In the CZ Community.

Edith parked her car by the building. After wiping out her tears, Edith took a deep breath and went upstairs.

Jennifer greeted her as she got to the house, then Jennifer continued to prepare the dinner.

Amara was thinking about something happy when she noticed her daughter come home, and she quickly grabbed Edith to her side.

Edith flashed a smile to her mother and asked, “Mom, what’s up? You look so happy.”

Amara said, “Well, it occurred to me that Casey has got a huge number of wedding fund at the wedding ceremony, and he has saved it under your account. If I’m right, you are such a millionaire now!”

Edith was shocked and said, “I thought you’ve regarded as a jinx, and his money would bring us disasters. You told we shouldn’t use his money. Why do you bring it up now?”

“Oh my sweetheart, Money is not guilty. By the way, we should thank Casey and his money which can assure the living standard of our rest life.”

Edith leveled her mother with a confusing look and asked, “Mom, there’s something wrong with you.”

“What? I just figure out something. That’s all.”

“Enlighten me.”

“Well, just something about Casey’s true value. Even if he’s hateful, the truth is that he’s also very capable. He’s not that simple as we thought he’d be. We’re do lucky that you’ve married him.” Suddenly, Amara didn’t despite Casey any more.

After hearing Amara’s comment, Edith’s face darkened as she could see that her mother thought her marriage has depended on her sheer luck.

Amara sensed the shift of Edith’s mood. Amusement started to dance behind her eyes.

“Edith, it was my bad that I’ve always wanted to kick Casey out of our house. However, now I find that he may be the best son-of-law in my life.”

“I’m afraid that your wedding ceremony is the most romantic one in the whole wide world. Plus, many people of the high society have attended your wedding, especially the people from the Davies family in the B City. Has Casey been already become the rightful heir?”

“Edith, compared with Casey’s wealthy family, our family is merely a normal one.”

“You’ve got to know that he’ll meet another woman better than you. You must hold him tight and keep him in your palm. Once he falls in love with another woman, our wealthy life will come to an end.”

It seemed like Amara wanted her daughter’s marriage to last as long as it could be.

But her tone implicated the message that Casey and her daughter weren’t meant to be together, and her daughter should make him stay by all means.

Even Edith’s own mother began to tell her she wasn’t good enough for Casey. Sick and dizzy, Edith felt awful.

“Stop it, mom,” Edith said.

“Edith, I’ve reminded you. Don’t you dare to let Casey run away with another woman.”

“Enough! Casey and I are definitely equal in terms of love and marriage. Never will we abandon each other due to the background of our families. I don’t want to hear words like that again,” Edith yelled to calm down herself.

Amara was shocked by Edith abnormal reaction, but she was sure that Edith has begun to question her decision to marry Casey.

“Calm down, Edith. Are you sick or something?”

Edith rubbed her forehead and said, “I’m fine. It’s just the too much work these days.”

Amara instantly suggested, “Well, I happen to know a shrink who just come back from abroad. It’s said that he’s versed at mental disease treatment. Plus, he’s very healthy. What about having dinner with him and asking him to help you with your mental health?”

Edith wondered why her mother added that the shrink was wealthy, but she was too sick to ask more.

Also, she agreed that she really needed a shrink to help her out now.

“Okay, I hope it works,” Edith said.

A rare smile danced on Amara’s lips.

“What about tomorrow evening?” Amara proposed.

Edith nodded.

After Edith left the dining hall, Amara found her phone and texted to the mysterious woman…

“She agreed to meet the man tomorrow evening. Your turn to arrange for it.”

On the outskirts of the S City.

The streetlights were lit in the twilight, but only a few shops were open.

It was much quieter than the downtown.

Even so, the low living expense still attracted lots of young people with a low salary.

With a certain aim, Casey walked in the street of the outskirts.

Where he was heading was the bar Freddie had told him.

The bar was located at the end of the lane. The deeper he was into the lane, the fewer people he could see.

Before long he found himself at the end of the lane. Then he noticed an old advertisement board read “Bar”, glowing in the dim light.

It seemed the bar has been here for quite long. Casey thought the local guides of Guanling would prefer somewhere lofty and luxury, but the bar just looked too old and shabby.

Yet it was quite reasonable as Guanling has been a dangerously mysterious place whose guides were all desperadoes. They just didn’t belong to the high society.

Plus, the bar was merely a one of their bases, not worth more decorations.

Casey walked into the lane and pushed open a door next to him.

It was so dim in the bar. Maybe due to its unfavorable location, there were a few customers in it.

Casey walked over to the counter and gave the bartender some money, asking, “A ticket for the boxing game.”

Then the bartender unlocked the door nearby and let Casey in.

Without any hesitation, Casey got straight through the door before hearing the noisy screams.

Taking in a giant boxing ring, Casey found lots of people gathering around the ring which he had seen in other underground rings.

Maybe it was for the promotion of the booze sale. Around the ring were counters for selling booze. At the small tables sat audience drinking booze.

Casey couldn’t believe that there were so many people living on the outskirts gathering here to watch the boxing game. Obviously, lacking in more interesting entertainment, almost all the nearby young people came here for the boxing game.

He did what Freddie had told him and went to find the man in charge of the ring. He’d give the man the secret signals and the man would tell him how to pass the test to enter Guanling.

On his way he saw several tattooed strong guys drinking, among which stood Aarav.

Casey was surprised to find Aarav here in some unknown bar.

Aarav also found Casey and directly smashed his bottle of wine at the table.

“Fuck! This son of the bitch made me lose my job. Dudes, let’s take him down here and now!”

Aarav was too drunk to register Casey’s secret identity. All he knew was that it was Casey who made him lose the job. Aarav must take the revenge today.

Aarav planned to find some hitmen in the bar to beat Casey up. Who could’ve ever thought that Casey found him first.

The tattooed guys all stood up and glared at Casey.

Aarav smirked, “Listen, you’re lucky to see the best boxing king here, whose nick name is Marshall. Today he’ll show you what will happen to one if he makes others lose the job.”

Casey furrowed his brows and shot the so-called boxing king with a hard look, saying coldly, “You’d better get the fucking out of my way and continue to enjoy your fucking alcohol. I’m not in the mood today.”

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