Seriously, How Did He Win My Heart

Chapter 671 A Happy Family

Colleen smiled and said, "I've been basking in the sun for a long time. You can have as much as you want."

"Thank you." Nina took a few more sips of scented tea and then motioned for Cameron to bring over the gifts she brought for his family. She gave Colleen and Randall the silk scarf and tea set respectively, which were both in line with their preferences.

Colleen immediately put the silk scarf on her neck and praised Nina. "I went shopping a few days ago and saw this silk scarf. I liked it very much at that time. I didn't expect that you would give it to me today. It seems that we have a tacit understanding."

Nina smiled and replied, "When we have time in the future, we can go shopping together and buy things."

Colleen was very happy. "Then that's a deal. You have a good taste. You must be an expert in fashion. Please help me pick some nice clothes."

Colleen generously praised Nina. Of course, Nina's clothing quality was recognized by the entire entertainment industry and even by most women. Basically, the clothes she was wearing would be popular immediately. Her ability to make goods sell well was not ordinary.

Seeing that the two of them were chatting quite happily, Cameron was standing to one side, silently heaving a sigh of relief.

Nina was a little nervous about this dinner party. In fact, his nervousness was no less than hers, but he hid it very well. If he showed something, Nina would definitely be more panicked.

Nina's grandparents and her uncle's family were not present at the dinner party in the evening. Randall and Colleen also thought that Nina could be uncomfortable in front of a large family of people, so there were only four of them tonight.

During the meal, Colleen drank some wine with Nina. On the other hand, Randall and Cameron, the two men, didn't drink.

Colleen was good at drinking, but as a woman, she seldom had a chance to drink to her heart's content. She didn't expect that it was Nina who accompanied her to drink. Thinking of how she used to make things difficult for this girl, Colleen, who was drunk, took Nina's hand and cried.

She had never expected that this girl whom she had never taken a fancy to would fall in love with.

"I was really blind in the past. Extremely blind." Colleen scolded herself. Then, with reddened eyes, she said to Nina, "You have to forgive me."

"If I didn't forgive you, why would we sit together and drink tonight?" Nina who was also drunk hooked her arms around Colleen's shoulders and regarded her as a friend like Sylvie and Sherlyn.

"Don't worry. I'm not a hypocrite. If I say I've let it go, that means I've really put the past behind."

Colleen was extremely moved. She raised her wine glass and clinked it with Nina's. "It's our family's blessing that my son can marry such a perfect girl like you."

Cameron and Randall looked at each other. They both agreed that the more Colleen saw Nina as her daughter-in-law, the more she liked her. She even said something like that.

Nina shook her head like a rattle. "No, no, no, I'm not perfect at all. I have many shortcomings, for example, I don't know how to cook."

Nina knew very well that she would never become that kind of traditional wife who dedicated herself completely to their family.

"What's the big deal? Cameron can cook." Colleen waved her hand and pushed her son out. At the same time, she discussed with Nina, "To be honest, Cameron's cooking is really good. A lot of dishes he made are more delicious than the food outside. In the future, let him cook whatever you want to eat."

"..." Cameron didn't know what to say.

His mother had arranged everything for him.

However, even without his mother's arrangements, he would still take good care of Nina. After all, his cooking skills were all learned because of her. He knew that she didn't know how to cook and didn't like cooking, so he was willing to take the responsibility.

The dinner was very harmonious. Finally, the drunk Colleen was helped upstairs to rest by Randall, while Nina was carried into the car by Cameron.

Randall wanted them to stay here for one night, but Cameron refused. "She drank too much, so it's not very convenient. We can stay here another day."

He knew very well that his girl would go crazy if she got drunk, so it was not suitable for her to stay under her parents' eyes.

Hearing his words, Randall did not say anything any longer. After all, he also had to take care of a drunk woman, so he drove Nina back to his place.

However, not long after the car drove out of his parents' house, he noticed that there was a car following him, and his expression immediately became cold.

The car that was following them was most likely aimed at Nina. He did not know when they had started following them, nor did he know what they had captured. He thought about it carefully. Just now, when they came out of the house because Nina was drunk, she was held in his arms.

In addition, due to the darkness of the night, these paparazzi or stalker fans should not be able to take clear photos of Nina's face.

Although he and Nina did not reject to make their relationship public, it was one thing for them to take the initiative to make it public, but it was another thing to be exposed after being photographed by these people.

He turned to look at the girl beside him, who had fallen asleep because of being drunk. Then, he looked at the rearview mirror with a more murderous look in his eyes. First, he deliberately turned a few corners and stopped at the roadside for a while to confirm if the car was really following them.

The last time he found a parking lot on the side of the road and came to a halt, the car also slowly stopped not far behind.

Cameron took out his mobile phone and called Sherlyn. "Nina and I were on our way home, but I found someone following my car."

Sherlyn was so angry that she scolded, "These stalker fans really have nothing better to do. It's her private schedule these days, but they're still following her. They're so wicked!"

After scolding them, Sherlyn said helplessly, "What are you going to do? To be honest, we can't do anything with these people. You said that they secretly took photos and followed you. But it doesn't count as a crime. If we call the police, the police will only educate them verbally and then release them."

"Especially some of them are teenagers. The police can't do anything to them. It's just verbal education."

Sherlyn was telling the truth. The group of stalker fans was really annoying in the entertainment circle. Almost all famous stars had been followed and intercepted by them. In fact, these people were not true fans at all. They just wanted to satisfy their selfish desires in the name of fans.

Most of the real fans would stay away from their idols and watch or send blessings from a distance.

Nina had encountered this kind of situation countless times before. Once it was so bad, that the car almost rear-ended. It was enough to piss a person off.

Sherlyn continued, "How about this? Don't go back to your place. Otherwise, you won't live in peace after your residence is exposed. You drive Nina back to her house first. I'll ask Sylvie to go there."

Sherlyn's purpose was to protect Cameron, but he refused her proposal. "I'd better call the police directly."

Nina was very drunk and felt very uncomfortable in the car. His current route was to go to his house, so he would arrive soon. If he turned around and went to Nina's place, he would have to cross half of the city, which would be too much torture for her.

And he didn't want to let go of these stalker fans. Even if it was just verbal education, he would send them to the police station.

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