking him from his slumber too.

“You… seem to be holding me a little too tightly, don’t you think?” she hinted, her red lips parting slightly as she spoke.

Hearing that, he grunted softly. However, he pulled her back into his arms and murmured, “I was afraid you’d escape.”

“W-Why would I escape?”

“Well, who was the one who abandoned me along the river?” he whispered in her ear, his magnetic voice sounding a little raspy since he had just woken up.

His words were as immature as that of a child. However, the deep timbre of his voice and the heat from his broad chest were a reminder that he was a full-grown man and one that oozed masculinity at that.

Natalie could feel her cheeks burning and her heart pounding wildly.

She bit her lip and said, “I just… thought it’d be better for us to be apart temporarily. I already explained my reasons for doing so, so don’t tell me you’re going to act all childish like a three-year-old kid.”

She thought saying that would deter him from pressing on the matter. However, his reply surprised her.

Tenderly nudging the tip of her nose with his, he said in a low voice, “If acting childish can keep you by my side, I’m willing to continue doing so.”

His words were like a pebble dropping into a lake, causing a ripple effect and playing further havoc with her emotions.

She shot him a glare and demanded, “Samuel Bowers, where did you learn to say such mushy remarks?”


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