My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 20 Grandfather hospitalized, postpone divorce

Talia just smiled lightly as she said, "Because you are the only one we recognize."

Although it's not coaxing her, Camille has a vague suspicion that there may be something between the Simpson and Eileen that Ayan doesn't know about.

Before she could think about it, Ayan and Fletcher came in.

Fletcher looked at Camille with a gentle and loving gaze, he said, "Cami, you have to go back to work, grandpa and I will be enough for your mother."

Camille wanted to stay, so she looked to Ayan.

Ayan's face was light and his tone was unemotional: "Let's go, Mom and Dad will be fine if they stay."

She couldn't insist any longer: "Then, mom and dad, thank you for your hard work, Ayan and I will come over again tonight."

"Good, good boy, go and get busy."

Talia smiles faintly.

The two came out of the ward and walked in silence all the way to the parking lot to get into the car.

Ayan's voice also sounded at this time: "Camille, the divorce will be postponed for a while, until grandpa's condition is stable."

Camille froze.

The thin, soft eyelashes fluttered slightly, and her voice trailed off, "Is that what Daddy meant? "

"Well, that's what I thought, don't you? Any questions?"

"Of course not, grandpa is so good to me, I am willing to do anything for him, but it shouldn't be easy to explain your side to Miss Khan, right?"

Ayan frowned, that distraction coming back, and he said faintly, "Camille, how many times do I have to say that this has nothing to do with Eileen?"

Camille pursed her lips.

How is that okay?

Isn't he going to marry Eileen, and isn't that the most direct relationship?

In the end, he just doesn't want people to talk about Eileen.

She sighed silently, her mood unspeakably bitter.


Ayan drove her to the office and before she got out of the car, she hesitated to ask him about the company's alleged plagiarism, but she swallowed her words.

In front of him, she did not know how to speak?

I'm even more afraid of always feeling inferior to him because of what I owe him.

Camille ultimately said nothing, and she watched him drive away before walking into the office building.

When Camille arrived at the office, Preston was already there, and his expression looked a bit strained.

Preston didn't say anything, just gestured for her to enter the office first, and then closed the door before he said, "The matter of plagiarism has been posted on the local forum of Hance City, and several companies that have worked with us before are now asking for testing whether there is plagiarism? In addition, Fumiko Estate has also asked us to give an answer as soon as possible, and if we don't get back a satisfactory answer within today, they will directly sue us through their lawyers."

The lawsuit faced the termination of the contract and the payment of liquidated damages to Fumiko Estate.

Although these consequences have been indicated before, Fumiko Estate wants them to communicate directly with Simpson Group to reach a settlement, so that Fumiko Estate will not terminate the contract, and the cooperation will continue, and even if the cooperation is interrupted, at least there will be no legal responsibility or compensation.

Camille was a little worried, she pursed her lips after a silence: "other companies asked to investigate then arrange for people to cooperate with them to investigate clearly, the whole process should be transparent without any cover-up, in addition, the company side of your investigation how?"

The size of the company is not large, but the operation is very professional, and the personnel in this industry is also very outstanding, especially in the last six months is in the whole construction industry is booming.

Of course, there will be those who think that a new small company will be able to do well. So it's not impossible for someone to play a role, and Camille and Preston have been prepared for that.

Preston said, "We checked, but the mole is hiding too deep, and we can't be alarmed at this juncture, so as not to shake people?"

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