Chapter 565 Acknowledging Avery

Tentatively, Avery asked, “Are you Sarah, who was seriously ill last year?”

Seeing the girl nod excitedly, Avery smiled and asked, “How is your health now? Are your parents doing well?”

Sarah was on the brink of death and emaciated before, but now she looked healthy and vibrant.

She seemed to have made a remarkable recovery, looking like a whole different person from when Avery last saw her.

“Ms. Avery, I'm so happy that you still remember me! Thanks to you, I was able to have the surgery last winter. I've made really great recovery. Do you see how healthy I am?” Sarah happily spun around in front of Avery and Cayden.

Her lively appearance was a happy sight to behold, and Avery couldn't help but beam in delight.

She pinched Sarah's face and gently said, “Not bad. You do look much healthier than before. Your complexion has brightened up.”

“Thank you, Ms. Avery.” Sarah smiled shyly.

The little girl noticed Avery's protruding belly and asked curiously, “Ms. Avery, are you expecting a baby?”

“Yes. There is a little life in my belly.” Avery touched her belly with a gentle and loving expression.

Sarah blinked and wanted to ask Avery about the beautiful twins.

She had a vivid memory of the angelic twins who gave her hope, which in turn helped her fight against her illness. She had been thinking about when she would be able to see them again.

However, Sarah's parents hurriedly arrived just then.

When they spotted Avery and Cayden, they were overwhelmed with emotion, and tears welled up in their eyes as they kept thanking the two profusely.

In the end, with tears brimming in their eyes, Sarah's parents said, “Sarah, hurry up and thank Ms. Avery and Mr. Cayden. It is because of their help that we had the money for your surgery, and they gave you hope for life. You must never forget their kindness.”

Sarah immediately bowed deeply to Cayden and Avery as she uttered, “Ms. Avery, Mr. Cayden, thank you for your help. I will always remember your great kindness to me.”

“It's nothing. What matters is you're healthy now.” Avery felt embarrassed by the couple's excessive enthusiasm.

In fact, she didn't contribute much to Sarah's case. The one who ultimately provided the funding was Cayden.

However, the man remained impassive and didn't even deign to spare a smile for the couple, despite the couple's enthusiastic show of gratitude. He barely spoke and only gave brief hums in response throughout the conversation. His frigid demeanor made Avery feel a little awkward.

Hence, Avery felt the obligation to chat with the couple for a while before leaving with Cayden.

She couldn't bear to receive the couple's effusive thanks.

Seeing Sarah's health restored, Avery was very happy for her and felt that the burden on the couple's future life would be much lighter, and she hoped that they would go on to live a happy and fulfilling life together.

She had thought that she would never cross paths with the family again.

Never did she imagine that the way they would meet again would be so tragic.

Avery and Cayden bade goodbye to the middle-aged couple and left.

Because Avery was pregnant, Cayden chose quiet places to walk and held her tightly to avoid crowds.

After walking for a while, Avery became a bit tired, but she was too embarrassed to voice out because they had just taken a rest together.

Additionally, seeing many elderly people who were much more agile in walking and climbing in the tourism area made her realize just how lacking she was.

Cayden had been observing Avery's every move, and he naturally noticed her exhaustion.

He took her out for a walk because Yuvan had told him that Avery's physique was weak and her pelvis was small, so Cayden should take her out more often to exercise. It would make it easier for her to give birth in the future. Thus, he had taken Avery for a longer walk this time.

However, when he saw her face turning red from the exertion, Cayden began to feel sorry for her and didn't wish to continue with the walk.

Ignoring Avery's objections, he picked her up and carried her to a flat stone where she could take a rest.

Sitting nearby was an elderly couple in their sixties.

The old lady saw how considerate Cayden was toward Avery and amiably struck up a conversation with them. “Young man, you're treating your wife well. How many months pregnant is she?”

Avery lowered her head, feeling a bit shy as her face blushed crimson.

“My wife is more than five months pregnant.” Cayden acknowledged Avery's identity without hesitation and held her in his arms with a doting expression.

Although he was very strong, he was extra cautious and genteel in his manners so that he wouldn't hurt her.

Avery felt abashed to be intimate with Cayden in front of the elderly couple and struggled to break free from his embrace. However, the more she resisted, the deeper she fell into his embrace.

“The two of you are really sweet. You're married for less than a year, right?” The old lady was wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses and looked amiable. “You have to treat your delicate and beautiful wife well. The most difficult time for a woman is when she's pregnant.”

Hence, Avery felt the obligation to chat with the couple for a while before leaving with Cayden.

The old lady's husband nodded in agreement.

“Sure.” Cayden nodded at the elderly couple's advice.

They smiled and bade goodbye to Avery and Cayden before walking away while supporting each other.

As Avery watched the elderly couple leave hand in hand, it suddenly dawned on her the meaning of the saying that went—The greatest bond in all the world is that if you honor your vows to me, I shall expend every last vestige of good fortune to stay by your side until the end, till death do us part.

She fervently hoped that her bond with Cayden would be the same.

Even after the elderly couple's figures were out of sight, Avery still looked in their direction.

Cayden couldn't help but turn her face toward him. “Silly girl, they're gone. Why are you still looking?”

Avery replied with a hint of envy, “That elderly couple has such a lovely relationship. That is true love. Growing old together is the most precious thing. Rarely do people stay together for a lifetime.”

Cayden chuckled and pinched her rosy ears. Confidently, he declared, “We'll be even more affectionate than they are.”

The mountain wind blew gently, bringing a cool breeze.

Avery lay on Cayden's chest, taking in his refreshing manly scent as she felt the warmth of his body.

In front of them was a several-dozen-meter-tall mountain. The sound of lapping water from the waterfall was the perfect backdrop against the breathtaking landscape.

The beauty of nature was beyond words.

Meanwhile, Stephanie was forced to go on an “adventure” with Jacob into the deep forest.

She had wanted to refuse him, partly because she was terrified of the man and didn't want to go out with him alone and partly because she was a pregnant woman. Constant walking would tire her out in no time.

However, her fear of Jacob had penetrated deep into her bones. A stern look from Jacob was enough to send chills down her spine.

“Where are you bringing me? It's too scary here. I want to head back...” Stephanie was petrified that she had been dragged into the deep forest by Jacob.

It was early summer, and the plants were flourishing. The hundred-year-old trees covered the sky, and even the sunlight couldn't penetrate through.

Hence, the forest was almost pitch-dark, and an ominous feeling festered in Stephanie's heart.

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