My Sweetheart

Chapter 640 I Don’t Like It Now

Hearing this, the man's deep gaze fell on Kathy and his thin lips curled slightly.


"I'll arrange to remove the news, but you need to accompany me to a place." He raised his chin and used a tone of command.

Kathy sneered in her heart. Could she refuse?


Joseph had already stood up and his tall figure approached. His handsome face stopped less than a millimeter away from her lips. His tone was seductive." I'll give you an hour to prepare."

Kathy nodded. When she thought that she didn’t have anything in Joseph's apartment, she went back to the Bridges House and simply packed her luggage. It had been a long time since the family had been occupied, and it was very deserted.

Karl dealt with Reece in Europe, and the date of his return was unsettled. Kathy still felt worried.

Before leaving, Kathy wanted to go to the hospital, but it was too late. Joseph asked her to go to his apartment, and Kathy hurried over again.

She still needed to pack some trivial daily necessities. Kathy was putting the phone charger into her suitcase when Joseph's leisurely voice was heard behind." There's no need to bring a phone."

The footsteps were getting closer and closer. The man reached out his hand and threw the phone charger to the side.

His palm grazed her arm. The moment their skin touched, he could clearly feel her coldness.

His finger paused. He frowned slightly and repeated," That's enough."

Kathy quietly pulled out her hand and raised her eyes slightly." I want to know about Mom."

Joseph clearly did not agree.

Kathy suddenly laughed in self-deprecation." That's right. If something happens, you'll know. There's nothing you don't know anyway."

She didn't say anything more and zip up the trunk.

The room was extremely quiet. Kathy didn't want to say at all, but Joseph was still standing. He smiled and said," Take the camera."

"No." Kathy replied coldly.

"You like taking pictures, right?"

Kathy paused for a moment. She didn't think she would be in the mood to take a picture when she went out with Joseph.

"I don't like it now." She answered coldly.

Joseph pursed his thin lips. His deep eyes were filled with complicated emotions. And then he turned his face slightly.

It was already summer, so they just need to bring some light clothes. They didn't have much to bring either. As they walked down the underground parking lot, Kathy subconsciously looked around. She remembered the reports she had read today. It was here that she and Joseph were filmed secretly.

But today, this place was empty and quiet. Clearly, there was no one.

Joseph's movements had always been fast. It seemed that even if there were reporters, they had already ordered them to be chased away.

The man walking in front carried his duffel bag and noticed Kathy's movement. He slowed it down.

Kathy walked around to the other side of the car. Just as she was about to get into the car, she heard Joseph's low voice." What are you afraid of?"

Kathy's hand held the car door and paused before sitting in without a sound.

What was she afraid of?

Actually, she wasn't afraid of anything right now. However, she couldn't turn back on this road any longer. She was confused about the future.

Joseph drove himself and the car headed for the suburbs.

Kathy remained silent all the way, not asking where they were going, and Joseph didn't say anything. He just put on his sunglasses and drove intently.

Almost three hours by car, Kathy didn't remember very well. All she knew was that the road behind her was getting narrower and more rugged. She even turned over several hills and the car stopped.

Kathy got out of the car with Joseph and stood under the ancient archway. It was a cool breeze in the evening. It was something that he could not enjoy in the city.

Joseph seemed to be very familiar with this place. He followed the bluestone path into this ancient town.

Kathy didn't travel very often and she had visited a few ancient towns.

In her impression, most of these towns were full of business. They had almost decorated wooden doors and bright red lanterns, making people feel like they were similar to each other.

But right now, the feeling for Kathy was very different.

The path was paved with stone slabs, covered with moss. The shops on both sides of the path were sparsely open, and the door handle looked rotten.

This place seemed to have an ineffable magic power that quieted one's heart. Even time slowed down.

After living in Country F for three years, she didn't even know that there was such an ancient place outside.

The two of them turned around the town and finally stood in front of a courtyard.

Joseph knocked on the door.

When the wooden door opened, there was a creaking sound. An old lady who looked about 60 years old poked her head out and looked around in confusion.

Only when he saw Joseph did he smile." It's Joseph? I was still wondering if you would stop coming this year....Quick, quick, come in now ……"

Joseph's smile was gentle and cordial. He turned slightly to his side and motioned for Kathy to enter first.

The old lady warmly took Kathy's hand and sized her up." This girl... Is Joseph's girlfriend?"

After she finished speaking, she looked back at Joseph and said with a smile," Last time I told you that you were going to bring your girlfriend over, I really brought her."

Joseph smiled gently and did not explain. He just said," Yes, it's my girlfriend."

Kathy's expression had already stiffened. She did n' t understand why Joseph didn't bring Zofia over and wanted to bring her over.

The old lady was even happier. She turned around and shouted, "Hey, the guest is here ……"

Kathy walked into the small courtyard. The old lady quickly brought up two cups of tea. "My husband is cleaning up the room. Just wait a moment. We'll have dinner later."

She went upstairs and probably went to help.

Two cups of herbal tea were placed on the table, and the light weight of the tea came over.

Joseph took a sip and said in a soft voice," This is Little guesthouse run by an old couple."

Kathy frowned and was surprised that Joseph could find such a place.

Along the way, Kathy had long been thirsty. A few cups of tea had been grumbled and he had finished. Joseph put down the covers in his hand and looked at Kathy with interest, a rare smile on his lips.

Kathy thought for a moment that they had returned to three years ago.

It wasn't long before the couple came down to help carry their luggage up. Joseph naturally refused. He carried them upstairs and left Kathy and the old lady behind.

Kathy asked casually, "Mrs, is there a bathroom in this room?"

"Oh, I forgot!" The old lady said apologetically," I've been fixing the plumbing for a few days. I can only take you to the bathroom at the corner of the street."

At this moment, they were stepping on the wooden stairs. Kathy paused when she heard this. She raised her head and saw Joseph looking at her. Clearly, she had heard the conversation between her and the old lady.

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