My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 3 Keeping Her at a Distance from the Opposite Sex

"Preston , if you know me well enough, don't bring up the old days, eh?"

A year ago she left behind her peak and fame to return to Hance City to marry Ayan, in exchange for a divorce settlement from Ayan.

Preston is not worth it for her.

The depth and gloom between the eyebrows grew thicker and thicker, and a faint and shallow resentment spilled out from under the eyes.

This scene was also noticed by Camille and she whispered, "Preston , marriage is not guaranteed to work out perfectly, I am satisfied to be a couple with him for a year, so don't feel any unworthiness for me, after all, relationships cannot be forced."

"You're right, it's good to leave, and I don't need to be embarrassed when I leave ........ The more you do not have to worry about you will be sad to have any hesitation.

Preston responded to her words, but in a softer and softer voice.

Camille didn't hear: "What do you mean you don't have to be embarrassed?"

"No, it's just that I've never liked Ayan as a person, and now I finally don't have to give him a good look for fear of embarrassing you."

Camille laughed, she didn't quite understand why Preston was hostile when he first met Ayan, and of course, so was Ayan, it was as if the two men were born to be at odds, probably for the same reason that two beautiful women compare themselves to each other?

Arriving at Fumiko Estate, the project manager refused to assist in the investigation of the plagiarism and said he would pursue legal responsibility and compensation.

No matter how Camille and Preston explain it, nothing works.

Finally the person in charge is probably a little shaken, lightly revealed a sentence: "Our company has fought hard to get the cooperation with Simpson Group, and now there is this thing you Simpson Group side attitude is very antipathetic, unless you convince Simpson Group, otherwise there is no possibility. "

Simpson Group?

Simpson family of companies.

Ayan is now at the helm.

This is certainly not possible.

Coming out of the Fumiko Estate, Preston's face was heavy with reassurance: "Don't worry, I'll take care of it, it'll be fine, huh?"

Camille just laughed, what can be done about it?

There is only one.

That is to find Ayan .

But they were getting divorced, so how could he possibly want to?

She was in no mood to go back to the office, so she let Preston drive her back to Hanyama Manson.

Along the way, the mind is low.

She was in an unprecedented state of confusion, about her children, about her job.

What is she going to do?

Back to Hanyama Manson.

She stepped out of the car in the sunset with a bright and beautiful body, she said to Preston: "I'll think about this when I'm ready, you drive safely."

Preston is also a smile, just want to say something when the afterimage swept to the second floor balcony of the public house a tall figure standing there.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and waved at Camille: "Camille , I have something to say to you."

Camille leaned over to the driver's window and the man reached out and gently stroked her hair: "Take care of yourself."

She froze in disbelief, with a puzzled look on her face.

The two were so close together that it looked like they were kissing again.

This scene was all seen by the figure on the balcony, the handsome face as cold as low, as permeated with a layer of broken ice.

Camille watched Preston drive away before turning around and walking back to the public house.

She had just entered when she heard an unpleasant man's voice ring out, "You went out in a hurry just to meet him?"

Camille looked up and saw Ayan walking down the stairs, looking at each other, she didn't hide or avoid, her tone was light: "I was just going to the office."

"Heh." His deep, dark eyes were cold: "Camille , we're not divorced yet, so I hope you can do your job well by keeping your distance from other members of the opposite sex."

Camille's face froze.

Who is he to say that about her?

She just took a ride in a friend's car, but he? He has to go to the hospital every once in a while to see Eileen, and the last few days he has been going every day, so just because she doesn't say anything doesn't mean she doesn't know anything.

Her gaze was shallow, self-deprecating and sarcastic: "I know, but I wish you could do the same, you can't be the only one to see others, can you?"

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