My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 28 Are you shy?

He said it in a grand way, but Camille blushed, even though she had been honest with each other for a long time, it was too embarrassing to say it outright and ask her to help with the shower.

She jerked her hand hard and hung her head trying to get away from it quickly as she said, "Hurry up and wash it, I'll take the bowl of porridge down for someone to clean."

Ayan never let go, but instead asked in a low voice, "Camille, are you shy?"

Camille, naturally, would not admit it, but tilted her head to meet his gaze and asked seriously, "Do you really need my help?"

"We're a couple, isn't that normal?"

"All right then." With that, Camille turned to face him and then began to unbutton him, her cold nails would inadvertently touch his skin, making the otherwise colorless atmosphere a little different.

The man stood rigid and still, Camille stared forward without the slightest change.

It wasn't until the buttons on his shirt were finished that he suddenly reached out to stop her from continuing and said in a shallow voice, "I'll do it myself, you go out."

Camille gave a slight pause, then withdrew and walked out.

In fact, she knows Ayan's habits and naturally knows how to flirt to get him to commit.

Getting out of the bathroom, she lifted her hand and patted her face, which brought her back downstairs.

After she gave the bowl to the maid to clean, she walked out of the living room and made a phone call out.

The call was answered and a female voice came through: "Camille? Why are you calling me at this hour?"

"I'd like to talk to you about the baby ......"

Camille gave her general situation and then asked, "Will there be any problems?"

"If you're worried take some time in the next two days to come to the hospital and I'll give you a checkup, and if you've really decided you're ready to keep the baby then you'll need a formal pregnancy test too."

"Okay, I'll arrange a time to tell you, you help me arrange it, or that, for the time being, I don't want anyone to know."

Camille instructed.

The other party said, "Don't worry, I'll make the arrangements."

"Please, thank you."

"You're still polite with me? Let's talk about the rest after we meet."

"Well, okay, bye."

Hanging up the phone, she deleted the record before going upstairs.

Ayan had also come out of the shower and Camille poured him a glass of warm water: "Drink more water, then get some rest, and don't read anything about work tonight, okay?"

He stared at her.

There is a kind of return to the state before the divorce was filed, she is always so happy to take care of him, little by little are patient and meticulous.

Suddenly, an unbelievable thought popped up in his mind.

Ayan's eyes also became deeper and deeper, like an ancient tam immersed in a thousand years, so that people can not see through.


Late night.

The bedroom was silent and the two people who were sleeping were suddenly awakened by the ringing of their cell phones.

It's Ayan's.

He picked up and answered, "Hello?"

"Ayan , can you come over here? Someone just knocked on the door, I'm so scared, could it be those people who harmed me know I'm awake? They're not going to kill me, are they?"

Eileen's words were extraordinarily clear in the quiet bedroom.

Camille is also opening her eyes.

Ayan had already gotten up and lifted the covers to get out of bed when Camille asked, "Are you going to the hospital?"

He looked back at her in bed and didn't answer, but said to Eileen first, "Where's the chaperone? Let the chaperone stay with you, huh?"

"Ayan , I'm really scared, I'm afraid they'll treat me again like they did a year ago, I really feel like they're just watching me, I ......"

"Eileen? Eileen?" The call was interrupted and Ayan's expression became grave. He glanced at Camille and said faintly, "Something happened to Eileen, I have to go to the hospital now, you go back to sleep."

"Ayan , do you have to go? Didn't you say your heart wasn't feeling well? Since you don't feel well you should rest, what are you doing now?"

Her speech was extremely fast, and her face was as cold as water.

But Ayan was already getting dressed when he said, "Eileen may have someone watching her at the hospital, and she can't afford to have any more accidents, so I'm going over there."

"It has to be there, right?"


Ayan's response was firm.

Camille just looked at him lightly, her eyes cold without any temperature, she said, "Okay, then you drive safely, I'll go back to sleep."

After saying that, she no longer look at more, re-lying down to cover the quilt, closed his eyes.

Her indifferent look made Ayan's eyebrows locked, and his heart was like a cool breeze crossing some inexplicable daze.

But he didn't think deeply about it, got dressed and walked out of the bedroom.

Hearing the sound of the door closing, Camille's eyes also opened in the next second, the bottom of the eyes a warm indifference, the heart is as cold as the cold water seeped through the same cold.

He has gone so far as to disregard his own physical comfort for Eileen's word of fear, so what chance does she have of winning?

It's simply a loss.

His short-lived tenderness was not because he was attached to her, but because she was still Ayan's wife and the Simpson family's daughter-in-law at the moment.

Other than that, there is no other reason.

Camille told herself over and over again, and with her hand on her belly, she said guiltily and remorsefully, "Baby, I'm sorry, but Mommy vows to love you with every fiber of her being."


The next morning.

When Camille came downstairs, she was surprised to see Ayan eating breakfast in the restaurant.

She was just a little surprised, when did he come back? Did he come back especially for breakfast?

But instead of asking, she walked over and sat in her seat and started eating her breakfast.

Breakfast is millet congee, with a few small dishes, and roasted wheat, scallion pancakes, poached eggs .....

She tried not to touch it as much as possible, but the not-so-strong smell made her uncomfortable.

She finished her porridge quickly and was ready to leave the table when Ayan said, "Why are you eating so fast? Have an egg and some of these snacks."

"I'm full, I'm not eating."

She said faintly, and then prepared to walk away.

"Camille , are you angry?"

He gazed at her and asked in a low voice.

She was slightly stunned and simply said, "Of course not, why would you ask that?"

"Since you don't have any, sit down and eat more, and I'll take you to the office later."

Ayan's attitude was insistent, and he had already picked up chopsticks and put them into the bowl for her, even peeling the egg shells before handing them over to her.

Camille didn't reach out, so he just kept handing it over.

The process lasted about ten seconds and she had to pick it up.

Camille almost forced herself to swallow, and before the breakfast was over, she had already gone to the bathroom to throw up.

Even the previous bowl of porridge was spit out.

Ayan looked at her pale face and asked, "What's wrong with you? I don't look like you've been feeling very well these days."

She just shook her head, "It's okay, I'm just tired, just get some rest."

Although he didn't fully believe it, he didn't continue to ask.

After that, both of them reached their respective companies and started their busy work.

At noon, Camille finished work early and went to the hospital.

Grandpa hasn't woken up for two days now.

Camille was really worried, and although the doctor said it was fine, it was still scary to stay in a coma like that.

But Talia said, "Cami, mommy is telling you the truth, grandpa is just afraid that you and Ayan will get divorced.

Camille could only purse her lips in silence, she could not give this answer.

Talia naturally saw her hesitation and smiled, changing the subject: "Cami, I don't think you've had lunch yet, have you? Why don't we have lunch together?"

"Yeah." Camille nodded her head in agreement.

Talia added, "Then call Ayan and ask him to go with us, he has nothing to do at this hour, so he can be our driver."

She instructs Camille to call Ayan, and being put in this position, Camille has no choice but to do so.

When the call came through, Camille asked, "Ayan, Mom said we could have lunch together and you could come pick us up at the hospital?"

"Now? I'm not available right now, you're going to eat with mom?"

He had a low voice.

Camille relayed the truth, and Talia didn't push it, so she responded, "That's fine."

"Well, you have fun eating with your mom."

Ayan's voice just fell, a harsh woman's voice slowly sounded: "Ayan , let's go eat Cantonese food?"

Camille, listen carefully.

It's Eileen.

She narrowed her eyes slightly and ended the call without waiting for Ayan to respond.

Her face stiffens and Talia asks, "What's wrong?"

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