Sweet Twins

Chapter 642 Fever

As the time passed, Nancy began to feel colder and her forehead was hotter.

"Director Nancy is actually very beautiful. By the way, what happened this morning, Charles? A lot of people saw you two running. Does Director Nancy's cold have anything to do with it?" There was a hint of concern in Brandy’s voice.

"It's too hot inside the room, and we wanted to breathe some fresh air, so we ran outside. Is that right, Charles?" With an awkward smile, Nancy turned to Charles and gave him a meaningful look.

"That’s right." If he didn't agree with Nancy, her body temperature would probably rise by several degrees. He knew it was better not to provoke her, so she could recover fast.

"That's good. I thought you were mad because Charles has appointed me as the new director of the Pediatric Department. He told me that you have to take care of the two children and couldn't continue to be the director, so I agreed. But if you still want to come back to work, you can come back at any time. I’ll be more than happy to help you once you’re back." A smile appeared on Brandy’s face.

On the contrary, Nancy secretly gritted her teeth when she heard the excuse Charles made up. To put it bluntly, he wanted her to be a nanny at home. How could he decide for her?

"I can't stay at home all day long. I don't care whether I am the director or not. But if I stay at home every day, I might go crazy." As she spoke, Nancy kept rubbing her hands. She was not really feeling well, but she tried her best to talk to them since the topic was about her work.

If she didn't treat the patients for a day, she would never be at ease.

That was why in order to get back to her position, she had gone all out to please Charles and even humiliate herself. If he still didn't let her go, she didn't know what crazy things she would do next.

"Charles, I think Director Nancy is right. Just because a woman already have children doesn't mean she has to lose her job. Moreover, she's still so young to stop her passion. I think once she recovers, she'd better come back to work. We can help each other. She's more experienced than me, so I can learn from her." To be honest, Nancy was amazed by Brandy’s modesty.

The words she had said directly overturned Nancy's impression of her.

Was Brandy really such a considerate person?

If so, Nancy was willing to work with her.

With this thought, she looked at Charles with hopeful eyes.

"Let's talk about it later. She is still sick," Charles said perfunctorily.

His answer made Nancy complain. "I just caught a cold!"

Frowning, Charles replied, "Even if it's just a cold, it will still take some time to recover. You can't see the patients when you're also a patient, can you? That’s pretty irresponsible!"

"What if I get better?" It was a rare opportunity for Nancy to have someone to speak for her, so she wouldn't just let go of this.

A little more push and Charles would finally give in.

She would do everything just so she could come back to work, because she had to.

After taking a deep breath, Charles said, "I told you to wait until you recover."

"Director Nancy, you don't have to hurry. For the meantime, I'm taking care of your patients for you. They often ask me where you have been and why you haven't come to see them, and I always say that you're just not feeling well. I didn't tell them that you resigned, I just said that you will be back after a few days. You should recover well. I and the patients will wait for you to come back to work." To her surprise, Brandy held her hand and smiled.

But she had to admit that Brandy was a woman of good manners.

Every word she said could make people feel comfortable.

"I think Brandy is right. That's it." At this time, Charles would rather go with what Brandy had said than directly say that he was giving in to what Nancy wanted. She couldn’t possibly go to work while she was sick.

On the other hand, Nancy knew that it was not the right time to be stubborn, so she said, "Well, I just caught a cold and will recover soon. Thank you for explaining it to the patients. I was actually worried that they would misunderstand the situation and think that I don't care about them. As a doctor, the most terrible thing that could happen is to have the patients misunderstand us."

Finishing her words, Nancy looked at Brandy gratefully.

"Yes, we are all doctors. I understand you. And I must say that you are a famous pediatrician."

"Thank you." All of a sudden, Nancy had a crush on Brandy and thought that she should make friends with her.

It turned out that she was not a vicious woman.

At least Brandy had put in a good word for Nancy in front of Charles to make him agree to let her come back to work.

"You're welcome. I still have an operation later, so I have to go back now. Director Nancy, have a good rest. I'll wait for you." After saying that, Brandy stood up and turned to Charles. "I’ll go now."

"Okay." Out of courtesy, Charles stood up to escort her out.

When they reached the door, Nancy said, "Goodbye, Director Brandy"

Before Brandy went out, she turned around and smiled at her.

Then she and Charles walked out of the room, leaving Nancy alone.

The two of them talked for a while in the corridor.

Their voices were very low, and occasionally faint laughter could be heard.

Both of them sounded so happy as they spoke, while Nancy was waiting inside, checking the clock from time to time.

It was not until thirty minutes later that Charles opened the door and came back.

"You had a lot to talk about. Brandy is a good girl." Even if she didn’t want to admit, Nancy was really jealous.

"She is a nice girl. We have been classmates in high school, and she's one or two years younger than me but she hadn't had a boyfriend. It's a little strange." As he spoke, Charles took out the medicine prescribed by the doctor for Nancy.

"Maybe because she still like you," said Nancy half-jokingly.

Hearing this made Charles pause what he was doing. "Why does it sound like you really want her to like me?"

Nancy took the medicine from his hand and swallowed it, and then drank the water Charles gave her. "You also like her, right? Otherwise, you wouldn't have found her to replace me."

"Yes, I do. Are you satisfied with this answer?" Charles asked coldly.

"I'm really happy to hear that. When the two of you walked out together, I realized that you’re a perfect match. God really make a perfect couple. I wish you happiness." Then she tried to hide the bitterness she felt with a smile.

Although he already knew what she would say, Charles still asked, "Wish us happiness?"

"I wish you a happy life and I hope you could have a baby soon! I'm so happy every time I think of you being together."

"You want me to be with Brandy, so you could be with Rick?" At the mention of Rick’s name, his face immediately darkened.

The smile on Nancy's face vanished. How could this man not withstand a joke?

How many times had Nancy explained her relationship with Rick? Why didn't Charles believe her?

They just shared a meal and a simple hug. Why did Charles believe the rumor online that she had a relationship with Rick?

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