Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 24 In the beginning, who hit you

  Sophia said without a trace, "Did your family not tell you if I've slept with a man or not?"

  Drake's eyes became deeper and he didn't know how long he looked at her before he spoke, "Sophia , tell me, what happened back then? What did they do to you?"

  Sophia suddenly pushed him away: "Isn't Mr. Riley here for your grandfather? I'm sorry to inform you that this time, I'm going to sue you Riley family!"

  She doesn't look at him, but those hateful intentions in her eyes are clear to him.

  According to those in the family, Sophia must have been the one who hurt them, when she was the one who took money from their Riley family and left with a richer man?

  But the development of things let him find that is not the case, if she since she took the money away, she pressed not to use to retaliate, coupled with what happened during this time, how it looks like Sophia suffered more ......

  After a long time, he spoke: "In the beginning, who hit you!"

  Sophia's eyes had changed, he knew she had been in a car accident?

  No, I think he was talking about the last time!

  Sophia had a sarcastic smile on her lips, "Is Mr. Riley so good that he can't find out who did that to me the last time?"

  "Sophia , I'm talking about when you left me." His gaze was very firm, the eyes like a vast universe, as if he was trying to suck her in.

  "Mr. Riley couldn't find out?" Before Drake could say anything, he heard Sophia say again, "With your ability, do you know who it is and don't want to find out? Then why bother asking, isn't it redundant?"

  "And, Mr. Riley, if you don't leave, I'll take you directly to the court side as well!"

  Drake stepped in front of her, and Sophia subconsciously stepped back.

  "Sophia , how did we become like this?" His eyes suddenly became extremely sad: "Once we said we would be together forever, why did everything change just like that? Tell me, did our separation really leave you with no regrets at all?"

  Sophia stood there with a change in her eyes, then she turned her head and looked at him with sarcasm: "Mr. Riley, you don't have to say all that nonsense, even if all the men under the sky were dead, I wouldn't be with you."

  "Now, please get out!"

  With that, Sophia pointed relentlessly at the door.

  Drake just kept looking at her.

  The two men's eyes were frozen in place.

  After an unknown amount of time, Drake put down the glass in his hand and walked towards the outside.

  Sophia quickly threw the glass in the trash, then got the trash bag out, caught up with Drake, and handed him the bag.

  "I don't want any trace of you in our house, Drake, and if you come in here again, don't blame me for treating you badly."

  Directly closed the door, at the same time Sophia also took out the phone to call the property: "Please hurry up and change the lock on my door, no matter how much money, it must be the most expensive and most secure and best ......"

  Not a hair   on Drake's head would she want to see.


  Sunday was fast approaching and Travis, of course, couldn't miss his sister's court appearance.

  Of course, along with Helena and Chloe, Chloe deliberately gave up her seat next to Travis to Helena.

  Although she has known Travis since he was a child, Helena blushed when she sat next to him.


  Helena, a capable woman, only meets Travis when she does.

  Travis nodded to her and Chloe as a greeting.

  I thought the Old Riley would not appear   today, but I did not expect the Old Riley to have appeared.

  The media is also paying special attention to this story, after all, everyone has been eating the Riley family and Sophia's melon lately.

  The media are still interviewing the Old Riley: "The Old Riley, what do you have to say about Miss Lawson's accusations against you?"

  The corners of the Old Riley's mouth lifted up: "What I do is righteous, and I will insist on upholding justice to the end for those bad-hearted women who presume to marry into my family."

  "the Old Riley, so what can be said about your granddaughter having done something like that?"

  the Old Riley's face suddenly became ugly, "Which media are you, will not speak?"

  The reporter continued to ask as if he was not afraid: "I heard that your Riley family was with Mr. Riley because they thought Miss Lawson was doing it for your family's money, and that you gave her money to leave Mr. Riley, is that true? "

  "You're the one Sophia found?"

  After all, the Old Riley is a long-time veteran, the Old Riley naturally saw what was going on at a glance.

  "the Old Riley, please answer my question."

  "Don't worry, your company will soon be finished!"

  The Old Riley didn't want to answer much, and turned around and went into the courthouse.

  His eyes fell first on Sophia, then on Travis, and he walked toward Travis.

  "Master Travis , originally I thought you and my grandson is not the same, my grandson although blind once, but at least there is salvation, finally cured eyes, but you, blind all the time, I really feel sorry for you ah!"

  Travis didn't even stand up, and didn't even bother to look at him, with a contemptuous curve to his mouth.

  "Mr. Rilley, the one who is really blind is you, I really pity your situation in the Riley family all these years, and still do not know, like you, should be given a lesson."

  The Old Riley where he thought he would ignore him so much and not give him face, if it was not to be a court, he would have to talk about it.

  Just arrived at the place, but never saw Drake's figure.

  He asked, "Aria , where's your brother?"

  Because of the last incident, Drake almost did not kill her Aria, the mention of Drake, Aria is particularly scared.

  "Grandpa, brother he may not come today."

  "Not coming?" Mentioning that person, the Old Riley got angry: "I see he has been the Riley family in charge for a few years, and he is already arrogant to this extent, and the Riley family is not just one heir."

  That's right, Olivia married over and gave birth to a son, and it looks to outsiders like she treats Drake the same as her own son. After all, few outsiders know that she married over from behind, because when Drake's mother and Drake's father got married, basically no one knew about it.

  So, no one knows her ambitions either, except Sophia ......

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