She is a CEO by George Chapman

Chapter 23 The President Came back

"Lucy, why did the president ask you to do the job report as soon as he came back?" Nia said anxiously as she walked around Lucia.

Confused, Lucia asked, "Is that strange?"

"He rarely calls a senior executive to report to him alone. It's not a good thing that he calls you." Nia had worked in the company for several years, so she knew these trifles well.

"Don't worry. Let's talk about it when I come back." Lucia comforted Nia before she walked out of the office with her job report.

The secretary led Lucia to the door of the president's office.

"Come in." A man's voice came from inside.

Lucia pushed the door open. This was her first formal meeting with Eduard, the president of Jibillion Inc's European Region, who was on a business trip when she took office.

"Hello, Mr. Burton. I'm Lucia. I'm here to report to you."

Eduard was dealing with some documents in front of his desk when he heard the voice. "Are you Lucia?" He asked.

Eduard had seen Lucia's photo on her CV.

Lucia just picked a photo of her taken when she was a sophomore and put it in her CV because she seldom took a single phone.

In the CV photo, she wore a pair of big black frame glasses, which covered a small part of her face and made her look like a top student.

But the woman in front of him was extremely beautiful, which was completely inconsistent with his first impression of her.

"Yes, I am Lucia," Lucia answered with a smile as she walked into the office.

"Ok, have a seat. I just came back and wanted to know about your work during this period." Eduard concealed his amazement and asked Lucia to sit opposite the desk.

After Lucia sat down, she politely reported to Eduard when he started to flip through her job report. Fifteen minutes later, she was done and Eduard nodded with satisfaction.

"Good, it seems that you fit into our company very soon. You handled the case of JTP Group before I came back."

"It's my duty," Lucia responded courteously to Eduard's praise.

"I like your frankness." Eduard directly showed his admiration for Lucia.

"Thank you, Mr. Burton." Lucia accepted it generously.

Eduard was much easier to get along with than Lucia had thought. Nia had warned her before that although he was very capable and became the president of Jibillion Inc of European Region at a young age, he was also a notorious playboy in the country with many women around him. Therefore, she had thought he was frivolous.

"You can go to work. I'll call you if I need you." Eduard didn't ask Lucia to stay.

After sending her out of the office, Eduard returned to his desk, where a complaint letter he had received a short time ago was displayed on his computer screen.

The sender of the email letter strongly questioned her work ability, but Eduard had deduced that Lucia was superbly capable, calm, and... surprisingly beautiful from the way she behaved just now.

"Who sent this email?" Now, in Eduard's eyes, it was ridiculous. He deleted it as he murmured. And he didn't expect that Lucia had old enemies in this city. This email was sent by one of them.

As soon as he deleted the mail, the secretary came in and reported that a partner wanted to meet Eduard tonight. Eduard waved impatiently. Instead of socializing with these old men, he would rather...

"No, I won't go. You help me reserve a seat in Southwind Tavern. I have an appointment with the daughter of Mr. Bates tonight. Remember to order a large bouquet of roses for me."

Eduard had recently hit it off with the daughter of a rich businessman in the city. He would rather stay with the beautiful woman at night.

"Okay." The secretary, who had become accustomed to Eduard's style, answered and went away.

Eduard continued working, occasionally with Lucia's stunning face in his mind.

The early winter was approaching, and Arthur began to pick up Lucia.

"Why did you come down so late?" Arthur said discontentedly.

The eye-catching Rolls-Royce Phantom stopped in front of Jibillion Inc building. As soon as Lucia walked up to him, Arthur found that her face was as white as a sheet. Without thinking, Arthur reached out and rubbed her face.

"I have something to deal with just now. Sorry for your waiting," Lucia said as she tightened her fur collar, almost wanting to bury her face in it.

"Give me your hands!" Arthur suddenly said.

"What?" She hesitated for a second before Arthur held her hands, wrapped them in his palms, and rubbed them hard, heedless of the strength he used.

"Ouch!" Lucia glared at Arthur and shouted in pain. Couldn't he be gentle?

"Wear more if you hurt!" Arthur didn't say words of consolation but lessened his strength a little bit.

Lucia had no choice but to ask him, "Where is Theodore? Did he go home?"

"My mom took him home. You go to a place with me tonight." Arthur acted in a masterful anytime and anywhere. When he said so, he was not asking for Lucia's opinion, but informing her.

That was the way Arthur behaved.

He was masterful but reassuring.

Feeling that her hands warmed up a lot after they were rubbed by Arthur, Lucia smiled and asked, "Where are we going?"

"You'll know when we get there." Arthur glanced at Lucia's red cheeks because of the warmth and gave her an ambiguous answer.

"Won't you sell me?" Lucia teased him with a smile instead of asking more.

"Humph," Arthur sneered. He sized Lucia up and said, "You are too light. How much are you worth?"

"You!" When Lucia was about to retort, Arthur opened the door for her. She had no choice but to get in the car angrily.

After closing the door for Lucia, Arthur smiled and got in the car.

The engine roared and Arthur drove the Rolls-Royce Phantom away from the Jibillion Inc building like the wind before Eduard withdrew his sight.

Eduard didn't mean to peep at the exit of the garage. He just happened to see Arthur pick up Lucia.

"If they were in a relationship, it would have gone public..." Eduard turned the steering wheel.

He was sure the paparazzi wouldn't miss the big news if Arthur fell in love.

Arthur and Lucia walked into a luxurious suburban house. There was a business partner's party tonight, so Arthur brought Lucia here. She was the best choice for his female companion.

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