Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 205 How about I Marry You

Winnie limped into the company. With complex emotions, Brian looked at Winnie gradually went far away.

Looking at her lonely figure, he felt distressed like the black clouds in the sky.

However, Winnie’s last words hurt him. He loved her but he could not stay with her, he could not give her dignity. Was that still love?

If it was not love, why did he care about everything about her, why did it hurt so much to forget her?

Brian knew what he had just said was not an impulse. He didn't want to lose Winnie, and he didn't want to see her living such a hard life.

But he ignored Winnie's feelings and her self-esteem. Brian's words hurt her again.

In the next days while Daenerys rested at noon, she called Kevin to help Winnie pick a car.

"Winwin said it is for five family members, and the price had better not exceed 200 thousand."

In a large car store, Daenerys said to Kevin.

"All car brands are sold in this store. It's Brian's store. Why does she have to pay for one? Brian can give it to her."

Kevin responded to Daenerys.

"Mr. Bennet’s store?"

Daenerys asked Kevin in surprise.

"Yes, but don't tell anyone, it's his store, not the Bennet Group’s, so he can give Winwin a car even if it costs millions."

Kevin did not take Daenerys as an outsider, so he told her Brian's private property.

"It is of no use. Mr. Bennet's global limited edition luxury car is sitting in Winwin's underground parking lot. Winwin doesn't use it. She would rather take the subway or bus than drive his car at that late hour."

"Now Winnie wants to keep distance from Mr. Bennet. She does not use the limited edition luxury car, do you think she will accept that?"

Daenerys knew well of Winnie that she could not accept Brian's car.

"Winwin is stubborn. As long as it was her business, as long as she tells Brian, Brian will help. He will help her for the sake of the children, besides, Brian loves Winwin."

Actually, Kevin felt that Winnie was very poor. As a woman, being too strong was poor performance. Actually, a woman's heart was not so strong as their surface. They were strong because of unknown difficulties.

Winnie was a typical example. She turned a gentle and soft woman into a strong woman.

"You mean Mr. Bennet loves Winwin? Did he tell you himself?"

Asked Daenerys doubtfully.

"He didn't, but I can see that."

Kevin said.

"Why can’t I see that? I thought he told you. Anything that doesn't come out of his mouth is speculation."

Daenerys said with disdain and walked on.

Kevin followed her. He was sure that Brian was in love with Winnie and wanted Daenerys to believe that.

"I have known Brian for years, Daenerys. We've known each other since we were in high school. I know everything he's been through, and I've been part of his transformation from a sunny boy to a cold, moody, overbearing president. I know him better than I know myself."

"In all these years, he had never lost his mind for anyone or anything. In all these years, he had never said a word to his father. In all these years, no one had dared to contradict him. But Winwin did all these things. What's more, Winwin beat him. If he does not love Winwin, he would not have tolerated these things."

“Do you think Brian can stay with any woman? As Wendy had left for four years, he did not have a woman. Winwin was a woman with a child, but she could be with him. Do you think it is just physiological need?"

Kevin told Daenerys Brian's change and his tolerance of Winnie. A man was willing to change and pay for a woman, that was the performance of love.

"So what? He still chose Wendy. Even though Winwin has children, he did not choose her. As I said, even if they love each other, they cannot be together."

Daenerys was very serious.

She hoped Winnie to be with the person she loved, but there was a big gap between her and Brian. Besides, in those days she stayed with Brian, Winnie did not have a peaceful life. They had better not have a relationship, so that Winnie could live a peaceful life.

"What about us? Can we be together?"

Kevin said and stopped in front of Daenerys.

Kevin had never spoken so seriously, and had never looked at Daenerys with such deep feeling.

At this moment, compared to the love and hatred between Brian and Winnie, his love was more important.

Daenerys was stunned. She saw love and sincerity in the eyes of Kevin. Did he really like her?

Daenerys was nervous and could not control her heartbeat. Flurried, she took back her sight.

"I don't know, but time will tell."

Daenerys deliberately said so. She did not make it difficult to Kevin, she just needed more them to think about it and Kevin could have more time to confirm if Kevin really liked her.

Daenerys turned in the corner and walked straight into a brand store.

Kevin smiled gently. For the answer given by Daenerys, he was not disappointed but felt hopeful.

Every time he mentioned such a topic before, Daenerys said that it was impossible. At least this time she did not give a negative answer, which was the hope.

They chose a domestic SUV white car, which was in line with all the requirements of Winnie. It was economy and fuel saving with large interior space. It was spacious and comfortable.

In the second day, Daenerys and Kevin helped Winnie take the license plate in the afternoon and then sent the car to Winnie's company.

"Winwin, you don’t need to take subway anymore, and I don't need to worry you."

Daenerys had been busy for two days, but she was at ease. Winnie driving home was safer than taking the subway so late.

“You helped me a lot, Daenerys. I don't know how to repay you, how about I marry you?”

Winnie said jokingly.

"Too bad I'm not a man."

Daenerys replied to Winnie.

Since returning to B City, Winnie had rarely been such happy. Now that Penny's case was settled, she could fell fewer burdens.

"Daenerys, thank Doctor Burns for me, and I'll reward you when I finish work."

Actually, Winnie felt sorry. Kevin was a busy man, but he still helped her.

"I have thanked him. You can get back to work."

Donnie said it casually, and then she calmed down.

"Winwin, if Brian loves you, will you be together?"

Daenerys got the influence of Kevin and asked tentatively.

Winnie stopped her work at hand, but her and hands were on the computer.

"No, we are not from the same world, so we cannot be together. And he's going to be married soon. It won't change anything.”

Winnie said with great affirmation.

Even if Brian loved her, he loved Wendy more. True love was desperate rather than rational.

If Brian loved her, he would choose to be with her even if he gave up everything. However, he chose Wendy and the Bennet Group. The person he loved most was Wendy, and Winnie was a spare lover.

Spare lover silently stayed there and was occasionally taken out to use. Winnie would not be Brian's spare lover.

It was the weekend, but Winnie was still busy working overtime. However, she told Brian that she would send the car to the suburbs.

Winnie drove her car home while it was time for lunch. The she took the two children to the suburbs.

On the suburbs, Winnie parked Brian's car and got off.

Then Rufus and Paul came out.

Two children happily ran toward Rufus, Winnie also walked toward him.

"Sir, here is the car key. Please give it to Brian when he is here."


"Come in. Lunch is ready."

Rufus did not know what was going on with the car, but he had never asked much.

"Sir, I won't eat lunch. I have to go back to the company. I will leave the children there. I'll pick them up when I have time."

Winnie didn't even have time eat.

Rufus still wanted to ask Winnie to stay, but was interrupted by a man's voice.


Jack walked this way and greeted him with a smile.


Rufus replied.

"I am free today, so I am here to visit you."

"Why are you standing here? This is?"

Jack saw two strangers, one woman with her back to him and a little girl facing him.

Winnie knew that Jack was asking about her, so she politely turned around.

"It's you."

When Jack saw Winnie, his eyes suddenly lit up.

He looked at the beauty with surprise, never expecting to see her here.

"Oh, hello."

Winnie greeted casually and recognized the man was that driver of the luxury car.

"Hello! Hello! Excuse me..."

"She is Mommy of Luke’s classmate. This little girl is her daughter."

Before Jack asked, Brian said coldly.


Luke called him and Megan said after thinking for a moment.

"Hello, uncle."

Megan was smart, her sudden change of address surprised Brian.

Brian was very proud. He knew his children were the most intelligent and would cooperate with him.

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