My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 13 You're in a hurry to get a divorce?

She looked aside with dull eyes, and in her ears was the man's gentle voice: "Don't think too much, I'll make them all like you, take good care of your body and leave the rest to me, okay?"

Soon the call was over.

Camille then said lightly: "You let Miss Khan do not have to worry, I will not pester you, I will find a way to convince him to agree on grandfather side, you are anxious, I am more anxious than you."

After all, she was still carrying a child in her belly, and it was inevitable that he would know about it over time.

Ayan frowned and turned to look at the woman beside him as he said, "Eileen was just asking, you don't have to be so angry, I still say, whether we are divorced or not, you can call me for anything in the future."

"I didn't, what's there to be angry about?"

"You're really in a hurry to get a divorce because of that?"

"Aren't you the same?"

She asked softly, not looking at him, and looked sideways out the window.

The man looked deep and stared at her pretty side face, "If you're in such a hurry why haven't you mentioned it before?"

Camille's eyes fluttered and her lips pursed, pretending to be indifferent: "What's the why of these things then."

If she can figure out why, she must be the first to figure out why she fell in love with him?

Ayan did not continue to ask questions, raised his hand to look at the time on his watch and said: "First go with me to the hospital, and then let the driver take you back. "

"No, I can get off here."

She responded hastily.

"I do not mean anything else, just from here to the hospital is closer and just along the way, if you do not want to then send you back first."

"No need to take so much trouble, Miss Khan is still waiting for you, I can take a taxi back myself, you'd better go to the hospital with her quickly."

Probably no one would push their husband to another woman like she did, right?

But what could she do?

Even if not he will still go ah.

Ayan didn't insist any more, just said indifferently, "Whatever."

Camille took a taxi back to Hanyama Manson alone.

The time is only eight o'clock is still quite early, she opened the computer and began to investigate the report company design plagiarism account, around and around for a long time to finally lock a twenty-year old company with roots.

This company is also considered some fame in the construction industry, but Naive has been lukewarm no big action.

Camille immediately sent Preston a piece to discuss, and the two made a precise comparison between the copied drawing and the one they were suspected of copying.

This is probably what the whistleblower is trying to achieve, as not everyone in the public understands the industry.

So they see these things can not prove that is plagiarism, only to find the most direct evidence to clarify the innocence.

But how much time this process will take is unknown, but the deadline for collaboration is near at hand.

Camille and Preston were busy for nearly two and a half hours when Preston told her, "Don't worry, it's going to be fine, we're in good shape."

Camille gave a faint hint, not voicing the uneasiness in her heart.

In the whole architecture circle and design circle, once the word plagiarism is labeled, whether it is true or not is no longer important, because the label has been fixed.

Preston also said, "I will contact the people of this company to feel the bottom, do not take too much pressure on your side, I will face all the obstacles with you no matter what."

"Good, hard work."

"You're still polite with me?"

Camille smiled lightly and did not say thank you, but said, "In addition we also need to check their own company people."

"You suspect a mole?"

Preston seemed a little surprised.

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