My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 1 Never See You Again After Divorce

Hanyama Manson.

This is the most beautiful villa in Hance City.

In the master bedroom, the man got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom with no expression.

The man who was with her one second suddenly changed his face, something Camille Armstrong is used to.

She got up and put on her clothes, her flushed face under her long hair had not receded, she was beautiful, sexy and provocative.

The man came out of the bathroom after rinsing and looked warmly at Camille, with a cool indifference between his eyebrows: "Sign this."

With that, he took out a document-like paper from the drawer next to the bed and dropped it on the bed.

Camille glanced down at it and saw the words "Divorce Agreement" written in glaring letters.

She raised her eyes to the man and asked incredulously, "You want a divorce?"

"When Eileen wakes up, I'm going to keep the promise I made to her." The man lit a cigarette, and his handsome face was as bland as it could be.

Her face is pale, her eyes are silent, lightly pursed lips plucked up a lot of courage to ask more times: "must leave? There is no reprieve?"

"Camille , you should know what we're getting married for, I've already failed Eileen once, and I don't want to hurt her a second time."

He said it bluntly and without the slightest hint of negotiation, implying that it was necessary to leave.

Looking at the tenderness in his eyes when he mentions "Eileen", Camille is envious and understands completely that his heart is full of the Eileen Khan who almost gave her life for him.

In comparison, she is nothing.

Her gaze was warm and shallow flooded with calm, and after several seconds of contemplation, a word came out of her mouth clearly, "Good."

The woman's warm, light voice caused the man to frown slightly, but only for a brief half-second before disappearing.

He asked, "You can ask for anything you want, as long as it is not excessive."

Camille raised her head, her face cold and clear, but her eyes still gentle: "I have only one request."

"You tell me."

"After the divorce, never see each other again."

She expressed strong determination.

The man's eyes were thick and deep, and his voice was low: "Camille , are you having a tantrum with me?"

Camille smiled lightly, "Of course not, what makes you think so?"

She meant what she said, there was no gambling.

But Ayan Simpson apparently didn't believe it.

He frowned slightly, his dark eyes swept over a thin layer of darkness and lifted his eyelids, "I asked you to make a request, not for you to use to gamble."

"Never see? Don't you think that's a bit childish?"

"Is it childish?" She didn't think so, she said coldly, "That's all I ask, and as for the rest, I don't need it."

Worried that she couldn't control her emotions and cried out, she turned around and picked up the divorce papers without even glancing at them and took the pen directly from the counter and signed her name.

Crisp, sharp, without the slightest hesitation.

Camille's heart is hard, no one knows that she has loved this man for ten years.

She pursed her lips and did not want to let herself shed tears, thinking back to this year of marriage, he was obedient to her, to do a husband to give his wife care, she was sinking into the illusion, forgetting that he had another person in his heart from the beginning.

It's also time to return things to their rightful owners.

She took a silent breath, turned to Ayan and asked, "When will the paperwork be done?"

At that, Ayan furrowed his brow.

After a year of being a couple, he didn't see that the woman who was always gentle was so eager to leave him.

He narrowed his eyes and spoke indifferently without changing his face: "You're in a hurry? And you know it's impossible to never see, grandpa and the Simpsons love you so much, do you want to stop seeing the Simpsons too?"

"Ayan , it's you who filed for divorce." She was a little helpless, but had to pale in defense: "And we're getting a divorce, do you still want to be in charge of my business?"

Her heart cut like a knife, but she had to pretend to smile lightly.

Do you know that this will make me misunderstand and misunderstand that you also have a hint of disenchantment with me?

Not daring to look directly at her, she smiled and asked, "Or do you not love Eileen and are in love with me?"

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