My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 35 The person I love is actually you, huh?

Camille is completely speechless.

Is Eileen picking a fight with Ayan while she's away?


You are not pretending to be very gentle and ladylike? How come Ayan is not here and changed like a person.

Do you really think she will spoil her?

Camille said: "Eileen, so it's my fault he's late? Then why don't you review yourself, maybe he didn't want to see you? After all, he used to be home on time when you didn't live here."

Of course, this is just Camille's word against Eileen's.

It certainly didn't used to be possible to arrive home on time because she simply didn't dare to meddle in his affairs.

So she was happy enough to have him back.

Now that I think about it, she really is particularly easy to satisfy.

But now such simple satisfaction is fading away.

She stopped giving Eileen any looks after she said these words, and she went back to work, naturally ignoring Eileen completely.

But I don't know how long it took, but Eileen suddenly sobbed in aggravation: "Camille , I'm sorry, I know it's my fault, I shouldn't have come here to disturb you and Ayan, you were right to ask me to move out, I'll move out now."

As she spoke, Eileen cried.

She was completely dumbfounded, what is this person's situation again?

Before I could figure out what was wrong with Eileen? Then I heard the man's low voice ask, "What are you doing?"

Camille now understands.

She narrowed her eyes slightly without saying anything, just a faint glance at Ayan , then hung her head and continued to stare at her computer busy work.

Eileen immediately walked towards Ayan, she said in a low voice: "It's okay, Camille is right, she should kick me out, after all, you are still a couple, I am just an outsider, Ayan, I'd better move out."

Ayan wrinkled his brow and said faintly, "Camille , did you ask Eileen to move out?"

When she heard her name come out of his mouth, Camille raised her eyes to look over.

Her face was warm and light, with little expression or emotion, and her tone was the same: "Does it matter if I say so?"

"Camille , what do you mean?"

His face was grim, and displeasure surfaced under his eyes.

Camille laughs: "It's her you believe anyway, whether it's me or not, so you don't need to ask me at all."

"Camille , it's clear that you said it, you can dislike me or ask me to move out, but you can't turn it upside down."

Eileen hung her head, aggrieved, tears flowing out, it was heartbreaking to watch.

Ayan whispered in a sullen voice, "Eileen, no one is going to make you move out of here."

Eileen looked up at Ayan: "Ayan, it's good that you believe in me."

"Well, go upstairs and rest."

"Well, good, then you get an early night too."

Eileen turned around and went upstairs. In the moment she turned around, the corner of her mouth also subconsciously showed a curve.

After Eileen goes upstairs, Ayan walks over to Camille, but she ignores him.

Her attitude made Ayan unhappy, so he simply reached out and closed her laptop and said, "Camille, I told you clearly that Eileen's stay here is only temporary, she will move out when I make arrangements, why do you need to kick her out?"

Camille looks at him incredulously, so he still thinks she said it?

She said, "Ayan , we've been married for a year, and you can't know what kind of person I am, but I'll admit what I've done."

After saying that, she took the computer and was ready to leave, but Ayan immediately called out to her and asked, "Okay, I can believe you didn't say that, then grandpa told me to arrange a suitable person for you before divorce, you know?"

Camille froze.

She ignores the perfunctory first half of the man's sentence and directs all her attention to the second half.

She frowned slightly, "You said Grandpa asked you to arrange a suitable match for me?"

"You don't know?"

"You think I should know?"

Camille felt a little helpless, what did he mean now, did he think that she had taken the initiative to mention it to her grandfather?

Camille said, "Ayan , it's just grandpa's concern for me, you don't need to take it to heart, and I don't ask for it, so you can just pretend you don't know."

Grandpa knew she had a baby and was probably worried that it would be hard for her to raise it alone, but she really didn't need to start a new relationship before she had completely emptied Ayan from her heart.

But she doesn't blame her grandfather, after all, he's doing it all for her own good.

Camille's mind is naturally unaware of what Ayan is thinking, but she keeps watching her to determine the truth in her words.

He asked, "Do you not need my introduction because you can't get over that ex-boyfriend of yours or do you already have another target in mind? "

At once, Camille didn't know whether she should laugh or cry.

Does he think she doesn't need it because she can't get over her imaginary ex-boyfriend or because she has a target of her own choosing?

She laughed silently, her heart working vaguely, and questioned silently, "Ayan ah Ayan , you thought so much, how come you didn't think that the person I love is actually you ah?"

She pursed her lips, didn't want to answer the question, just looked at him lightly: "Whatever you think, anyway, I don't need your introduction, and you can save this time to spend more time with your Miss Khan."

"Camille , are we going to get into a fight just by saying a few words now?"

"I'm not trying to argue with you."

"No why do you keep bringing up Eileen?I've already said that between us is between us and it has nothing to do with her."

Camille pursed her lips as she maintained her composure and said lightly, "Okay, I won't mention it."

He keeps emphasizing that their relationship is just between them and does not involve Eileen, but isn't it because of Eileen that they are getting a divorce?

He is so eccentric.

She was afraid that she would hate Eileen for it.

The conversation ended, but it left Camille with an endless coldness in her heart.

At night, the two remained in the same room, lying in the same bed, but there was no intercourse or conversation.

It was always Camille who took the initiative between them, but the one who had been taking the initiative suddenly stopped doing so, and the two became the way they are now.

Only Ayan didn't notice that something was wrong.

A dreamless night and the next day, everything was back to normal.

What used to be a two-person breakfast became a three-person one.

Camille was silent and kept quiet as she finished her breakfast, glad she hadn't thrown up or she would have had to come up with another excuse.

After eating breakfast, she went out first.

For her, with three people in her life, there is always one that is redundant, and she is the redundant one.

After Camille left the house, Eileen asked Ayan: "Ayan, Camille seems to be angry."

Ayan didn't answer, the woman's appearance of not saying a word just appeared in front of his eyes, and then faintly said: "Your agent has already arranged for you to prepare for your comeback? You should put all your thoughts on this, as for the rest do not need to worry about."

Eileen froze: "Ayan , is it because I said Camille , you are not happy?"

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