My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 23 Is it a quarrel looking for a quarrel?

"What do I understand?"

He asked in disbelief.

Camille pursed her lips and asked directly, "Where did you go tonight? Didn't you say you'd be back early to see Grandpa in the hospital together?"

"Something came up on the fly, and I've already told my mom."

"So, did you tell me?"

The man's brow knitted tighter as he felt more and more that Camille was a different person.

Each of her sentences carried an aggressive questioning.

It was very uncomfortable after seeing her warmth.

He said, "If you're like this because I didn't tell you, then this time it's an oversight on my part, no more next time, huh?"

Camille does not speak.

Ayan's face was grave, and his voice was very low: "What else do you have to say?"

"Not that I have any complaints, but just how long do you plan to deceive me?"

"I cheated on you?"

Camille was helpless. He didn't want to admit it at this point?

She said: "Ayan, in fact, you do not need to hide it from me, anyway, we are going to divorce, but I hope you can confess to me, even if you want to accompany Eileen to choose a wedding dress for your wedding after preparation can also be directly told to me, so that I will not be like a fool also call to bother you. "

They are a couple, but they don't even have a photo together.

Other than a certificate and those intimate moments in bed, she couldn't find any sign that they were like husband and wife.

Her heart hurts so much just thinking about it.

For his year of waiting, and for the imminent end of this marriage.

She does not regret falling in love with him, but regrets why she fell in love with him?

Camille hastily hangs her head, she doesn't want Ayan to see the tears in her eyes, she doesn't want to be on the weak side.

Camille, what are you talking about?" Ayan's eyes widened, his deep eyes flushed with shock, and he said, "What's with the wedding dress selection?

"You still refuse to admit it?"

"Why should I admit to something I didn't do, Camille? You weren't like this before, why are you so suspicious now?"

Ayan loosened his tie, his hands in the waist, handsome face low as if seeped on the ice as cold.

His body is even more exuding coldness and indifference.

He stared hard at the woman in front of him, his emotions becoming more and more uncontrollable: "You're making this up to force me because you want to get a divorce as soon as possible?"

Camille looked up and her eyes widened: "Eileen told me herself that you were picking out a wedding dress, Ayan, and if you're worried that I'll poke you in front of Grandpa and Mom and Dad, then you can rest assured that I'm not that mean and I wouldn't do that."

As for her before, it was because she loved him too much, and now it's just because he insisted on a divorce and saw through his heart without status.

She is just erecting a shell to protect herself, so as not to end up being injured all over the body even a little respect.

Ayan listened and understood.

He said, "Did you mishear? I just accompanied her today to pick out a few pieces of clothes to wear after her discharge. The phone was because she had to call her previous agent to lend her a hand."

"So you're saying I'm wrongfully accusing Eileen of deliberately slandering you guys?"

"I didn't say that."

"But isn't that what you mean? I don't understand why your phone always appears so coincidentally in Eileen's hand when I call you, and if you don't want to answer it, then I won't call again."

At the end, she said almost with all her strength, placed in the quilt hands, but also clenched together, she was afraid that she could not control crying out.

Ayan's deep eyes turned sharp and cold as he stared at her, his voice full of harshness: "Camille, are you deliberately trying to pick a fight with me?"

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