Oh Please, My Ex-wife

Chapter 129: Please Don't Challenge My Bottom Line

This is clearly an ordinary tone, but it is a deafening noise in the feeling of Charles Johnson. His heart suddenly jumped up and felt Edward Smith's gloomy mood.

He suddenly regretted something, but his mind flashed Joanna's figure, which made him immediately shouted defiantly, "Am I wrong? Didn't you leave Alice to be with Joanna?"


A hard and accurate fist hit Johnson's right eye directly, which makes him stagger back a few steps before he just stands firm. Looking at the cold and tall man standing opposite, he realizes that he has angered the lion.

"Continue to repeat what you just said." Edward Smith is staring at the Johnson with his eagle eyes and said with cold voice.

Johnson felt a little flustered, and his right eye also had a dull pain. He noticed that all the men and women around him were watching the play.

Many people's voices are introduced into his ears, which make him feel embarrassed at the moment, and his hatred of Edward Smith becomes deeper and deeper. "If you are not in that state of mind, then what are you?" I see in those days that you were clearly married to Alice, and you deliberately made Ann like you. Aren't you doing this for today's results?"


Another punch on Johnson makes him feel very angry. He turns his right fist directly and rushes at Edward Smith.

When he waved his hand in mid-air, he is detained by Edward Smith, who makes a right hook directly and is hit in his right eye again, which makes him cry in pain. "Bastard! Edward Smith, you are simply not a person!"

"I should have told you before to stop appearing in front of me!"

Edward Smith said coldly.

Johnson made a gesture of gnashing his teeth, but did not dare to answer. Over the years, Johnson's enterprises have always been hit by Edward Smith, and even Joanna Hale is protecting him. He is just like a dog beside Joanna Hale and he had got nothing and suffered humiliation.


"I am going to stand in front of you today. If you have the guts, you will kill me!"


Another punch comes out. Johnson also recklessly fights with Edward Smith. The two men with extraordinary looks are fighting in the bar, which soon attracts more people to watch.

However, because of the fear of these two people who know their extraordinary status, no one else dares to rush over. Even security guards have some feelings of looking at each other. They want to come forward to stop fighting, but because they punch quickly, they will be beaten easily.

Shane White is looking at one-sided situation and is happy to see the scene. Anyway, Edward Smith is in a bad mood, so just let him have a good time.

In addition, the other party still takes the initiative to fight with you and is beaten. Who is to blame?!

When Johnson was punched again, he felt fearless and shouted at Edward Smith, "No matter how powerful you are, you were not dumped by a woman!"


His fist directly knocks Johnson down, and Shane White couldn't bear to continue watching. Gee, Johnson is not afraid to die today. "Johnson, you dare to mention the things of the past. Are you really not afraid of me killing you?" Edward Smith walks to the front of Johnson and stepped on his knee bone. Although he is clearly smiling, he is as horrible as hell.

Johnson also feels trembling because he really watches the killing intent in Edward Smith's eyes.

In this place, Hale Family may be very prominent in a short period of time, but what really lasts forever is the deep-rooted Smith family, which has been passed down from generation to generation. On this point, Johnson, who is related to Smith Family, knows better than anyone else.

"You, you can't do anything to me!" Johnson goes back constantly, and is afraid to see Edward Smith slowly approaching himself.

"Is it?" Edward Smith smiled, and his eyes staring at Johnson seemed that he is looking at a worm.

This dismissive look made Johnson feel very unwilling.

Why is he told from his birth that everything should be self-forbearing, and is it just because the Johnson family is better than the Smith Family?

He can only continue to please Edward Smith until Edward Smith likes the woman named Alice Roberts, and then he insists on leaving home to pursue his career despite the opposition of everyone in Smith Family.

He thought his chance has finally come, so he deliberately courted Janet Louis, courted Master Smith, and even met his dream lover, Joanna Hale.

Just like falling in love with Joanna Hale at first sight, when he brings Joanna Hale into Smith Family, she directly loves Edward Smith.

She kept crying, forcing him to do something to break up Edward Smith and Alice Roberts.

By doing so, he only fulfilled Joanna Hale's relationship with Edward Smith.

However, he felt unwilling. He wants to use this matter to make Joanna yield, but he can't please her heart…

"Don't you want to know if Alice was with me?" Johnson fold suddenly gave a insidious smile. Since Joan is going to be so rude, why should he continue to cover up these things for her?

Hearing this, Edward Smith's look became serious. "Say it!"

Seeing Edward Smith show such expression, Johnson is amused. He stood up with his body propped up and wiped the blood seeping from his mouth with his hand. His originally gentle appearance is somewhat ruffian because of his messy hair and handsome facial features.

"Did those photos still satisfy you?" Johnson asks with a smug smile around his mouth.

"You are courting your death!"

"If you dare to do it, I can guarantee that you will regret it for a lifetime!" What Johnson said successfully stopped Edward Smith's hand waving in mid-air. Unsurprisingly, from the past to the present, there is only one weak point of Edward Smith, and that is Alice.

Edward Smith was very angry. If he doesn't see what this guy really knows something, he will never let him go!

"I'll give you another chance, say it!"

In the face of Edward Smith's grumpy temperament, Johnson laughed more and more. Maybe it's because he was beaten badly just now, and he was choked at the moment.

Edward Smith has his cold eyes staring at him. When he is about to speak, there comes a familiar ringtone from his body, which is especially for Joanna Hale.

Joanna Hale called at this time, which made Johnson hesitate to tell the truth of everything, and Edward Smith obviously has been suspicious to her because of him.

This suddenly falls into a dilemma

As Johnson hesitated, Edward Smith directly buckled his neck and made him breathless. "Let me go..."

"Johnson, don't challenge my bottom line!"

His dangerous words echo in Johnson's ears. He almost thought he is going to die in the hands of Edward Smith, when he vaguely heard someone call Edward Smith.

Then...The cold hand slowly is loosened from his neck. Johnson gasped vigorously, his legs are folded together and he watches Edward Smith warily.

"If you don't let me hear what I want to hear, then you know the consequences." With this, Edward Smith went to Shane White, then takes a glass of liquor and drinks it.

All this seems to be the illusion of others. Just now, the cold and demonic man no longer exists.

In a flash, he sits there elegantly, and his beautiful and delicate facial features are like night elves, which makes the women who looks at him feel very excited. When others want to get close to him, they will be afraid because of the cruelty they just saw.

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