My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 24 He steps in to solve the dilemma

The cold look in his eyes made her heart hurt more and more, and the coldness in his eyes shot straight to Camille's heart.

She stared at him in awe, not saying a word.

The two men's eyes locked, and eventually he turned and walked out of the bedroom.

The relationship that was de-escalated has also become more rigid.

He refuses to acknowledge what Eileen says.

Is Eileen lying?

Camille is silent, pursing her lips, in a terrible mood.

Throughout the night, Ayan didn't go back to his bedroom, but he didn't leave Hanyama Manson either, because he didn't hear the car.

The next morning Camille came downstairs and Ayan was already in his car heading to the Simpson Group.

On the road, secretary Kian wanted to say something but looked through the rearview mirror several times sitting in the back seat without saying a word look slightly cold man.

After an unknown number of times, it was finally captured by Ayan.

He asked indifferently, "Something wrong?"

Kian thought about it and decided to report the truth: "Mr. Simpson, something has happened to Madam's company, and now there are also smear comments on the local forum, and it is not small, if not solved properly may be in the possibility of dissolution."

Ayan's brow furrowed slightly, his face still light: "Well"

Kian went over what he knew and then asked, "Do you want me to talk to the Fumiko Estate?"

Ayan didn't say anything, his thin lips pursed in silence.

Remembering that she said she called him yesterday, was she going to say something about this?

The woman's anxious and aggrieved look of despondency flashed before his eyes, causing a stifling emotion to well up in his heart.

He said in a light voice: "Turn around, don't go to the office first, go straight to Fumiko Estate."

"Okay." Kian immediately turned around, stepped on the gas, and headed straight for Fumiko Estate.


On Camille's side, she had just arrived at the office and had not yet returned to the office.

Just downstairs when Preston called several times, she did not answer the phone, not in a good mood, also know because of what happened, so plan to meet and talk.

Preston saw her and immediately approached her, gazing at her with an inquisitive look, "Camille, did you call Ayan about this company?"

Camille immediately thought of the phone call last night, and last night's argument with Ayan, she just forced a light smile and shook her head: "No, I do not intend to find him, this matter between us to solve it, if not there is still the last trump card?"

Preston eyes still watching Camille, gentle face flashed a faintly imperceptible stiffness: "Fumiko Estate just called to take the initiative to apologize to us, cooperation will continue, Mr. Rogers that advertising company because of allegedly false accusations were investigated for involvement in a number of frame-ups and false accusations have been officially The case has been officially filed."

Camille was stunned, and her eyes were filled with disbelief.

She asked, "Did Fumiko Estate say this herself?"

"Well, I just got the call and called you right away too."

"Did Fumiko Estate not reveal anything else?"

Preston shook his head.

Camille was also very shocked.

Because she really didn't tell Ayan and didn't have a chance to tell him, so could it be him?

It should not be possible, after all, he has no time to pay attention to her affairs, he will only pay attention to Eileen only.

Camille said lightly, "Now that it's settled, let's continue this collaboration."

"Camille , is it true that you didn't find him?"


Preston didn't ask any more questions and explained, "I didn't mean anything else, I just didn't want you to commit yourself."

She showed a light smile, "I understand, don't worry, I'm fine."

Back at the office, Camille still doesn't understand who it is, because no one but Ayan has the power to influence the Fumiko Estate's decisions, but Ayan is the one she can't believe.

She was silent, and her phone rang at that moment.

It was Ayan who called.

She picked up with pursed lips and the man's low voice came through; "Camille, why didn't you tell me in person if you were in trouble? Didn't I tell you to speak to me directly if you needed anything and you were contacted by Fumiko Estate?"

It was only at this moment she realized that it was really him.

In fact, she was very conflicted, on the one hand, she hoped it was him, but on the other hand, she didn't want it to be him.

But no matter what, she had to say thank you.

"Ayan , thank you."

"We are husband and wife, we don't need to be so polite."

He was as gentle as ever, but the word couple was already a countdown for them.

She clutched her chest, feeling the pain so bad that she couldn't breathe as if she was going to suffocate in the next second.

The man's gentle voice continued as he said, "I didn't lie to you or hide anything from you last night, I did just go shopping for clothes with Eileen, and when I promise you something, I don't break my word, Camille , you can trust me on that, huh?"

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