Chapter 1758 

However, Luna did not intend to pry and instead just hugged Gwen and let her sob in her arms.


Gwen’s cries echoed through the entire room.

Luna, too, started crying as she comforted Gwen.

She had been having a hard time, too, having been faced with a man who did not love her anymore and an entirely new working environment with tasks that she had no idea how to accomplish


She had thought Charlotte was here to help her, but what happened?

It turned out that Charlotte was just using her to get close to Jim and did not care about the consequences of her actions on Luna at all.

She had understood every single word Jim was trying to tell her.

She was just a pawn in Charlotte’s game.

However, who would she rely on to compete against Joshua, if not Charlotte?


She was not capable of running the company at all, but she was Charles and Rosalyn’s daughter, so she had to step up and take responsibility.

She could not possibly give up on Landry Group after what happened to Charles and Rosalyn.


The two women cried for a long time.

However, even after expressing their sorrows, they still had to face reality.

Luna asked Gwen what had happened as she wiped the tears off her face.

Gwen said in a choking voice, “Luke killed my fiancé.”

Luna’s eyes widened in shock, her face etched with disbelief. “Why?”

Luna had always been aware that Gwen was engaged to another man.

In the past, Luke had been reluctant to be together with Gwen because of his risky career. He was worried that Gwen would be left all alone if something terrible were to happen to him one day.

Therefore, after finding out about this, Gwen had gotten engaged with another man out of spite.

She did not invite any guests to a lavish celebration at all when she had gotten engaged. Instead, she just hosted a simple ceremony since her intention was just to spite Luke.

At that time, Gwen had admitted that she did not love her fiancé at all, and in fact, this man

was just someone she had hired to play along with her act.

Because of this, Luna could not understand why Luke would want to kill Gwen’s fiancé.

Gwen closed her eyes and let out a bitter smile. “I’d like to know too.

“After Luke killed him, I felt guilty for my fiance’s death, so I wanted to return to visit his grave.

“However, Luke imprisoned me and refused to even let me out of the house.

“Last night was the seventh day of my fiance’s death, so I requested to visit his grave, but when Luke found out, he…”

She sniffed and said, her eyes brimmed with tears, “Luke is a demon from hell.”

with that, she turned to stare at Luna and said, “I used to be puzzled whenever you told me you could never get back together with Joshua again, but now I understand.”

She could not find it in herself to forgive Luke for killing just one person, so how could Luna possibly forgive Joshua for the vengeance between their families?

As soon as she thought of this, Gwen grabbed hold of Luna’s hand. “There are four lost lives between you and Joshua: his aunt Lucy, Colin Landry, Granny Lynch, and your dead child.

“Now, knowing this, I’ll never try to convince you to get back together with Joshua again.”

Luna lowered her head when she heard this. “Actually…” She let out a bitter chuckle. “Me and Joshua’s child isn’t dead at all.”


Gwen’s entire body stiffened. “Your child… isn’t dead?”

Luna sniffed and let out another bitter chuckle. “Yes.

“Joshua suspected that the child I gave birth to didn’t belong to him, so he brought its remains to get a DNA check, and it turns out the child didn’t belong to him at all.

“Since the child that died isn’t his, then it surely would not be mine either.”

With that, she lowered her head and added, “I don’t know where my real child is now…”

Gwen furrowed her brows and, a split second later, lifted her head as though she had suddenly recalled something. “Luna, didn’t Heather also give birth to a daughter the same day you did?”


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