My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 30 Are you making a face with me?

Ayan did not answer the question, only the expression fleshly coldness was visible.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and spoke lightly, "Eileen, I'll take you back to the hospital."

"Ayan, are you upset? Are you hurt because Camille is angry? I won't blame you if you're honest with me, and I understand that everything you should and shouldn't have done in a year of marriage has already happened, and if you tell me now that you're in love with her, then I'll leave, and I'll never haunt you."

Eileen got emotional and her eyes watched the man waiting for an answer.

He stared at her with a shallow gaze, his face expressionless and unable to find the slightest emotion, and his tone very warm: "Eileen, what are you worried about? I've already said I'll divorce her and marry you, or do you really want me to fall in love with Camille and completely separate myself from you? If that's the case, I guess I can try, huh?"

"No, Ayan, I don't want you to do this." Eileen was in a hurry and clutched Ayan's hand and explained, "I'm just so scared, I'm afraid you won't want me, Ayan, can you divorce Camille quickly? I'm really scared ......"

"Eileen, where did your confidence in yourself go?"

Ayan eyes down at the once confident and radiant woman in front of him has now become worrying, he looks more and more strange.

Inside the parking lot.

Camille and Talia sat in the car, Talia looked at her with a guilty face: "Cami, I'm really sorry, I apologize for Ayan and you, it's all his fault, I let him go back to the Simpson's manson tonight, I educate him well, what you have to say to mom, do not hold it in your heart, OK? "

Camille just smiled lightly and shook her head, "Mom I'm fine, don't worry, I'll take you back to the hospital first."

"Okay." Talia was not very relieved, but did not know what to say, after all, it was Ayan's fault anyway, to do such a thing, this is by her bump into, if not bump into how many times?

Look at Camille's appearance should have been clear, you can imagine how much she suffered, Ayan although their own son, but Talia as a woman, is absolutely not allowed to a three rampant bullying.

When we arrived at the hospital, Camille said, "Mom, I won't go up there, I'll work hard for you and Dad on Grandpa's side, if anything happens, you must tell me first."

"Okay, don't worry, you drive safely on the road."

"Well, I know, mom again ......"

Camille mouth words have not finished, she can not help but regurgitate dry vomit, although not vomit, but still a pale face.

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Ayan said lightly.

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the hospital room, the expression on Eileen's face dimmed and her manager Philomel asked, "Eileen, why do you go along with him on everything? You didn't used to

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