Ice and Fire

Chapter 48 Meeting In The Park

In the morning, Cherry got up happily and planned to go shopping during the day. It was rare for her to be in such a good mood. Of course, it was time to show it off in an ostentatious manner.

With the latest bag she had purchased recently on her arm, Cherry wandered into a downtown park, breathing in the fresh air.

Seeing some old people practicing Tai Chi, Cherry was lost in thought. She wondered when she got old, would Jackson and she come out to do some exercises and enjoy their carefree life together? However, thinking about her old days along the way, she couldn't help being upset. Her childhood had been a nightmare, and her life in the Shen family was an indelible pain for her, as well. But now, living in the house with Jackson, she felt a vague sense of happiness in addition to the pain she had experienced before.

Cherry couldn't help thinking of the only person who cared for her in the world, the one who was silently blessing her, the one she was quite willing to call brother. Wilson Yuwen held an important position in her heart. In those days of yore, there were John and Wilson in her heart, while there was only Wilson in her heart after her marriage to Jackson. As far as Jackson was concerned, he was lingering around at the edge of Cherry's heart, and Cherry did not know whether she should let him get close or drive him away.

While she was thinking of these things, Cherry trembled with fear as she heard someone shout her name.

"Cherry Shen!"

A brisk voice came from the distance.

Turning her head around, a hint of tension appeared on Cherry's peaceful face. She had run into two of the most disgusting people in the early morning.

Jean held Jade's hand and walked towards Cherry.

Seeing that Jade was dressed in bright red, Cherry thought this woman was so flamboyant.

"It seems you are not so busy these days since you still have the free time to visit parks, " Jade said in a rather strange tone.

Cherry did not know whether Jade was being sarcastic or was simply jealous of her. Calming herself down, Cherry said, peacefully, "It appears that my Aunt Jade and my sister Jean are free as well, aren't you?"

"Do you still regard me as your aunt?" Jade eventually spoke, displaying her frustrations which has been hidden inside her heart for so long. "I have raised you little bitch for so long. How could Jackson not pay me any bride-price? Go back to tell him that he should pay your living costs for all those years."

A flash of anger rose in Cherry's heart. Her wedding was already in the past. How could Jade ask her for bride-price now? Was she this crazy about money?

Cherry tried her best to suppress the anger in her heart and clam herself down. She tried hard to smile. Cherry stared at Jade with a respectful look, "Aunt Jade, do you think there is anything I owe to you? You have held the position of Shen household's hostess for so long. Don't you think it is you who owe money to my mother?"

"Cherry, don't overdo it." Jade got angry all of a sudden. Remembering her past interactions with Cherry's slut mother, Elsa Xu, she couldn't help being mad.

"Cherry, what right do you have to criticize my mother? Your bitchy mother cannot be compared to my mother at all, " Jean said, arrogantly. She had already banished Elsa Xu to hell. But in reality, her mother was an elegant lady. "Who was Elsa Xu? She was just a bitch who had a beautiful face, so how can she be compared to my mother?"

"Jean, stop calling her a bitch. As far as this word goes, you deserve it the most. How could you get John if you hadn't acted as a bitch?" Cherry too got angry. She was not what she had been in the Shen family before. Now she would not bear it any more and she must learn to protect herself as well.

"Well, Cherry, you have got big wings, " Jean walked close to Cherry, "You still know it was me who took John away. That shows you are not attractive enough."

Jean jabbed her finger at Cherry's body, indicating that she looked down on her.

Cherry shook off Jean's arm, forcing her to step back several paces. Jean had not expected this from Cherry.

Cherry looked at Jean, fiercely, "Jean, you have been envious of me since we were small girls. Do you think you are now happy? What have you got? Only John? It's definitely a lot for you."

"Hmm, Cherry Shen, I not only got John, but also got to see your disappointed, forlorn and sad, weeping face. All of your expressions have been the most important harvest of mine." A ferocious look began to appear on Jean's face.

Cherry was so angry and close to tears. How could this vicious woman be her half-blood sister? Jean should have been a stranger who Cherry did not even know existed. How could she have appeared in her life?

Cherry took a deep breath, and said, "Jean, what you just said is true. I was like that before."

Cherry paused for a moment and continued to speak with strength, "But, to your disappointment, I'm living a happy life now."

"Are you really so happy?" Jean retorted. She suddenly thought of the woman she had met in the hospital ward the last time. Jean said, "I remember there was a woman in the hospital. Hasn't Uncle Jackson introduced her to you?"

However, Cherry did not feel mad at all. Jean had broached the topic, and Cherry felt she knew how to respond to this attack.

"Yes, Jackson has introduced her to me. But Grandpa Andrew had made his stance clear, and so I don't think I need to worry about it too much." said Cherry indifferently.

Grandpa Andrew was so influential in everyone's eyes and heart, and there was no one who could ignore his wishes.

Jade felt disadvantaged since Cherry had changed a lot compared to what she was in the Shen household before. It seemed that she was no longer a girl to be messed with, now that she was under the protection of Jackson. After all, the person standing behind her was Jackson, and she was supported by the Chu family, which even the Ye family could not go up against. Continuing to clash with Cherry sounded imprudent! She could only outfox her in some other way later. She will have to actively look out for an opportunity to completely crush Cherry under her feet.

"Mum, do not mess with this kind of a bitch. Let's go, " said Jean, as she shot Cherry a quick glance and got ready to leave with Jade.

"Quite right! Cherry, do not be so fearless after your marriage with the Chu family. I must tell you that you will always a bitch in our heart." Finishing these words, Jade turned around and left, arrogantly.

Jean held Jade's arms, wriggled her sexy slim waist, and walked away voluptuously.

Looking at them going away, Cherry's eyes were moist with tears. She was reminded of the pains that were hiding in the depth of her heart. Her mum, brother Wilson and the past days... all of these things were taboo topics that should not be mentioned.

Cherry sat on the bench of the park. It was not until noon that Cherry received Emily's call.

"Cherry, where are you?" Emily's excited voice came over the phone.

"I'm in a park." Cherry answered, sensing that something was different with Emily's voice. She asked, in a hurry, "What happened to you? It seems that you are very happy."

"Ha, ha!" Emily grinned, happily, "Today is my payday, so tell me a place and I will treat you to a big meal. Your sister is now a rich woman."

"Really?" Cherry felt a bit better as she heard this news. Emily had an important place in her heart and she could even influence her emotions.

Cherry continued, "Then I must let you treat me to a good meal."

"Definitely! But you can do it only today. Tomorrow it will be too late. So it's up to you, " Emily said, happily.

"Okay, I'll see you at the Guoxing Hotel in half an hour, " Cherry said.

"Cherry, it's an international hotel. How expensive will it be?" Emily initially complained a bit, but then thought it over. She said, "It's alright. Let's just go and have fun. I'm wealthy enough to pay for that. Incidentally, do you think I could have a romantic encounter at such a high-class hotel?"

Cherry could even imagine Emily's gleeful expression on the other end of the phone call.

"It's hard to say. And what if you meet one?" Cherry joked.

"Then let's hurry up. What are we waiting for?! Half an hour is too long. Let's meet in twenty minutes, " said Cherry.

"Got it, " Cherry smiled, "Wait for me and I'll be there soon."


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