My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 4 Camille are you in charge of me

Her retort silenced Ayan.

Camille did not want to continue to confront him, and lifted her foot to go upstairs, but was clutched by a hand as she passed by him.

The man's low voice questioned, "Camille , are you in charge of me?"

"I just hope you can do it without discrimination."

"For him to be so eloquent? The tenderness, good behavior and understanding towards me inside the day is all pretend?"

She struggled hard to pull her hand out, but Ayan's strength was so great that she was unable to resist.

Seeing that she has been struggling, simply directly force a pull, the whole person fell into his arms, belonging to his cold and thin breath came to the nose, her whole person is like being fixed generally do not dare to move.

He pressed, "Camille , answer me, huh? Is it about him?"

She pursed her lips and leaned too close to him in such an ambiguous position, making her extremely uncomfortable.

But silence is not the way to go after all, this man will not rest until he gets what he wants.

She could only whisper, "No, you're thinking too much, he and I are just friends."

"Really just friends?"

"Why do you ask me if you don't believe?"

"Camille, Preston and you don't go together, so keep him at arm's length, okay?" He puts himself in the shoes of a man.

Camille, however, rose in anger and she sneered, "We're already getting divorced, you can order me to distance myself from him now, but after the divorce that's my business, and whoever I'm friends with and whoever I'm dating has nothing to do with you do you know that ......."

"Well ......."

When he saw her pale red lips closing and closing, he just wanted her to shut those annoying lips immediately, so he leaned down and blocked them without thinking.

Camille's eyes widened, her body stiffened like numbness, and she clearly felt the man's thin lips pressed against hers, and they had been intimate countless times in the past year, but they had never simply kissed like this.

It was strange and overwhelming for Camille.

She immediately raised her hand and tried to push him away, but she didn't know that in such a situation it would only provoke the man's excitement and possession.

He stirred aggressively, and their breaths broke apart, as intense as a hot summer day.

His strong dominance brought tears to the corners of her eyes, and because she was brutally plundered lost her strength could only put all her weight on him.

Just as the kiss also gradually became unbearable, the cell phone in his pocket suddenly rang.

Also at this moment, Ayan stopped.

His lips slid over the corner of his mouth, breathing rapidly and patiently, against her forehead, deep, low eyes looking directly at her, until the phone was about to be automatically hung up, he touched it without even looking at it and connected.


"Ayan , I'm scared ......."

The soft, feminine voice was clear to Camille, and it was only then that she realized what she had just done with him?

She had already signed the divorce papers and they were getting divorced, how could she do such a thing?

Her face is cold, while the man answered the phone when the force pushed away and fled like upstairs.

Ayan swept her pale and back, eyes dark and gloomy, a face also tightened to the extreme.

He frowned slightly and said lightly, "What happened to Eileen? The nurse is not with you?"

"Ayan , I'm scared, I feel like there are people walking around outside constantly, is someone trying to hurt me again? Can you come over and keep me company?"

The man was silent without a sound.

Eileen was a little alarmed: "Ayan , I seem to have suddenly rang a bell about that night, I seem to have some recollection of that man ......."

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