Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1058 I Brought Your Friend Here

The servants looked at each other and tried to persuade Summer, but they did not intend to act immediately.

Summer could feel that these servants weren't physically weak. Instead, more or less, they knew Kung Fu. They hadn't moved because they wanted to snatch the knife from Summer's hand.

Summer saw them through and pressed the knife against her neck more tightly.

She threatened. "Tell Lester now!"

Summer gritted her teeth and cut her neck with the knife. These servants weren't easy to be fooled. They didn't do what Summer asked until they saw blood.

Summer did not want to use such a method to harm herself. But now that she was under house arrest, she was a passive role. There were few ways to regain her initiative, and she couldn't think of a better way.

"I'll contact Mr. Lester now!" When a servant saw Summer was serious, she panicked and said, "Put down the knife. I will inform Mr. Lester now."

Summer sneered and said, "Put Lester on speakerphone in front of me."

The servant had no other choice but to follow Summer's instructions.

If Lester came back and discovered that something was wrong with Summer, he would definitely not let them off.

One of the servants went out to get his phone and dialed Lester in front of Summer.

It took a while for the phone to get through. When the phone was connected, the servant looked at Summer and called out, "Mr. Lester."

Lester didn't say anything. He was probably waiting for the servant to speak.

Summer said loudly, "Lester, I want to see you."

The speakerphone was turned on. Lester on the other end of the phone could hear her shouting.

When Lester heard this, he suddenly chuckled and said, "You don't have to threaten them. I am just about to come back with your friend."

Lester was smart. Before the servants told him what was going on, he could guess Summer had threatened the servants to call him.

However, when Summer heard him that he would come with one of her friends, her heart skipped a beat. Her hand holding the fruit knife felt a little limp.

Could it be Leonardo? Leonardo was willing to do anything for her. What condition did he agree with Lester?

After a short period of panic, Summer quickly calmed down.

Lester only said one of her friends. That one was not necessarily Leonardo. Summer tried her best to make her voice sound calm. "Really? Who?"

Lester did not tell her more. "You will know when you see me."

After Lester finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

The servant took advantage of this opportunity and snatched the fruit knife from Summer's hand.

Summer knew that Lester did not need to lie to her. He would definitely come back since he said so. Therefore, she didn't have any reaction when the fruit knife was snatched away.

She was faintly worried about who Lester was referring to as her friend. Summer was afraid that Leonardo would do something stupid for her. After thinking it over and over again, she felt that it should be Leonardo, so she was overwhelmed by a feeling of unease for the whole day.

It wasn't until nightfall that the sound of a car engine came from outside. Summer had an instinct that Lester had returned.

She looked out of the French window, wanting to see the scene outside clearly. Unfortunately, the streetlights outside were dim, so she could not see what happened outside.

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