Chapter 1738 

Jim closed his eyes and laughed at himself for being too paranoid.


He was even having hallucinations already.

When Joshua and Theo arrived at Dr. Rachel’s research facility in Lincoln City with Luna, it was already 5 a.m.

The song that Charles had sung for her was played on repeat in Rosalyn’s room.

As soon as the car arrived at the entrance of the research facility, Luna’s eyes fluttered open even before the car had stopped, as though she had a premonition.

She glanced at her surroundings, frowning, then immediately jerked awake when she laid eyes on Joshua.

Memories of everything that happened the night before surged into her mind…

Luna paused, then shifted her body toward the door, keeping a safe distance between her and Joshua. “Where are we? Where are we going?”


It was already bright out, so where was Joshua bringing her so early in the morning?


“We’re in Lincoln City,” Theo, who was sitting in the passenger seat, answered with an exhale. “Last night, something happened to your mother, and both your brother and father have already arrived here from the hospital.

“Dr. Rachel said this incident happened quite suddenly, so she wanted you to come as well, but you were unconscious after being drugged, and we couldn’t wake you up no matter how hard w e tried, so we had no choice but to hoist you into the car and bring you here.”


He did not forget to give Joshua some credit. “If it weren’t for Joshua, you wouldn’t have been able to arrive here so quickly.”

Theo’s words made Luna’s mind falter for a few seconds.

Finally, after coming to, she bit her lip nervously and asked, “So is my mother…”

“Just now, Dr. Rachel called to tell us both your brother and father have already arrived, and as soon as your father showed up, your mother’s condition is now stable.”

As he said this, the car screeched to a halt at the door to the research facility.

Luna immediately flung the door open and stormed into the building.

However, because she had been asleep for too long, she had lost some strength in her legs. Just after a few steps, she lost her balance and almost fell to the ground.

A pair of hands reached out to grab hold of her just in time.

Luna did not need to turn around to see who it was. She could tell by the warmth of his hands and the faint scent wafting off his body that it was Joshua.

After stabling herself, she lurched forward once more toward the building. “Thank you.”

However, she had just taken one step when she lost her balance once more.

“Stop overestimating yourself,” said Joshua with a sigh as he lifted her into his arms and strode toward the research facility.

Luna bit her lip, but knowing that she could not possibly make it into the building on her own faster than being carried in Joshua’s arms, she settled down and did not struggle anymore.

She laid in his arms quietly, feeling the warmth of his body and the thumping of his heart in his chest.

Initially, she had been worried about Rosalyn’s condition, but for some reason, even her own racing heart started to calm down.

Joshua always had a way to calm her down, no matter what happened.

“Thank you,” she could not help uttering as she laid in his arms.

If this were the past, she would not thank him for this, since it was natural of him to want to carry her, but at this moment…

“I don’t need you to thank me.” Joshua followed the research assistants’ instructions and strode toward Rosalyn’s room. “If you really want to thank me, you should come with me back to Banyan City.”

Luna closed her eyes and said in a strained voice, “That’s impossible… We’re mortal enemies, and on top of that,”

Before she could finish her sentence, Joshua interrupted her, “Well, would you be willing to return home with me if we weren’t mortal enemies?”


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