Chapter 1841 Birthday Party

“What? Arielle’s your daughter-in-law?” The woman’s jaw hung in astonishment. Susanne chuckled inwardly when she registered the expression on the other woman’s face. “That’s right. Isn’t she a match made in heaven with my son?”

My, I was thinking of getting my daughter to marry Vinson before asking Susanne to help out with Arielle marrying my son. Yet, Susanne’s own son had gotten to her first. I’ve lost a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law! The woman was immensely remorseful. I should have seen how unique Arielle was so that I could tell my son to marry Arielle. Ah, but it’s too late now.

The woman then nodded and said, “Yes, she’s great with Mr. Nightshire.”

Despite her words, the woman’s heart was aching. Not only was Arielle a match with Vinson, but she was also a match with her son. What a pity… A fantastic woman like her already has someone.

When she thought about how many people had brought along their children to Susanne’s birthday party and how most were not truly here to celebrate the occasion, she leaned closer to Susanne and whispered, “Then you’d better keep a close eye on your son and daughter-in-law. There are many bachelors and bachelorettes around.”

Just as she said that, Arielle appeared. After a quick smile at Arielle, the woman hastily moved to the side. At that, Arielle gave Susanne a confused look. “Mom, what were you talking about? Why did she leave right as I came?”

“She might have seen a familiar face around.” Right then, Arielle spotted the woman merrily talking to someone else, and she smiled.

Time went by in the blink of an eye, and soon, the party was about to officially start. Arielle did not invite any hosts to the party because she wanted to be the host. That was a plan both Susanne and Vinson agreed to.

With a microphone in her hand, Arielle walked to the front. After clearing her throat, she looked at the seated audience and parted her lips.

“Thank you so much for taking the time out to attend Ms. Susanne Stone’s birthday party today. We wanted to hold this birthday party last year, but due to several reasons, we ended up postponing it until now. Today, we’ve gathered here with smiles on our faces and congratulatory greetings on the tip of our tongues to celebrate this unforgettable birthday with Ms. Susanne Stone.”

Arielle then looked at Susanne. “Happy birthday to the beautiful, kind, and gentle Ms. Susanne. I hope you have a great day today, and I hope the year ahead will be full of many blessings.”

After hearing Arielle’s speech, Susanne walked over to Arielle with a smile on her face and took the microphone Arielle passed to her. Currently, it was Susanne’s turn in the spotlight. Initially, Arielle planned to leave the stage right after handing Susanne the microphone, but Susanne grabbed her hand.

In response, Arielle turned to stare at her, dumbfounded, for she did not know what Susanne was trying to do. Nonetheless, Susanne did not speak as she walked over to Arielle and beamed at the audience below. “I’m sure everyone’s curious about why Moore Group’s chairman is greeting guests with me and playing as the host on my birthday.”

Susanne’s gaze landed on Arielle as she tidied the younger woman’s hair. Beaming, she continued, “It’s because Arielle Moore is my daughter-in-law, and they’ll be holding a wedding soon. Let me extend the wedding invitation to all of you.”

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