Presiden's wild wife

Chapter 80 Who poisoned

The hospital was flooded with the smell of poignant disinfection fluid. Elena went though a thorough examination and was waiting for the result outside with Logan. Both of them were unable to calm down.

“Logan, if I’m really pregnant…” She stopped due to nervousness. Although they decided to have a baby, they didn’t expect this could happen so quickly.

Logan held her cold hand quietly and gave her his warmth of love and care, “Don’t worry. We will raise it together.”

However, she could no longer feel at ease. She was so nervous as if her heart would jump out of her chest.

“I’m here.” He said in a low voice, which sounded so reassuring and soothed her heart magically.

After a while, the result came out and they went into the doctor’s office.

The doctor looked so serious and made Elena worried again.

“You are not pregnant! You felt sick and threw up simply caused by overdosed contraceptive pills! I understand that you may not want to have a baby now. But you should know, it is detrimental to your health! These overdosed contraceptive pills may lead to your infertility. Do you want that?”

Elena was dumbfounded. She bit her lip, “Doctor, I didn’t take them. How come…”

“Yes, you did! The result is evident. Anyway, stop taking them from now on. Otherwise, you will be infertile if you continue for one month!”

Elena turned to Logan in panic. She couldn’t believe any word she just heard. She never took these pills! But the result...

The doctor saw Elena’s face and sighed deeply, “I don’t know what happened between you two. But you shouldn’t plan to have a baby in at least six months. You shall stop taking these pills and recover gradually.”

Elena only felt cold and freezing all over. She couldn’t hear anything right now.

When they returned home, Elena was still dumbfounded. While Logan kept silent all the way.

“I didn’t take them!” Elena explained to Logan.

But would he believe her? She wasn’t sure about that. The examination result wouldn’t lie to them, right?

Logan looked so depressed and gloomy right now, which frightened her slightly. She was hurt by his cold attitude.

She bit her lip and couldn’t help feeling sad and wronged. “Believe it or not, I didn’t take them. If you... you don’t trust me, we can...”

She didn’t finish her sentence because she didn’t want it at all. How could she just said “We can divorce” easily? At this moment, she realized how much she loved Logan. She loved him more than she knew.

Logan’s cold eyes were instantly fixed on her, “If I don’t trust it, we can what?”

His cold eyes hurt her like hell. Her face turned pale with teary eyes “We can do whatever you wish. That’s it. You have the final say!”

Logan looked at her carefully. She was trying her best to hold back her tears. Logan felt heartache about it and regretted what he just said. He held her hand and wanted to comfort her.

While Elena was still sad and angry. She wanted to avoid his touch but only found herself held more tightly.

“Elena, I trust you.” He said in a low voice and held her in his arms, “So, do not worry. I never doubt you and will always trust you.”

At first, he thought Elena might suspect him. But she was worried he would doubt and blame her. Of course he wouldn’t. He loved her so much.

She composed herself and her eyes were still sad, “Then why did you say that?”

And he even looked at her with those cold eyes, almost frightening her.

Logan explained, “I was just thinking who did this?” He never meant to scare his beloved wife.

Logan was right. If he and herself didn’t do that, who did? Who would make her take those pills in secret? And how did they succeed?

She usually had meals at home or at the company. Who got the change to poison her?

Was it Aria? Impossible. She and Elena didn’t eat together. Besides, why would she want Elena to take contraceptive pills? If she really hated Elena so much, she would poison her to death.

Then someone at home?

Logan saw her concerns and said, “You don’t have to worry about it. Let me look into it.”


“Let me.” He insisted, “I shall find the truth and whoever poisoned you must pay the price!” He clenched his fists tightly.

“OK.” Elena nodded. She knew he would find who did it and protected her always.

Logan hugged her and kissed her on her forehead gently, “From now on, I will ask Mia to cook for you. You don’t have to worry about your diet.”

At first, only Mia was responsible for preparing meals. But later Logan worried about her workload and hired more people to help her. But he didn’t trust them at all.

“Is that necessary? Maybe I was careless and ate something bad by accident.” Elena wasn’t sure about it.

Logan pursed his lips and said firmly, “I have to be cautious for the sake of your safety.”

She was his beloved wife in the world. No one would ever compete with her. He couldn’t risk losing her. Never. He was scared by what the doctor said. If they didn’t go to the hospital, she would still be poisoned. And a month later, they wouldn’t be able to have their baby anymore in the future. This thought almost drove him crazy!

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