The Peremptory Casey Davies

Chapter 168 Good Luck

Seeing that Francis was so determined, Edith nodded and said, "I know, Grandpa, but if this matter is discovered by TY Group. Don't blame me for the consequence."

Albie snorted immediately and said, "Edith, if you don't say it, how can TY Group know? You marry Casey, a wimp. You should blame him that he is so useless but has the same surname as the Davies family."

Edith ignored Albie. She didn't blame Casey, but was a little grateful to him. If it weren't for Casey, she might have been driven to despair by Albie and Nyla.

"That's the case. On the day the Davies family came, Casey is not allowed to appear, and the company is also handed over to Albie. I believe that the Patel family will develop better and better in the future, and will enter into circle of the top families in J City soon," Francis said proudly.

Everyone in the Patel family began to applaud, echoing Francis' words.

After the matter was settled, Francis went back upstairs to rest.

The relatives of the Patel family were all in the living room talking about the coming of the Davies family.

Albie and Nyla walked up to Edith and Casey, and the pride on their faces was about to overflow.

"Edith, I'm afraid you never thought that even if you let Jiangma Building Materials Factory reduce 10% of the price, you will eventually be kicked out of the company. It's a pity that you could have developed well in the company. However, Casey is a drag on you. I think you should divorce him as soon as possible." Albie sneered.

"It's the same whether she divorces Casey or not. She may ask for a 10% price reduction by some shameful means. She may have cuckolded Casey," Nyla said with a smile.

Casey's look turned to be gloomy, and he said coldly, "Usually, incompetent people spread rumors about others."

Nyla immediately stared, and said, "Casey, who do you say is incompetent? You are a well-known wimp in J City."

"Don't bother yourself arguing with the likes of her. You know how terrible she is," Edith said to Casey.

Nyla snorted and said, "I think you are just jealous of me. Anyway, I am about to marry into the Davies family, so I won't care about you. When I marry into the Davies family, you will not be far from being kicked out of the Patel family."

Casey curled his lips and said, "I'm afraid you won't be able to realize this wish in this life."

Nyla was full of disdain, and said, "You're jealous. Tell you, I will be the young lady of the Davies family in the future. Please be respectful to me."

"Edith, your family has been living in a villa recently. Aren't you very proud? I’m telling you that I am also going to buy a boutique villa in Hazelfield Estate. The clothes you wear are all cheap. Look at my my bracelet. It is more than 300,000. And this bag, it is Armani. the jade hairpin on my head is also more than 200,000. I think you can never afford these things in your life." Nyla transferred the topic.

Edith looked at Nyla speechlessly, feeling that she saw Flora's shadow on her. Both of them liked showing off so much.

And Edith didn't envy these things of Nyla. After all, she still had a necklace which was Heart of Venus, and that one alone was worth 45 million.

If it weren't for not wanting to be too ostentatious, Edith would like to take the necklace over and let Nyla widen her vision.

"You marry Casey, a wimp. Although you bought a villa with the money the Grandma gave you, you can never live a better life in your life. What can Casey give you? I will be different. When I marry the Davies family, endless glory and wealth are waiting for me," Nyla said proudly.

Casey stared at Nyla for a glance, wondering why she suddenly became so rich, and asked, "Your family probably didn't have so much money before. How did you buy these things? Would you hook a rich man?"

Albie on the side glared at Casey immediately and said, "Casey, are you a fucking idiot? Don’t slander others if you cannot get it?"

Casey smiled and said, "Isn't this your favorite thing to do."

Nyla snorted coldly and said, "Well, it doesn't matter if I tell you. This money is from the antiques from the Davies family. These gifts were originally given to me, and I sold them. Even Grandpa can't blame me."

Casey suddenly realized that how Nyla got money.

Soon he laughed. The real purpose of Margaret's visit to the Patel family this time was to ask these gifts back. Now Nyla sold antiques and spent the money lavishly. When Margaret came to ask for it, it would be very funny.

"How much you sold antiques for?" Casey asked again.

"Two antiques sold for tens of millions. Well, are you envious and jealous? It's a pity that you won't have so much money in your life," Nyla said proudly.

Casey suddenly felt that Nyla was insane. Any one of those antiques was worth hundreds of millions. Nyla actually sold two of them for tens of millions, which was really a waste.

But the worse Nyla did, the more horrible the punishment to her would be, which did not need Casey to worry about.

"Good luck." Casey smiled and said to Nyla, then took Edith's hand and walked towards the outside of the mansion.

Nyla and Albie didn't understand why Casey suddenly said such a sentence. But in their opinion, whatever Casey said was because he jealous of them.

On the way back, Edith gave Casey a helpless look and said, "This time, Grandpa asked Albie to take care of the company. Although it is only temporary, once Albie take it over, he would definitely not give me any more opportunities. I am afraid I will really be kicked out of the company."

Casey smiled and said, "Don't worry. It will not be long before the company will face a crisis. There is nothing wrong with you getting out of this crisis."

"Crisis? Why do you say that? If Nyla really marries the Davies family, it should be a good thing for the Patel family." Edith puzzled.

"I can't explain to you now. You only have to know, even if you don't have a job, we can still live happily. Just like you said, it is a good choice to born a son for me and we live with a baby. "Casey smiled.

Edith immediately glanced at him, then reached out and hammered him.

"Asshole. You still want to make a joke at such a time."

Edith looked at Casey with a calm expression, as if he didn't really take this matter seriously. She asked curiously, "Casey, how much money do you have? Can you tell me?"

Casey looked at Edith, thinking that since she wanted to know, he would tell her.

"There are several..."

"Several millions?" Edith didn't wait for Casey to finish, and then said, "Several millions is fine. If I don't work, it will be enough for us to live for a while."

"Um... tens of billions," Casey said.

Edith's eyes widened instantly, staring at Casey as if she had seen a ghost, and asked, "You...what did you say?"

"Um, I still have tens of billions," Casey said.

Actually, he had more than tens of billions, because the tens of billions were the money in his black card. His assets were not limited to a black card. Even he did not know how much his total assets were.

Edith was shocked at first, but she soon realized that Casey was joking with her.

If Casey really had tens of billions, how could he have joined their home in the first place.

"Forget it if you don't want to tell me. Are you afraid that I have designs on your money? You don't need to make such a joke with me," Edith said, and then stopped paying attention to Casey.

Casey looked helpless, unexpectedly Edith didn't believe him, thinking he was joking.

Back home, Amara was already waiting in the living room with a face full of anxiety. Seeing Casey and Edith coming in, she immediately greeted them and asked with concern, "Edith, I heard them say that Francis will let you rest for a while and Albie will charge the company, right?"

Edith nodded, and said helplessly, "It just so happens that I feel a little tired too, so I can rest for a while."

Amara said anxiously, "I heard that the Davies family is going to send someone here. The come to propose to Nyla, right? Edith, you can't rest at this time. Once Nyla gets married into the Davies family, with her relationship with Albie, you won't have the chance to join the company again."

"Then let it go. Anyway, they all have a problem with me, and I can also relax myself." Edith said impatiently.

"That won't work, if you don't have a job, what can we live on?" Amara said.

"Isn't there still Casey? He will raise us." Edith wanted to laugh when she thought of Casey saying that he had tens of billions. It was better to let Casey, a "tens of billions" richer, support them.

Amara glanced at Casey. Her gaze suddenly turned gloomy. She gritted her teeth and said, "He is a wimp. How can he support us? I heard that Francis dismissed you because of him."

"Casey, you bastard. You hurt our family so badly. Now that Edith has no job, we all have to live on air. Why do you have to stay at my family and not leave."

Casey glanced at Amara and said, "Mom, don't worry, Edith is right. Even if she doesn't have a job, I can support you."

"How do you raise us? You don't even have a job. Even if you still have some money, that money will probably only be enough to pay the property fee. I think you can sell this villa directly."

"Today, Nyla's mother came to me to show off again. She wore four gold rings on her fingers and a gold necklace around her neck. She was so triumphant that she came to make fun of me on purpose. I don't have any decent jewelry. Can you buy me a gold necklace? You don't even buy a gold necklace for me. How dare you say you can feed us!"

When Casey heard what Amara said, he thought that he hadn't bought a gift for her in the past few years. Now that she proposed it, he might have to buy some so as to reassure her.

"Then I will buy it now."

After speaking, Casey grabbed Edith's hand and walked out of the villa.

Edith looked surprised and said, "Casey, my mother just said casually, don't take it seriously."

Casey smiled and said, "It's really time to buy you some decent jewelry, otherwise, you will be laughed at by others."

Then Casey drove Edith to the most famous jewelry shop in J City.

After stopping the car, Casey and Edith went into the jewelry store.

After a while, a new Porsche 911 drove over, and a woman inside poked her head out and cursed, "A broken Land Rover dares to occupy my dedicated parking space. Is the driver dicing with death?"

This woman was named Alisha Ward and she was a frequent visitor to this jewelry store. Usually, her car was parked in this position because it was conspicuous enough to show her wealth.

Now that there was a car occupying her position, anger suddenly rose in her.

She got out of the car with two bodyguards behind her.

"Whoever comes here knows that this parking space is for my exclusive use. Who dare to take my place? Arrogant! Isn't it just a one million Land Rover? Smash it!" Alisha said to her bodyguards.

The two bodyguards immediately smashed the glass of Casey's car.

The people passing by were all shocked. How rich she was! A car worth a million would be smashed at will. This person was definitely not easy to provoke.

Alisha felt better after seeing the car crashed, and muttered, "If I don't have to see Miss Margaret from B City later, I must find the owner and teach it a lesson. Let's go and buy some gifts for Miss Margaret."

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