My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 38 Honey! You Are So Cute (Part Two)

"How dare I feel sorry for you? Yvonne! You are an omnipotent talent. I was thinking about how to get you to work for me." Ellen answered with a smile.

Yvonne chuckled, "That's enough. How dare you speak it out?"

Ellen pretended to be aggrieved, "Can't I just say my thoughts?"

"I'm just kidding. What are you going to tell Josef? " Yvonne asked with a smile.

"It's about the fake divorce between him and Myra. I'm giving him the agreement. "

Yvonne sighed, "Is it all done? Josef was efficient. It's hard for him. "

Ellen looked at her and said, "I have done my duty. What about you? It hasn't started yet. Are you in a dilemma? "

"Now that I have promised Josef to do it, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I have seen through it. It seems that Josef has reached an agreement with Myra! Otherwise, how could he get the divorce agreement so soon? " Yvonne asked.

"No! He cheated her to sign it."

Yvonne pretended to care, "Really? Didn't Josef discuss with Myra? It's against the law! "

Ellen explained, "Josef said he would make it clear to her in the future. It is just a fake divorce. Not a real one. The most important thing is to deceive those old men. "

It was almost ten o'clock. Josef had come to work! Secretary Wen had no choice but to call him.

Josef and Myra were sleeping soundly. His phone rang. He had no choice but to pick it up.

"Mr. Josef, when will you come to the company? Mr. Ellen came to see you this morning. " Secretary Wen said anxiously.

"I'll be there in the afternoon. Bye." After hanging up the phone, he fell asleep again.

"What... What should I do? I'd better tell Miss Yvonne first! " She went to Yvonne's office. Ellen and Yvonne were chatting happily. At this time, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Yvonne replied. Seeing Secretary Wen come in, Ellen asked, "Is Josef here?"

"I'm sorry! Mr. Ellen! Mr. Josef won't come this morning. Is there anything I can do for you? Or you can come here this afternoon. " Secretary answered cautiously.

Ellen answered unhappily, "What a bastard! I came here early this morning. But he doesn't come to work. Well. Never mind. You can go back first! "

"Okay. You can call me if you need anything." After saying that, Secretary Wen left Yvonne's office.

Seeing that she had left, Yvonne teased, "Well, calm down!"

"It is so embarrassing. Well, since he is not here, I should go to work. I'll leave the agreement here. You can give it to him when he comes this afternoon! " Ellen handed the document to Yvonne and left.

Looking at the document on the table, Yvonne couldn't help opening it.

'It's just a look. No one would know. ' Yvonne thought and she had already opened it.

She looked at the divorce agreement. Although she knew that it was a fake divorce, she was still very happy.

'Josef was going to divorce. I was so happy.

If he divorced, I would have a chance. Myra, you would definitely lose to me this time. I would make you leave Josef forever.

He could only belong to me, and soon he would really belong to me.' Thinking of the bright future, she was so happy.

Although she was happy, she didn't forget to make a copy of the divorce agreement, thinking that it would be useful one day.

'Don't blame me, Myra! You signed the divorce agreement yourself, I didn't force you.'

It was already eleven o'clock when Josef got up. "Hee hee! Honey, why did you sleep late this morning? " Myra joked as soon as she woke up.

"Honey, it's all because of you. I dreamed that you were leaving me last night and I didn't sleep well. It's all your fault! I told you to have breakfast with me, but you didn't get up. It is your fault! But it's really comfortable to hold you in my arms. " Josef looked satisfied.

"You even find such a good excuse to sleep. Thank you for accompanying me to sleep. "

Josef said happily, "You're welcome. You don't have to say anything to thank me. As long as you and I understand. "

"Well, my dear husband! Can you be more shameless? How could you say that? "

Josef said with concern, "Honey! I couldn't get up in the morning. Why couldn't you? "

"I had dreams. A series of dreams made me have no time to sleep until dawn. Maybe you have infected me. "

Josef apologized at once, "Oh, honey! I'm really sorry. Look at me, I can even infect you with dreams. Maybe I will get infected with your sleeping late in the future. "

"Honey, what do you mean? Are you saying me? I don't want to talk to you anymore. I'm getting up for lunch. I'm so hungry. You can keep thinking about who is infected! " After saying that, Myra really got up and went to wash up.

Josef said dotingly, "You're so naughty."

"By the way, it seemed that Secretary Wen called me this morning." Josef picked up his phone and found it was true.

'What did she say this morning? It seemed that Mr. Ye came to see me.

Was it Ellen? Oh my God.' Josef hurriedly dialed Ellen's number. The call was soon connected.

"Boss, did you just get up? Next time, please inform me when you don't go to work. I went to your company and waited for you the whole morning. "

"I'm sorry! I didn't go to the company this morning because I had something to deal with. I forgot to tell you. Did you brought me those documents? " Josef spoke out the key point in a hurry.

"Yes! But you can see it this afternoon when you go to the company. I have handed it to Yvonne. " Ellen answered.

Josef asked in surprise, "What? Why did you leave it to her? "

"Why not? Didn't you tell her everything? Is there anything worth hiding? "

"Well, you are right. She knows a lot. But thank you for bringing them to me this morning! That's it. " After saying that, Josef hung up the phone.

'Alas, why did Ellen tell everything to Yvonne? Forget it. It's useless to blame him now.

Maybe Yvonne was not a big mouthed woman! I hoped everything would go as I thought.'

Ellen looked at his phone and wondered what was wrong with Josef. 'Did I say something wrong this morning?

Yvonne had already known about it, hadn't she? Boss told her himself. Did I say something wrong again? It was getting more and more difficult to guess what he was thinking.

Why did I say so much? I was big mouthed.' Ellen thought and was unhappy.

Myra came out of the bathroom and asked naughtily, "Honey, what are you thinking about? Why don't you get up and go to wash yourself? Do you want to go downstairs with me? "

When she came out, she saw that Josef was thinking about something.

"Honey! Are you willing to leave your husband alone? " Josef said in grievance and got up quickly.

"I won't wait for you if you keep be slow." Myra began to change her clothes quickly.

"I know, honey. I'm sorry. It will be ready soon. Don't leave me alone! " After saying that, Josef went into the bathroom to wash up.

Looking at his back, Josef burst into laughter. It turned out that her dear husband could also be so cute.

She had been dreaming to marry such a good husband since she was a child. She was really happy.

She changed her clothes and helped Josef find his favorite clothes.

Seeing the clothes that Myra found for him, Josef said, "Dear wife, you are becoming more and more virtuous. I love you so much! "

Myra deliberately misinterpreted his words, "Honey. What do you mean? Was I not virtuous before? "

Josef felt wronged and apologized, "My dear wife! I'm sorry. "

"Hee hee! Honey, you are so cute. "

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