Raising My Wife

Chapter 12 Company In The Study

Lily went back to her room and lay on the bed, thinking about what just happened.

She had heard from Lara that James liked to be quiet and seldom talked, but today he had talked so much to her. Although Lily didn't like and understand what James had said at all, James was the first one to talk to her in such a tone.

"Open the door, Lily." It was Lara.

Lily gently opened the door and saw Lara holding a glass of milk in her hand. 'It turned out that Lara went downstairs to heat the milk after she calling me.'

"Thank you." Lily smiled at Lara and took the milk.

"You naughty girl, this is what Mr. James ordered me to do. And even the breakfast in the morning is also required by Mr. James. Mr. James was afraid that you would not be used to the breakfast, so he specially asked me to prepare the Chinese breakfast. Mr. James is really kind to you." Lara looked at Lily with loving eyes.

After hearing Lara's words, Lily lowered her head thoughtfully.

"Drink the milk and go to sleep. It will not delicious when it's cold." Lara replied, thinking that Lily was shy.

Lily drank the milk meekly and handed the glass to Lara, watching Lara go downstairs.

Lily closed the door and went to take a shower directly.

After taking a shower, Lily lay down on the bed and closed her eyes. Perhaps because of the milk or because of the sense of security here, she fell asleep very soon.

In the next few days, Lily kept what James said in her mind. She read books every day as much as she could. Although she didn't understand something, she knew a general idea about them. She didn't as ignorant as herself before.

Lily was sure that James would hire a good teacher for her, so she didn't want to embarrass him when the teacher came.

As a result, Lily was extraordinarily serious these days. Lily had been doing it for two reasons. One was for James, and the other was for herself.

Because James did check her homework every night.

It was also a point where Lily couldn't think out smoothly. 'Obviously, James knew that I almost know nothing. But he also requires that he checks the contents I have studied every day.'

If it had been in the past, Lily wouldn't have been worried. But now, the situation was different. The person she face was James. Even though James didn't say anything, Lily dared not ignore his aura.

At the same time, James took the book and read it quietly, as if he was not to check Lily's homework, but to study by himself. Without being disturbed, James looked calm and wise, just reading the book in his hand. James was thirty years old, but time seemed to be partial and left no trace on James's face. Lily looked at his serious expression, as if he was an innocent angel.

Angel? The word popped out in Lily's head and startled Lily at the same time.

She felt the natural aura of James, and she knew that James was not an active and passionate person, but it was the first time for Lily to feel that James was like a harmless angel. This kind of feeling made Lily feel novel.

For a moment, Lily was in a daze.

After calling Lillias without a response, James withdrew his eyes from the book and looked at Lily. James's eyes were as cold as ice. Seeing the irresistible smile on Lily's face, James finally didn't say a word to interrupt her. He just waited quietly for her to react.

The room was in silence.

Perhaps Lily felt something wrong, she suddenly came to her senses. Before Lily could take her eyes off James, Lily directly looked into James's eyes. All of a sudden, a blush climbed on her cheeks.

At the sight of Lily's blushing face, James was intrigued. He wondered if all teenagers like her can't stand teasing. With no words being said, just a simple look made her face red.

With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, James asked seemingly casually, "what are you thinking about?" After that, James was even surprised why he asked about these small things.

Taking a furtive glance at James, Lily mustered up her courage to answer, "I think you're like an angel."

Angel? It was the first time that anyone had described him like this. James was amused and asked about the reason.

Lily's girlish voice which was unique and clean echoed in the room, "because you are very kind, moreover... you look like an angel too, very clean."

'Children's words have no taboo.' James told himself. Clean?

A thought crossed James' mind the moment he saw Lily's eyes. Another word might describe it more appropriately, "innocent."

"What?" Lily looked at James confusedly, tilting her head.

"Nothing. Just read." On the other hand, James didn't continue this topic. He reached out his hand and grabbed a book to read. It seemed like nothing had happened.

Without getting an answer, Lily didn't care. She shrugged and then lowered her head to read again.

They just read quietly without saying a word, without feeling embarrassed. The study was full of book fragrance, so it was natural for them to get along with each other like this.

Although they were not at the same age, they got along like friends.

Lily had a serious look on her face, and occasionally showed some regret and confusion, as if she was struggling with the difficult problems on the book. Lily changed her facial expressions from frown to joy. It was really interesting.

On the contrary, James was wearing an indifferent face. He only occasionally turned a few pages to show that he was reading this book, but the middle school teaching materials in his hands revealed him. Obviously, this was not comply with his identity.

Time passed for a long time. James put down the book in his hand and he was about to go back to his room to continue his work.

James stood up and gave a look at Lily. "Take an early rest." After saying that, James walked out without looking at Lily again. When James was about to open the door of the study, Lily stopped him.

"Thank you."

Hearing that, James was stunned, but he didn't stop, without giving any reply. He walked out and went back to his room.

But his mind remained the Maiden's thank until he finished his shower and picked up the document.

Lily stayed in the study for a while and continued to read for a while. When she found that it was late, she came back to her room and began to sort herself out, then she prepared to sleep.

Lily opened the wardrobe and saw a variety of clothes. She felt grateful again for life and the man who was like the Savior.

Nothing. It's good to be alive. She felt extremely happy and lucky at this moment.

Lily fell asleep soundly with a happy mood.

At this moment, she didn't know that tomorrow was the real nightmare for her.

A lucky but hard nightmare.

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