Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 31 Sophia, do you know who you have provoked

  The receptionist shook his head: "Sorry, I'm just a receptionist, and no one told me about the internal affairs of the company."

  That's true!

  Paul or the first time to see Drake eat closed doors, to know, the other side heard that it was him, will certainly be the first to appear, and even hate to Drake to give a good hold.

  This scene just happened to be seen by Martha as well.

  She came this way: "Mr. Riley, Mr. Parker, how are you?"

  Drake and Paul both looked at her strangely, seemingly unfamiliar with this person.

  Martha then remembered that she hadn't introduced herself.

  "Mr. Riley, Mr. Parker, my name is Martha, I am the manager of the sales department of this company, I wonder if it is convenient for us to have a chat?"

  Paul glanced at Drake.


  Drake answered.

  The receptionist looked at Martha with a confused look on her face, but Martha gave her a warning look before she left, as if to say, if you tell your boss about this, you will be dismissed.

  The receptionist struggled withthe fact that although it was a matter above and indeed had nothing to do with her, the head of the company was Sophia, not Martha.

  After thinking about it, the receptionist decided to call the president's office.

  The three of them went to a coffee shop near the office.

  Martha was certainly aware that she would never have been able to meet such a man in her life if Drake hadn't personally delivered him to her door.

  Although she is married and has a child, it does not prevent still being attracted to such a man.

  However, she is also aware of her own weight, she naturally is not likely to get Drake's attention, instead, she is trying to use this opportunity to take down Sophia .

  "Mr. Riley, truth be told I know why you are here this time and I happen to know the reasons why our company is not working with your company."

  Drake's face is expressionless, no one can tell what he is thinking at this time.

  The fact that he didn't say anything, but didn't get up either, proved that he was willing to listen, so Martha continued.

  "Our company came over a person in charge this morning, this person in charge happens to be known to you, her name is Sophia ."

  Paul was the first to freeze, Sophia, and by golly, how could they have ever imagined that Sophia would be the head of the Summersky Group?

  We all know that the Summersky Group is Lawson familiy, and we all know that the Summersky Group to Janesville, that is how a big fat.

  Travis, no, Lawson familiy gave such a job to Sophia, which means they really value Sophia!

  Martha also kept observing Drake's expression, and then said with a smile, "So, I believe I don't need to say that Mr. Riley should also know why our president doesn't want to cooperate with you!"

  Paul opened his mouth and said, "Ms. McAdoo means ......"

  The corner of Martha's mouth lifted up: "Talking with people like Mr. Riley and Mr. Parker, I won't beat around the bush. To be honest, I left my family to come here, just want to achieve the position of president of Summersky Group, as long as Mr. Riley can help me, I can help you to get this case, we win each other, how about it?"

  Paul looked at her incredulously, who gave her the courage to cooperate with their president?

  Drake laughed a little and smiled a radiant smile, "Ms. McAdoo, you may have the wrong person, I the Riley Group is not short of Summersky Group for this list either."

  Martha did not rush, she said softly: "Sophia caused your grandfather and sister to go to prison, do not Mr. Riley want to revenge this?"

  Drake suddenly approached her.

  That one stunning face that Martha couldn't even breathe.

  His aura is too overpowering.

  That face of his, too, is too handsome.

  "Martha, don't come back to me, or ...... I'll have you dead and buried." Turning around, the man stood up and left.

  Martha did not react for a long time, she did not even dare to breathe out.

  Holy shit, Drake is really as scary as the legend says.

  Paul walked behind Drake, "President, are we still going to Miss Lawson?"

  "Although it is said that with or without her this single, it has no effect on us the Riley Group, however, since the president of this company is her, command down, no one is allowed to cooperate with her, doesn't she not want to cooperate with me? Then I'll let her come and beg me to work with her."

  Paul : "......"

  It's over, Miss Lawson. Do you know who you're messing with?


  The internet is in the clouds again.

  Olivia, as the daughter-in-law of the Riley family, has done a great job both at home and abroad, and this time, she took action regarding her father-in-law and daughter going to jail.

  She stood in front of the media, crying and apologizing at the same time.

  "Sophia , I know you can see this video, and I'm here today to apologize to you on behalf of myself, and the Riley family. It's true that we didn't know something before and therefore did something to hurt you, and there may be no way to make up for the mistakes we did in the beginning, but I'm willing to stand here and give you three bows."

  Olivia stood out and slowly bowed to her.

  After the three ended, she returned to the microphone and continued to cry, "I also know that three bows like this will not be able to make up for your wounded heart, but I am willing to apologize properly with you, it was all my fault in the beginning, I hurt you, you want to kill or die, I listen to you."

  "But grandpa is old, he can't stand it in there, Aria has always been a spoiled child, she can't stand it either, these days they are in there, they are also considered to be punished, please, let them go, okay? We'll do whatever you want!"

  "Here, once again, I solemnly apologize to you, even if you look at the time you and Drake once spent together, please let them go, okay?"

  She said very sincerely with a snotty nose and a tear.

  On the pop-ups, many people were touched by Olivia's gesture.

  [The Riley family really has a good daughter-in-law! It's okay to be called Janesville's good daughter-in-law!

  [Yes, compared to Sophia, it's a bit too much, isn't it?

  [Even if the Old Riley did something wrong before, it's not so bad as to send people to jail. Can't this matter be settled privately?

  [I think Sophia is just rubbing off on the Riley family, and maybe she wants to go back to Drake's side!

  It seems that Sophia is the only one among these people who knows that Olivia is putting on a show.

  Olivia already had a backhand, which she knew. Looking at Olivia's pretentious acting, Sophia felt disgusted at how she looked at it.

  However, she still called the police department and said that the Old Riley and Aria were released.

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