Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 21 Are You Here

Naturally, his father was very happy. He quit his job in the previous restaurant, concentrated on helping Cherry and became a chef.

Now that the chef had been here, most of the people who stayed here were the people from the original seafood restaurant.

After all, it was difficult to find employees now, and Cherry didn't have much working capital.

There were so many orders. It was all because of Jonny.

He had been advertising her private restaurant for a long time. Many people wanted to do him a favor, and they thought it wouldn't be bad to have a try, so they booked it.

In fact, Cherry was quite sure that the guests were all celebrities. They were very picky and had high service requirements.

But it didn't matter. As long as served them well and left the photos and signatures, it meant that these people were advertising for her restaurant.

However, she was a little unhappy because she didn't see Jacob who was going to attend the opening ceremony on Saturday.

Maybe he forgot, or maybe he didn't like such social engagements.

Such a cold person should stay at home and didn't need to depend on another's favor.

It was almost six o'clock, and many guests had come.

Jacob was no exception.

As soon as he got off the car, he saw this well decorated private restaurant.

He hadn't been in H City for many years, but he felt that he was willing to come to such a unique place if he was a guest.

The decoration on the first floor was very fresh.

The light green wallpapers, wooden tables and chairs, the whole floor to ceiling windows, beige curtains, snow-white washbasin, and exquisite potted plants filled the small space, making people feel fresh.

Obviously, the downstairs was a waiting place for guests. There were tea sets on the tea table, and several blocks of the community were separated by transparent glass, fresh and natural.

He climbed up the stairs and went to the second floor.

The room upstairs was obviously spacious.

The space separated by the transparent glass was separated by white iron potted plants, which was both beautiful and private.

The tableware was spotless and fresh with a sense of family privacy.

A waitress came over and looked at him for a while. Then she asked hesitantly, "Are you Mr. Jonny Nelson please?"

He looked a little like him, but he didn't seem to be him.

Just now, she remembered that Jonny had come and was sitting in the No.1 box.

"I'm Jacob Nelson."

The waitress was suddenly enlightened, "Our boss has mentioned you. This way please. " She hesitated for a moment and asked, "Will you have dinner with Mr. Jonny?"

"No. I will have it alone. " He didn't want to socialize with those people of Jonny, so he'd better sit alone.

"Okay, okay." The waitress opened room five for him. This was the last box on the whole second floor.

It was obvious that other boxes were full of people, although no one could see who were sitting in it through the potted iron trees.

As soon as he sat down, a glass of lemonade was sent over.

He took a sip. The faint lemon fragrance filled his nose. It was definitely not ordinary water.

He smiled. Someone knocked on the door and came in.

There was surprise in her eyes.

This was enough for him.

"Here's a bottle of red wine for you." He put the red wine in front of her and said, "Celebrate the opening ceremony with it."

She sat down happily in front of him and said, "Then let's drink this wine tonight. I'll have dinner with you."

He shook his head and said, "Leave this wine to entertain more important guests."

Cherry looked down and was surprised.

It was 1992's Lafite red wine. This bottle of wine could be sold at any time for tens of thousands of dollars, and there was no goods available.

"This gift is too expensive. I can't accept it."

"It doesn't matter." He said indifferently, "Before I came back to the H City, someone gave it to me. I just offered a present to you with other people's thing."

"In that case," She rolled her eyes and said, "You are my most important guest. I will drink it with you tonight."

He smiled faintly.

He was such a cold person. Even if he showed a touch of warmth, he looked so quiet and intoxicating.

"I don't dare to accompany you. I have to be on duty this weekend and deal with an operation tomorrow. Otherwise, I would come to support you at noon."

Cherry lowered her head, feeling sweet in her heart.

"Okay, I'll seal it up. We'll open it when you're free." She unfolded the menu for him and asked, "What do you want to eat?"

"I'm alone. Just some light and simple food is okay. It's up to you. "

She smiled slightly, and there was a touch of girl's playfulness on her crooked side face. "Then do you mind if I eat with you tonight? I haven't eaten anything yet. I'll go back to the kitchen and cook some dishes for you, okay? "

He lowered his eyes and said, "As long as you don't need to accompany other guests."

There was a knock on the door. A waiter ran in and whispered something in Cherry's ear.

Cherry waved her hand indifferently and said, "Just tell them that I'm busy in the kitchen. I'll go there later. "

"Go ahead." He said lightly.

"Well, I really don't want to have a drink with others." Cherry sighed, and her melancholy expression made him smile.

"Are all the people in the entertainment circle so powerful?" He suddenly said. "I bet your business will be booming. You can make every guest feel that he is the most important and special existence in your heart. Who wouldn't like such a landlady? "

She was stunned.

Did he think she was like this?

But soon, she smiled and said, "Oh, you're really special. I'm going to the kitchen. I'll bring you my specialty later. "

As soon as she walked out of the box, she met a guest from another table before she closed the door.

She walked up to her and said, "May, sit a little longer. I'll prepare another bowl of your favorite sweet soup for you, okay? Alas, I'm too busy to drink with you. Didn't your baby come? I have the best potato paste that babies like to eat. My father made it by himself, please take it back. "

The waiter had packed up the things and sent them to the guest, Cherry sent the guest downstairs and kept smiling all the way.

He looked at her quietly through the glass.

Looking down at the glass of lemonade, he suddenly felt an indescribable sour in his heart.

Yes, everyone was the most important guest. In other words, no one would really be important.

However, the dishes that were served soon lit up his eyes.

Four dishes and one soup.

The waiter emphasized, "They're made by Cherry herself, not by the chef."

They looked good, not inferior to the food make by the chef of some upscale restaurant at all.

A bowl of steamed eggs with white clams, the eggs were soft and the seafood was sweet.

A bowl of steamed pumpkin with garlic sauce, and the size of each pumpkin was almost the same.

A bowl of rice and Spareribs with fragrance.

A bowl of thick soup with a sweet smell of tomato.

"This soup," the waiter said, "it was cooked by the landlady for a long time, with pig bones, fish head and tomato. This soup had been boiled from morning to noon. She said she would wait for a distinguished guest to taste it. I think it must be you. "

She handed over a bowl of rice and said, "The landlady asked me to tell you to have a meal. She will be here soon. "

"It doesn't matter. Let her do her work."

The delicious dishes made him hungry. He picked up the chopsticks and tasted every dish.

Indeed, they tasted good.

The soup was delicious, and the taste of pig bone and fish head was perfectly mixed. The pumpkin fragrance was good, and even the most common spareribs also had a strong fragrance of leaves. No wonder she was so confident to run a restaurant.

It seemed that he could bring the noisy Simon here to have a taste in the future.

When Cherry came in again, she also held a bowl of rice in her hand.

She lowered her head and sat down next to him. She began to eat, "Leave some for me."

He was surprised. "I thought you would eat somewhere else."

"Others only make me drink. They don't care whether I have eaten or not." Cherry smiled bitterly.

He felt pity for her.

"Don't push yourself too hard." He picked up a rib for her with a pair of serving chopsticks.

She bit her lower lip.

This guy must be a neat freak.

'What's wrong with using his chopsticks?

He's so stingy.'

How could he know what she was thinking?

He emphasized to her, "It's a pair of serving chopsticks. Don't worry."

A guy who didn't understand amorous feelings.

Cherry ate more quickly.

On the other side, Jacob had put down his chopsticks and took out his credit card.

She quickly pressed the card and accidentally pressed his hand.

Uh... She was embarrassed.

Jacob took out his hand as if nothing had happened "Swiping card is unavailable here yet? I have enough cash. "

"No, thanks." Cherry was still regretting her mistake, "All the guests I entertain today are free. You are all my friends. If you come here another day, I will take your money. "

He lowered his head and smiled, "That's good. It's lucky of me to come today but not tomorrow."

'Why is he so cold?

Even his joke is a cold one.'

After finishing dinner, Cherry sent him out of the room.

Just then, the door of No.1 box was opened.

Jonny and his friends walked out, talking and laughing.

As soon as he saw Cherry, his playful expression disappeared and he strode over.

Cherry smiled politely.

She shook hands with him and asked, "Are you leaving?"

Looking at Jacob, Jonny forced a smile and said, "Brother."

Jacob nodded his head slightly and said, "Do your thing. I'm leaving. "

Cherry wanted to see him off, but he went downstairs alone.

Jonny didn't take his eyes off her face. When he saw the disappointment on her face, his eyes flashed a trace of sharpness.

When Cherry looked at him, the sharpness had been well hidden.

"Cherry, I've introduced many guests to you." At this moment, his expression was like a puppy wagging its tail to please its owner. "How is it? Have they come to order?"

Cherry nodded and said, "Thank you, Jonny."

"Only thank me?" Her indifferent attitude made him feel uncomfortable. "Don't you need a plaque in your restaurant? I know a famous calligrapher. Let him write one for you, okay? "

"No, thanks." Cherry accompanied him downstairs, "My father said he wanted to write it. In fact, it's not a bad thing. I can watch him, and he won't gamble too much. " She meant something else, "Thank you for helping me."

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