Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 11 Tick Tock of The Tale

Artemis Point of View

Artemis walked through the street of Olympus. She had been gone more no longer than a week and it felt like years for her since she last seen it. Despite the fact she hated coming here, it was still part of her home. Talk about it, she hadn't gotten any contact with her hunters since she left to Leto's island. They must have been worry sick otherwise Apollo wouldn't have come and found out. Now with all the incident and problems she had in her mine, nothing really mattered to her besides trying to find away to keep Perseus's existence a secret.

As she walked pass the public square, where most the trades and activities usually held. She never liked the place, perhaps too many drunks and males around here. But everyone on Olympus beside her loved this boisterous place for her curiosity.

A nymph bowed at her as many people made way for her to pass made Artemis feel proud, yet a bit irritated since she had spent a lot of time treating her hunters equal as her. She smiled at the girls to show respect and her manner, glaring at any male who dared to steal a glance. And of course, they knew their stand so almost the entire male on Olympus in the public square bow with their eyes fixed on the white stones street wherever she came.

As she was walking up on the steps toward the throne room, her head was still trying to figure out how to convince Apollo not to spill or to draw to much attention, someone ran up from behind and locked their arm around  her neck. Who the hell have the guts?

"Good morning Artemis!"

Oh great the last person she wanted to see at the moment.

"Great" Artemis rolled her eyes. "What do you want Aphrodite?"

"Aw common" she pouted. "Is that how you treat your best-friend?"

Artemis got away from her hold and turned back to face Aphrodite.

"Ok first of all" she snapped. "I'm not your best friend because we have completely opposite nature. Second of all, just because we were in the same team in the pass doesn't mean now you're my best friend"

"Ouch!" She leaned away. "That's hurt. Common Artemis, you know I've always been on your side and help you. At least show me a little nicer greet and attitude."

"Fine" Artemis gave a sarcastic smile. "Hello my old bestie Aphrodite. How are you and how have you been with the males you bring into your room at night? Happy?"

Artemis ignored her and kept on her destination. Aphrodite ran up, dashed in front of Artemis to block her way.

"Seriously?" Artemis raised her eyebrows.

"Don't be such a meanie" Aphrodite whined. "What's the trouble you are having?"

Artemis stared at her in shock. Surely she never underestimated Aphrodite since she was one of the oldest person on Olympus. Everyone would've thought her being a slut around Olympus, but when coming down to business, she's as smart and reliable as Athena. In the past Artemis had experienced that with Aphrodite, of course she knew Aphrodite would be one of the first to notice the change. But she didn't expect to be that fast.

"N-nothing" Artemis said, giving her a straight face.

"Common tell me" Aphrodite caught her arm. "I've known you for more than three thousand years Artemis. There's nothing you can hide from me without me finding out eventually"

Artemis stared into Aphrodite's eyes anxiously. A single sweat rolled down her cheek. She knew she couldn't hold eye contact for long when she was lying.

"Oh can you let go of me!?" She yanked Aphrodite's hand off. "I have business to attend you know!"

Artemis got around Aphrodite and started walking up towards the throne room for the second time. Lucky for her, Aphrodite didn't chase after but instead she said some word made the stubborn goddess to freeze.

"Hm interesting. Is it about a male?"

Artemis was literally shaking at that moment. How could she find out so quickly? She didn't show any changes in behaviour, just a little signs of nervousness. But that wasn't  mean anything for Aphrodite to notice.

"What do you mean?" Artemis frowned, turning back.

"I can hear your heartbeat ya know." Aphrodite said. "That feeling is so strange to you but familiar to me. I know what it is Artemis. you can't hide something in your heart. Especially to a goddess of love."

Artemis turned, pushed Aphrodite to a fountain just next to the throne room but far enough from eavesdroppers.

"I swear to all the gods Aphrodite if yo-"

To her surprise, Aphrodite squealed, clapping her hands together in excitement, even when facing her danger.

"Finally, after many years. Finally I have provoked Artemis to be fallen in love with a man"

Artemis clapped her hand over her mouth, scaring someone could hear the love goddess's voice.

"It's not like that ok!" Artemis snapped. "You don't need know anything about Aphrodite. It is much more complicated than that."

Truly Artemis was aware of that confused feeling she was having. She wanted to have a conversation with Aphrodite about her strange feeling she had with Perseus. Imagine how ridiculous that is when a goddess of man-haters asking Aphrodite advice about her counter with a man. Of course she couldn't do it since she didn't trust to talk about Perseus to Aphrodite. It wasn't that she didn't trust her, she had put her faith in Aphrodite in the past and Artemis was confirmed Aphrodite wouldn't betray her. But with that jumpy personality and that talkative mouth of Aphrodite, she would spill something accidentally and Perseus would be in danger. She wouldn't risk it.

But now, slowly Aphrodite had noticed her. Also with that feeling she had for Perseus, she didn't know what it was and it really frustrated her. Yes she cared for him, she wanted to protect him. But her care for him suddenly got more than just that boundary. Never in her life she had put faith and care and respect in someone that fast. With Perseus, he did win her over.

Aphrodite was lurking, trying to look through her eyes while Artemis was distracted with her thought. Slowly Artemis noticed what Aphrodite was doing and pulled herself back to reality. She blinked, but didn't say a word.

"Well if you don't want to talk about it" Aphrodite said and Artemis's shoulder just dropped.

"Whatever that feeling you have Artemis" Aphrodite told her and was starting to walk away. "It's not like what you think. Think outside the square Artemis. Don't deny it, just let it flaw like the nature itself. It'll only bring you pain if you try to fight it off."

Artemis still stared at Aphrodite's back as she slept walked away toward the throne room. Her mind was fighting over what she was saying. Clearly she had no ideas what Aphrodite just told her and she knew it would be long for her to extract the meaning of it. But she was certain Aphrodite did gave her the treatment for the confused feeling she was having. But that treatment was mysterious and open-close so...

Just then, she saw her brother Apollo walking to the throne room with a depressed face. She rushed to him immediately.

"Hey are you ok?" She asked, clapping his shoulder.

"Well the fact that I just found out I have another half werewolf brother and my sister is helping him, also a male. Can you find anything better than that for me to think that I'm ok?"

Artemis jumped in front of him and stared at her brother. Apollo avoided her gaze.

"You have promised me right?" She said.

"Right right I have and that was the dumbest thing I've done in three thousand years." Apollo yelled, throwing his hands up.

"Look Apollo, I know you are not stable at the moment and I-"

"Just let me go please" Apollo waved her off. "I'll keep my promise because I want to protect you sis. But don't apologise and ask for my forgiveness because it'll take a long time for you to grant it."

"Then do it probably" Artemis held his toga and stared deep into his eyes. Apollo turned nervous. "Promise me that you won't do anything stupid so someone could suspect about it"

Apollo sighed and looked up to the blue sky above. He shook his head and looked down.

"I promise." He whispered as slow as possible. "I'll not say or do anything to reveal the secret of our so called brother. But do not threaten me again Artemis because I've been pushed to the edge."

Artemis sunk down in fear at his words as Apollo leaned closer at his last few words and the atmosphere around him turned dark and dull as well as the sky above.

"Now" Apollo said calmly. "Could you please step aside for me, sister"

Apollo walked passed her and continued his way into the throne room, where the meeting was about to begin.

The meeting had been just like normal, problems around the world, other minor gods problems. The entire time, she kept glancing around, especially Apollo, who kept silent the entire meeting which made Hermes to be itchy on his seat since he didn't have anyone to play with. She occasionally glanced to Aphrodite to see her looking back at her with a mischievous smile or at some point checking her make up. Artemis had no idea why Aphrodite was being a major God, sitting in the meeting and judge others when she doesn't even care about what was going in the room.

"Well about the news with monsters from Artemis?"

She was distracted with everything she was having that Zeus's question didn't get her the first time. Until he called her name again, she startle and looked at him nervously.

"Oh uh sorry" she said. "There's nothing new about monsters at the moment"

"Is it my daughter?" Zeus asked in a booming voice and Artemis's heart pumped faster than before.

"Why did I have a report about some ancient extinct monsters have been ranging around us?" Zeus asked.

Artemis's blood turned cold. How did Zeus find out about the ancient monster. Sure Perseus's species was one of the most ancient and rarest. If he was actually meant about Perseus existence, meaning everyone involved was in danger. She glanced at Apollo, only to receive an out of blood and confused face from him. Clearly he didn't say anything. She thought of Aphrodite, but there was no way she could know about Perseus and all that. Then who?

"I-I uh hadn't been intact with the monster's activities for awhile" Artemis spilled out the half-part-truth. "I was with mother the last entire week. I'm sorry for my negligence."

"You should be more honest next time then" Zeus said and gave her a stern look. She took a peek at his face and didn't show any kind of knowing the shocking truth. That was a false alarm as Apollo blood had returned to his face and Artemis's shoulders dropped.

"Is there anyone who would like to announce something?" Zeus asked, glancing around and things got quite down. "Well then, this meeting shall be dismissed"

Artemis gave a last sighed of relief as she deliberately stepped down her deliberate craved wooden throne. She glanced at Apollo who was still on his chair, catching the air as Aphrodite glanced at her with that mischievous look.

"What was that about?" She heard her spoke in Artemis's mind. "Hiding something big eh? Perhaps someone?"

"Just get out Aphrodite" she shut her off in annoy.

Suddenly, as she was about to walk to the door when she heard a scream coming from Apollo. Everyone turned back in surprise.

Apollo was still sitting on his chair, but he was glowing brighter than his chariot. He was shaking, arching his back like a curse was put on him. His fingers curled in together as his eyes rolled backwards and turned golden. Suddenly, he spoke like a thousand Apollos speaking at the same time.

"The full moon slave with the unbreakable curse,

Shall return and the family will divert.

Vengeance and hatred he shall seek to pay,

Olympus shall be his and his companion's prey.

For an oath to make must be believed,

Thus, decision contained or blood shall be sheathed.

Three times leave and three times return.

The concealed heart shall burn."

After speaking the prophecy, Apollo blacked out on his throne leaving everyone priceless. At the door, Hermes was the first to speak.

"Uh who wants some tea for the next discussion?"


Everyone was back on the thrones and apparently no one seemed to be happy about it. The fact that Olympus being prey, new enemy coming to hunt them and blood sheath. Great way to give us a happy sleep Apollo. Despite the fact the things had gotten a bit serious, Aphrodite was still care free while flirting with Ares.

"So Athena" Zeus started the second meeting. "What did you extract from the prophecy."

"There's still some errors in it" Athena said. "But I'm sure it won't be good for Olympus since this is an old feud, and they want revenge. But I'm certain one thing father."

She suddenly got nervous and that was the first time Artemis saw Athena in that situation. This must be really serious to get her scare. Everyone looked at her anxiously, expected to say more.

"We'll go on." Zeus gestured her to continue.

Athena swallowed. "The full moon slave and the unbreakable curse. It directs to the ancient monster we thought have been driven to extinct...werewolves."

Zeus cringed back with widen eyes as Hera pressed her palm on her chest in shock. Poseidon grabbed on his throne's handle for support, Ares turned cold along with Hephaestus and Demeter. Hermes dropped the cookies and fell unconscious with Apollo, who was in the condition since the beginning of the meeting. Dionysus wasn't there or he would've joined the three since that guy sleeps in every meeting.

Aphrodite just simply shrugged and turned to check on her lipstick. How could she be so calm? About Artemis, she was freaking out. Not like other thinking that they were going to die, but she was scared what was going to happen to Perseus. She had been trying to hide his existence and now that stupid prophecy just revealed all. She wasn't sure if it was nature or her brother actually stood behind it, but as far as she knew, Perseus was in danger.

"That is impossible" Artemis spoke, trying to lead them other way. "There's no werewolves in this world anymore. They've all been killed."

"But the prophecy said it Artemis" Athena contradicted her. "Werewolves are still exist and they're coming for us."

"Full moon slave and unbreakable curse," Artemis said. "Could be anything right? Like vampires!"

She knew that was ridiculous, but she was desperate. Athena actually stiffed a laugh.

"Mortals mistake them from Empousa, are you seriously believed in those folklore tales?"

"Do you have a plan Athena?" Zeus suddenly spoke up and Artemis sunk down into her space.

"I think we should fight them before they come to us." Athena suggested. "Make a surprise strike and finish the bloodline of werewolves now and forever."

"In think that is a good tactic" Zeus agreed and stood up. "Spread my words. the werewolves are coming for us. All the gods, spirits to demigods, hunt down this creature immediately and kill they are seen!"

The announcement strike on Artemis like lightning hit her. She stepped back, her spirit left her body. How come everything had come to this? It was that she was a disease or some sort to someone life. Perseus was fine at first, but since she knew him only few days, she had brought death upon him. At the moment, she made the most stupid and impulsive only last option of her. She had to take him with her.

"Artemis are you coming?"

She dazed out from her thought and saw her father looking at her. Behind him, everyone was leaving the room and Apollo and Hermes were still unconscious on their thrones.

"We need you to track this monster down." He continued.

"I-I do it better with my hunters. I prefer not to do with other gods father." She stuttered, trying to keep a straight face.

"Then be careful daughter" he laid his hand on Artemis's shoulder and she nodded back, though fear was dwelling inside her.

With that, he left the throne room and Artemis tried to get over the shock. She looked up and a single sweat ran along her cheek.

She had to warn Perseus, fast.

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