Chapter 1735

Quentin did not answer Dr. Rachel’s question at all.


After the assistant finished checking him, he changed into his sterile gown and bowed to Dr. Rachel. “Thank you, Dr. Liddell.”

With that, he entered Rosalyn’s room under the guidance of the assistants.

All the while, Dr. Rachel felt like this man was rather ominous.


Therefore, as soon as Quentin entered the room, she went into the control room to stare at the security footage of Rosalyn’s room.

After all, Rosalyn was in a vegetative state, and even if Quentin did not have anything dangerous with him, he could still kill her with his bare hands.

As soon as she thought of this, Dr. Rachel could not help regretting her decision of letting him in after being swayed by his seemingly sincere attitude.

What was she supposed to tell Luna and Theo if something were to happen to Rosalyn?


The door to Rosalyn’s room was opened, and the assistants ushered Quentin into the room.


The first thing he did after entering was to locate the surveillance camera.

He stood in front of the surveillance camera, smiling, and bowed elegantly at the camera. “I know you’d be watching from the control room, Dr. Liddell, but I do not wish for a third person to eavesdrop on the conversation between my sister and me.”


With that, he reached out and snapped the audio transmission cable on the security camera in half.

Then, he placed the camera back in its place, turned around, and stood in front of Rosalyn’s bed, talking to her.

A chill went down Dr. Rachel’s spine as she watched this.

This man’s every single move made her feel terrified, but thankfully, he did not touch Rosalyn at all from the beginning to the end.

Ten minutes later, Quentin emerged from the room on the dot.

Dr. Rachel quickly got out of the control room and stood in the lobby, feigning innocence.

“Thank you for letting me have this chance to talk to Rosalyn,” said Quentin, smiling at her. Then, he turned and strode out of the building.

Dr. Rachel remained motionless and let out a sigh of relief as she watched him leave.

Thank God.

As long as he did not touch Rosalyn, nothing bad would happen to her. Otherwise, she would not know how to explain this to Luna and Theo.

Dr. Rachel sat down on the sofa and took out her phone. Just as she was about to ask Theo for more information on this man named Quentin, a loud siren came from the distance.

One of the nurses stormed out of the control room, her face pale. “Dr. Liddell, something bad has happened to the patient named Rosalyn!

“She seems to be deteriorating; the siren is coming from her room!”

Dr. Rachel could feel the blood in her body run cold.

This was the siren she had prepared to monitor the patients’ vitals. If there were significant fluctuations in the patients’ vital signs, the siren would sound, alerting her to the urgency of the situation.

This was the first time she had ever heard this siren wail in her five years of running this research facility.

This meant that Rosalyn would soon become the first patient she failed to save!

Dr. Rachel quickly stood up and stormed into Rosalyn’s room.

Rosalyn’s initially stable vital signs were plummeting at an alarming speed.

This meant that she was losing her will to live!

She had been perfectly fine before Quentin’s arrival, so how could Quentin’s words impact her so much?

Dr. Rachel cursed underneath her breath, then quickly instructed the doctors and nurses next t o her to maintain Rosalyn’s heart rate and took out her phone to call Theo. “Help me get in touch with the Landry family!” Theo, at that moment, furrowed his brows and glanced upstairs.


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