My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 10 Will you find your ex after divorce?

She looked up at him with her eyes, "Well, said it."

"Why didn't you discuss this with me?"

He looked unhappy, and a complex emotion surfaced under his eyes.

Camille wonders why he reacts so strongly, is it because she took the liberty of telling the Armstrongs about the divorce?

Camille asks, "I don't think this needs to be discussed, don't we have to go through the process on Monday? In that case, it won't bother you if I talk to my family, will it?"

"You're anxious to draw a line in the sand with me?"

Ayan questioned in a cold voice, his eyebrows showing a cold intent.

Camille was slightly stunned, completely confused as to what he meant.

She smiled helplessly, "Ayan, did you forget that you were the one who filed for divorce?"

The one who is anxious to draw a line is him, right?

The man frowned, his eyes were extremely heavy with emotion, his voice was cold: "Then there is no need to be in such a hurry, you can wait until we really finish the divorce procedures, your parents have been the first to tell grandpa, later we go back to the Simpson's manson trip."

So he just pressed because the old Simpson knew they were divorced and broke his plan?

Camille smiled helplessly in her heart.

She really made a fool of herself, he wanted a divorce, but didn't want any hindrance.

She took a silent breath and her tone was faint: "Don't worry, I will make it clear to grandpa, he loves me very much and will definitely agree."

Ayan slightly narrowed his eyes, looking at her face cold without the slightest reluctance, the thickening under his eyes deepened, an indescribable displeasure flowed through, so that his heart and chaos and numb.

He didn't understand how a person could change his face so quickly.

When he had not filed for divorce, Camille was gentle and considerate, and took good care of him, and they always respected each other without any conflicts and arguments, but since he filed for divorce yesterday, he was either cynical or indifferent.

Is it because he filed for divorce first?

Looking at the woman that bright and exquisite beautiful face as if shrouded in a layer of mist can not see the real side, he always knew she was beautiful, in this circle is deservedly the top of the celebrities, beautiful and not vulgar, more not flashy, but has the ability to attract people, let a person stay, not forget the skill.

His heart also could not help but be flooded with a question.

What kind of man was her ex-boyfriend that she was willing to give her marriage?

It was clearly mentioned when the two got married that he was there to deal with the old Simpson, while she was there to break up with her ex-boyfriend once and for all.

This thought has arisen more than once, but at the moment a wave of discomfort spreads through the heart.

The man's jaw tightened and his voice was low and husky: "Camille , will you turn back to him after our divorce?"

Camille paused, not understanding the meaning of his words, and when she responded the expression on her face grew warm and cold: "No."


He asked.

"There is no reason, since we have already broken up, why should we go back? Besides, he might have fallen in love with someone else by now."

Her face was as warm and bland as water, every expression and look as if she was just talking about someone else's business.

Ayan kept staring at her, not letting go of any emotion on her face as he said, "Didn't he not want to break up with you? Maybe he's still waiting for you now?"

"Everyone becomes, and no one stays where they are and waits, right?"

This was said for herself as well.

Since there is no result in fighting for it, why keep insisting?

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