Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1022 Lester Did It

Stanley felt sad to recall how Summer was like, and then he continued to look at the data sheet. Stanley was a little distracted by the numbers on it.

Actually, he wasn't sure if he could create a medicine to cure Summer. The reason he agreed to cooperate with Leonardo was to avoid Lester.

Whether the medicine could be created or not, Summer should cooperate actively in the treatment, because it was very important for a patient to stay positive. If Summer was always pessimistic, the deterioration of her body would speed up.

Stanley sat down and pressed his hand between his eyes. He felt annoyed, so he got up and walked out.

At that time, Jenny took the coffee and walked in. "Sir, where are you going?"

Stanley glanced at her and said, "Get some air." Then he walked to the balcony and vaguely saw Summer.

Stanley lived in an isolated courtyard with bodyguards. Summer was with two maids. Leonardo and Douglas were not around.

Stanley leaped over the railing and landed on the wall. He quickly walked towards the courtyard where Summer was. When he reached, he jumped off the wall. Accidentally, he made some noises.

The sound was heard by the two maids, who looked over to him. "Who's over there?"

Summer also heard the sound, but she didn't care. Now, she only cared about Rosie.

Stanley came to her. "Summer."

Summer and Stanley were friends, so she could naturally pick out his voice. She frowned and turned to look at Stanley, "What are you doing here?"

Summer looked indifferent, but Stanley was smiling at her. He was used to hiding his schemes under a surface gloss of good manners, so he always behaved as a gentleman to others.

"I remember we were good friends, and you trusted me." Stanley said thoughtfully.

Summer sneered, "Are you bored now? You want to talk about the past with me?"

Stanley suddenly said seriously, "Summer, I have something to tell you."

Summer glanced at him and said, "I'm not interested."

Stanley's face changed, but he quickly returned to normal. Then he said, "At first, I didn't agree to test the drugs on you. It was Lester who did it when I was away. When I discovered it, it was too late."

After Summer heard his words, she gradually became serious. She turned to look at Stanley.

Seeing Summer turning her head, Stanley knew she heard him.

He continued, "I admit I saved you for my sister. And because of this, I wish you would keep healthy and I won't test experimental drugs on you."

Stanley's words made sense, but Summer wouldn't believe him anymore. She had trusted him many times.

Summer looked at him sardonically, "So what?"

Stanley laughed to himself, "Yes, there's no use crying over spilled milk."

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