Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 32 10 million coins, smashing

  Chloe knew about this and was particularly furious: "Sophia, what were you thinking, why did you let them both go? Did you have a soft heart? Say, it must be because of that Drake!"

  Sophia smiled: "Chloe, don't be anxious yet, it will be like this and it's normal, you should know well, if I don't do this, the next public opinion on the internet will surely say that I am a person with a hard heart, they Riley family have come out personally to apologize and are so sincere, if I still want to put them in jail, that I just don't make sense."

  "But it was their fault! Olivia, this is moral kidnapping!"

  "Of course I know, did you forget what I told you before, that she would find a way to get the Old Riley's trust?"

  Chloe seems to have remembered: "Yeah, how did I forget about this, so you've thought of it?"

  "That's right, this is the moment I've been waiting for."

  Chloe cheered up, "Sophia , do you have something fun to do next?"

  "Well, accompany me to the bank!"


  Although she didn't know what she was going to do at the bank, Chloe thought of all the things Sophia had done before, and she began to look forward to it.

  Sophia was about to walk out when Mia walked up to her.

  "It's not good, Ms. Lawson, just now the Riley Group released a message saying that no group can work with us, and if anyone dares to work with us, they are working against the Riley Group."

  Sophia froze for a moment, then smiled: "It's okay, there's no need to rush this matter, wait for me to come back to deal with it."

  With that, she also patted her on the shoulder and the person walked away.

  Mia can't imagine what time it is, she actually has to deal with other things, is she really not in a hurry at all?


  Prison entrance.

  When the Old Riley and Aria came out, the Old Riley's legs were still weak, and as for Aria, her eyes were red.

  Earlier they had heard that in the inside that is not a person can stay, but I did not expect that the inside is even more terrible than imagined.

  And it's all Sophia's fault , she's the one who threw them inside and made them suffer so much.

  "Dad, Aria!"

  Olivia walks quickly over with Emilia in tow.


  Aria saw people and immediately jumped on them, crying in aggression.

  Olivia hugged her and gently soothed, "It's okay, it's okay, Mom has gotten you out, and we won't even go in there anymore."


  The more Aria cried, the sadder she became.

  Olivia soothed her while looking over at the Old Riley: "Dad, I've put you all through this!"

  "It's not like you did this, you don't have to feel bad, it's all because of that Sophia , this time I'm out, I will not let her go."

  At this point, Olivia said with difficulty, "Dad, I'm afraid you can't do that!"

  the Old Riley was furious, "What's wrong with that? That Sophia caused me and Aria to go inside, and if you hadn't rescued us, we would have had to stay inside for half a month!"

  "But on Drake's side he ......"

  Olivia always speaks with such a level head, not saying much, just half.

  Sure enough, it caught the attention of THE Old Riley, who looked around and asked, "Where's Drake, I came out, why didn't I see him?"

  Olivia still looked embarrassed and didn't say anything out loud.

  the Old Riley like to understand what, gloomy this a face: "All right, you say, I want to see what I went in the time he did."

  Olivia still doesn't say.

  Emilia was anxious in the back: "Auntie Olivia , if you don't say it, I'll have to say it. Grandpa, I really didn't expect that Drake would become so excessive as soon as he saw Sophia. One night, Drake slept in Sophia's house all night long."

  "We went to him later in the morning and asked him how he could sleep over at Sophia's when Grandpa and Aria were like this, but he didn't feel it was a mistake at all, and even this time if it wasn't for Auntie Olivia, he didn't even think about getting you guys out."

  Olivia chided, "Why are you talking about this?"

  Before Emilia could say anything, the Old Riley extended her hand: "Emilia is right, you must tell me about this, I really can't imagine that I, as a grandfather, am not as good as the woman who hurt him."

  Although some things have come to light that are not Sophia's fault, the fact that Sophia sent them to prison is enough to make the Old Riley hate her.

  "Dad, Drake is still young for emotional things ......"

  the Old Riley again stretched out his hand and stopped: "All right, you should not speak for him, since I came out, naturally it is not so easy to let Sophia go ."

  "Dad, we'd better go back first and give you a good bath to get rid of the bad luck." Saying that, Olivia went over to help him.

  They were ready to get into the car when they heard a clattering sound in front of them.

  When I looked down, I saw that it was a piece of coin.

  If they were not alert, only these coins are close to hitting them.

  They raised their heads and looked at the visitor.

  Sophia's face wore an enchanting smile: "the Old Riley, Aria , you came out of it!"

  the Old Riley chagrined: "Sophia , I have not gone to settle the score with you, and you have come to the door yourself."

  Sophia looked at the things in her hands and said with a smile, "Anyway, you guys came out, I have to give you some gifts!"

  Everyone realized there was danger and Olivia subconsciously asked, "Sophia , what do you want?"

  "When you gave me 10 million, although I did not take a penny, but I am a person, I have always felt quite insulted, this revenge or not revenge back, the heart is not comfortable."

  "What the hell do you want?"

  Sophia put one of the packs on Helena's body and one on Chloe's body: "Sisters, smash it for me, it's my fault if it hurts!"


  How can they be missing out on such things?

  Sophia smiled and said, "I have 10 million coins in my hand, but I just went to the bank to exchange them, and now, they are for you!"

  With that, she grabbed the coin and smashed it at them.

  Especially Olivia's body, Sophia was particularly upset when she thought of the way she was throwing money at her.

  Helena and Chloe two also smashed especially good, although they did not see that kind of picture at that time, but the thought of those days, their good sister at home poor recuperation look, they can not tolerate, must help her revenge to do.

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