Lie To Me

Chapter 51: 50

My phone kept on ringing that I had to put it on silent. I don't know what the hell is my problem but I was so annoyed with Elijah that even answering his calls annoy me.

Hold on there, Jianna Astid.

What the hell is wrong with you? Come on, girl.

I don't really understand what is wrong with me but I really don't have the energy to deal with it. Instead, I busied myself with work.

If before I was already working hard, right now, I doubled it. I'm working even harder that even during weekends I still work.

And in the office, I tried my best avoid him. I know I'm being unfair, but hell. I want a break to understand myself.

I already have an idea but of course, I don't want to act recklessly again. I want to figure this first before taking action of it.

"Are you, somehow, trying to kill yourself, Jianna Astrid?" Hanz asked, we were at my office and it's already nine-thirty in the evening.

"Don't start at me, Hanzel." I said, keeping my eyes fixated at my laptop's screen.

Hanzel shrugged. "This was like a rewind of you years ago," he said.

I ignored him.

"If you think you like him already, then why are giving yourself a hard time?" He said.

Again, I ignored him.

"He approached, he's asking me about you because apparently, you have been avoiding him for a week already," he said again. "How can you possibly even do that?"

I looked up to him and gave him a glare, but didn't even budge. He just arched his brow at me.

"Don't be a kid, Jianna. If you like him, tell him already. Don't give yourself a hard time just because you're jealous," he said.

"I'm not jealous, alright?" I said.

"Mama mo I'm not jealous," he said, teasing me.

I rolled my eyes. "Stop it, Hanzel. You're not funny," I said.

"And you think you are funny? Come on, Jianna. It's time to be responsible for your own feelings," he said.

"I thought you are against him?" I asked.

He shrugged. "What can I do when you are already in love with him?" He said.

I almost choke of that. "In love? Stop being ridiculous, Hanzel!" I said.

Hanzel snorted at me. "You stop being ridiculous, Jianna," he said before closing my laptop. My eyes widened because of that.

"Hanzel! Hindi pa 'yun naka-save," I told him.

"Automatically saved," he said. "Get your ass up there and go chase him before it becomes late," he added.

"Why would I have to chase after him?" I complained.

Hanzel rolled his eyes. "He has done his part. You avoided him so now, do your part."

I shook my head.

"Do you really want to lose this to Ms. Vera? Because, I am telling you, that woman likes him; reason why she's always here even though it was not necessary," he said, pulling me up and pushing me out of my office until the elevator.

"He's in the parking area, waiting for you." He said before pressing the elevator's button.

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