Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 34 My husband is still waiting for me at home

Almost at the moment Matilda pulled out the black rose, the expression on the man's face changed from anger to horror.

That fear of death, which makes his eyes crack, is anger, is fear, more, and prayer.

Matilda smiled like a demon, not giving a second thought to the man's supplication.

She just adjusted the direction of the roses and then, holding the safe, left.

Almost immediately after Matilda got into the car, the Hank family's car exploded.

The car was destroyed and there is no possibility of survival.

Matilda looked indifferently at the fire in front of her and waited until the wave of explosions was over before giving an order, "Get rid of it."

She could not stay much longer and had to return to her country immediately.

If you delay any longer, you may have to face, it will be a big trouble.

Matilda started the car and drove to the airport.

The private jet is ready to take off as soon as Matilda arrives.

Matilda didn't breathe a sigh of relief until after she got on the plane.

She called Aimee and said nonchalantly, "This time, you'll have to pay me a hard-earned fee that satisfies me."

Aimee on the other end of the line had become accustomed to her habit of asking for money at every opportunity.

Aimee said, "When the stuff arrives, the money will be given to you."

and said breathlessly, "What, are you afraid I'll lose something

"I'm not afraid of that, I'm just afraid you'll leave a trail and have someone

eyes, if not now Aimee is not in front of her, she rolled is still restrained, if Aimee is right in front of her, she promised, will use the strength to prove,

Matilda stared at the safe for a while, she suddenly realized

you something right now,

without looking, Matilda knew that her

hard and said, "Aimee, this safe, it


and opened it himself, this safe could have exploded because it was forced open."

this is only Matilda's speculation, she happened to have seen this one safe

to design this one safe, five experimenters were killed

safe, it is said that only three were made, one has been blown up, and the other two, even

right in front of her, Matilda was


"What should we do, take

end of the

you say?" Aimee gritted her

it a question of whether it

is necessary to

with Aimee, she said, "Aimee, I


good Hank family,

really good, just

so angry that

be beaten by such a little problem, what she

for the safe when there was a knock on the office

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