The Lord Mayor Falls in Love with Me

Chapter 384 Being Wronged

Joey frowned. She didn't want to go to the Champion Hospital because Chance was there. However, the Champion Hospital was the nearest hospital and Lillian really needed to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

"Give me Lillian. I want to hold her." Paige said.

Paige didn’t trust Joey, so she didn’t want Joey to hold Lillian.

Joey didn't want to have a fight with Paige, so she let Paige take Lillian from her arms. I

Joey took off the silk scarf from her neck, tied it over the wound where Lillian was bitten by the snake, and then asked the driver in front, "Is there a knife in the car?"

The driver answered, “There are some blades.”

The driver bought those blades because he wanted to shave later.

"Can I borrow them?" Joey said.

"Yes." The driver handed her the blades while answering.

Joey took the blades, took out one piece, and then asked the driver for a lighter. After roasting the sharp blade with fire for a while, she grabbed Lillian's left leg.

"What do you want to do to Lillian?"

Seeing Joey wanted to use the blade on Lillian, Paige was very anxious.

Joey looked at Paige madly and said, "I am trying to save her. She was bitten by a poisonous snake. We have to help her let the poisonous blood out, or she may die on the way to the hospital."

Joey had no time to identify what that snake in Paige’s room was and how venomous it was.

Lillian was just a child and she could die from it at any moment. In addition, it took at least half an hour to go to the hospital. Therefore, she had to do something to help Lillian.

Paige's face immediately became pale when she heard Joey's words.

Paige pleaded, "Please save her! I am the one who should say sorry to you. Lillian is innocent. As long as you save her, I won't treat you as mean as before."

"Stop it! If I want Lillian to die, I did not have to try to save her." Joey said.

Joey knew Paige was not trustworthy. She only repented when she needed help.

Joey cut through Lillian’s wound with a blade to let the poisonous blood ooze out. After Joey repeated doing this several times, Lillian seemed to feel better.

After half an hour, they finally arrived at Champion Hospital. Chance and other medical workers were waiting outside the hospital because they had got a call from Paige earlier.

As soon as Lillian was picked out of the car, she was immediately sent to the operating room.

Paige was really worried about Lillian so she asked to enter the operating room. It would definitely not be allowed in other hospitals, but Chance was the boss here. Therefore, he could let his aunt Paige into the operating room.

As a result, Joey was the only one left in the corridor outside the operating room. The only thing she could do for Lillian was pray for her.

Paige had already called Allen, George and Martha on their way to the hospital. Joey hoped that Allen could come as soon as possible.

Halfway through the operation, Chance walked out of the operating room. He looked mad.

Joey asked, "Is the operation over?"

Joey was so confused because the operation seemed to end too soon.

"Lillian is okay. You must be disappointed." Chance said.

Chance was Lillian's father. Of course he did his best to save Lillian. He left the operating room because it was determined that Lillian was out of the woods. He wanted to talk to Joey before Allen came here.

Joey said, "What are you talking about? I don't want Lillian to be in danger."

Joey was so mad. She tried so hard to save Lillian, only to get the blame.

Lillian was Chance and Yolanda's daughter and Lillian tried to poison Joey before. Joey had no obligation to save Lillian because Lillian and her parents had done bad things to her, which had almost taken her life. Joey could have kept her hands off. Besides, if she didn't help, no one knew that she could save Lillian. However, Lillian reminded Joey of her son. They were both so cute. Joey hoped that others could treat her son well like she treated Lillian today.

Joey was just so mad for being treated like a sinner after giving a helping hand.

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