My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 2 Pregnancy

Ayan's pupils tighten and darkness deepens.

The two men looked at each other in silence before his low voice said, "Camille , I don't like to make jokes like that."

Falling in love with her would only be a joke.

Camille blushed slightly: "Sorry."

The man looked at the woman, who was as well behaved and gentle and understanding as ever, somehow a trace of inexplicable emotions crossed the bottom of his heart.

At that moment, Camille's cell phone suddenly rang.

She hastily picked up the screen, saw the name displayed under the eyes of a flash of panic, although quickly disappeared, but Ayan still caught it.

She hesitated and asked in a low voice, "No?"

She nodded and pressed connect, "Hello?"

"Camille , the test results came back and there's nothing wrong with your health."

There was a silence there.

"But you're pregnant, it's been more than two months, the baby is developing well, you ...... want to stay?

The clear voice sounded slowly in her ears word by word, only to see her eyes frozen, her face suddenly white, the whole person froze.

She was surprisingly pregnant.

She did not answer, just subconsciously looked at the man standing in front of her, she was not sure if he had heard at such a close distance?

Ayan saw her reaction and asked with some concern, "What's wrong?"

The person on the other side of the phone heard it too and said in shock, "Ayan is with you?"

"Yeah, I got it, if there's nothing else I'll hang up."

She hung up the phone in haste and panic.

Ayan never took his eyes off of her, and now that he saw how bad she looked, he asked, "Camille, tell me, what's making you panic like this?"

She shook her head, incomparably tormented inside.

What can I do if I tell you?

Would you have continued the marriage for the sake of the children if you were getting divorced anyway?

No, she doesn't want it.

She was humble enough.

I don't want to tie him down with another child, and then even the last of my pride will be gone.

She held back her inner emotions and said without changing her face, "It's okay, it's just an accident at work, I can fix it myself."

Ayan did not expose her strange, just eyes scrutinizing indifferent look at her.

Camille gave a stiff smile and suddenly thought of something: "I have to go to the office, let me know when you confirm the check-in time."

Then, without waiting for his response, he left Hanyama Manson as fast as he could.

In this moment, the sourness of the heart also came out like a tide.

Tears fell down the eyes, the past all kinds of pain to her heart to breathe close to suffocation.

He clearly had no intention of taking this marriage to the end from the beginning, so why did he treat her so well?

He could be sober and pull away, but what about her?

Camille lifted her hand to her abdomen and murmured, "Son, you shouldn't have come at this time, mommy really didn't know what to do?"

This child was unexpected, because everything that night was ridiculous, he drunkenly hugged her over and over again murmuring a name "Ran Ran ....."

She had refused, but was simply no match for a drunken man.

Afterwards she had only endless shame and inner torment, but only forgot to take her medicine.


Camille drove to the architectural firm she started with her friend Preston Walker.

Recently there was a problem with a design drawing that was reported as suspected plagiarism, and she needed to perfect the handling of the matter, otherwise the consequences were unthinkable.

When she arrived at the office, Preston saw her weakness and asked, "Camille, what's wrong with you?"

She shook her head and simply said, "It's okay."

She looked at the clock and asked, "What did the Fumiko Estate say?"

Fumiko Estate was the partner company for the accident design.

"We are expected to give a reasonable explanation or sue."

"What time is your appointment? Go over and meet now?"


Preston nodded, chatted with her while walking out, and handed her another piece of paper: "You've been offered a huge sum of money to design a diamond jewelry."

Camille took the paper and scanned it, then refused without any hesitation: "Not for now, wait until after Ayan and I get divorced."

"You and Ayan are getting a divorce?"


"He brought it up?"

Sadness flashed under her eyes and her voice was faint: "Well, his beloved woke up and he wants to marry her."

Preston's brow was furrowed, a face stony to the extreme, but his eyes carried a strong sense of heartache and dissatisfaction with Ayan.

He whispered, "Camille , and why do you have to hurt yourself like this? You shouldn't have ....... a year ago."

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